30 Bananas a Day!

I need advice please!
My lunch is always a 9 banana smoothie with mango and brown sugar.
Where I live, I can only get imported bananas that I have to buy green and wait a long time to ripen, and that was all fine until a few months ago.
Now I buy the bananas green and then they go bad and mooshy before they're even ripe.
Because of this I have been eating less everyday. 80% of my bananas go bad before they are ripe.
So I don't know what to do or eat, I can't keep eating less because it's not good for my recovering metabolism!
Please help if you have any advice!

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Other fruit or just some potatoes/yams/rice?

Dates are awesome or figs :) I order them from internet cos of prices what are her...and  moatly I just can´t found them in shops :) soo internet shoping...

You need to take action on this!  Contact the manager of the store or wholesaler you buy from.  Find out why this is happening.  The sellers of bananas will want to know why their sales are going down so they will be happy you contacted them.  

What season is it right now where you live? Personally I can't really buy bananas in the summer, at least not during the dog days. Then I will have the same problem as you

Sometimes bananas can be ripe before they go spotty. Not saying this is the case for you, but its worth checking. Feel for when they go soft. This is likely to happen especially if they are kept sealed with other bananas and in hot weather.

Bananas are not the only food on the world, or even the only fruit for that matter, but I do recognise their importance as a widely available, dense and economical food. I'm just going to pull a few out of the hat: oranges, persimmons, mangos, apples, avocados, peaches. Then there are dry foods such as dates, sweet tamarind, dried fruit ect. Then there are the less optimal backups such as store bought smoothies or juices, frozen or  tinned, steamed root veggies ect.

oh ya, make sure you are not storing them in a high humid spot or in any plastic.

Take them back as ednshell says.It is not your fault.No one is supposed to eat raw (unripe) green bananas,except perhaps some (north-africans) who cook with them.

They are not TABLE banana quality.

That's a good idea. Although I have found it harder to find quality plantains than bananas. Last winter I kept mine in the box to ripen and it was next to a heater. The bananas would go bad very fast. And also when it's super hot outside. I usually ask for the case of bananas to be as yellow as possible. Sometimes I do end up with bright green bananas though and it can be hard to get them to ripen properly. Lately I've just kept the box in the car for a couple days (unless it's rainy) and then once they get more yellow I lay them out on the shelf to get spotty.

Já tentaste ir ao MARL? Marcado distribuidor de frutas etc. pare revendas.. encontras preços optimos e a fruta é trinta mil vezes melor do que a de super mercado!

Não conheço isso, onde é?
É perto de lisboa..não te sei explicar por aqui, mas pesquisa no google, deves dar com isso num instante

Vou tentar fazer isso então, obrigada pela ajuda



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