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Hey everyone! I'm quite new to Raw till 4 and have some questions I'm hoping someone can answer.

1. Are grains and flours completely forbidden? Or can it be eaten sometimes? Like porridge out of quinoa, oats, buckwheat etc. 

2. Why are these things forbidden?
- tofu, soy meat
- plantbased milks
- plantbased, unsweetened yoghurts

3. Are peppers and beans ok to combine with anything? Because they're not in any group, like high starch or fatty or acid etc. Not that I can see anyway.

4. Can I eat vegetables for lunch or does it have to be fruit? I like having salad and raw lunches like zucchini pasta with tomato sauce. Is that ok or not?

Thanks in advance!

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1. no, i eat grains every day. (whole wheat pizza crust, brown rice etc.)

2. Are they forbidden? soy stuff is high in protein and there are claims made about soy in general, i don't really eat soy but a bit of that is not wrong i think (organic, cause else most likely gmo), it's high in protein though.

i see durianrider consuming soy milk in videos regularly.

3. beans with starch i think, though they're also high protein., there claims made here that hot peppers are bad and should be avoided, i'm not too sure about that, so leaving the capsaicin aside i think they're just to be combined as vegetables like bell peppers,.. tomato's are acid fruits though.

4. it's ok i think, but fruit in the morning is best to get your digestive system running i think.

the grains and flours aren't completely forbidden but people do get better results without them its just recommended to eat less or not over indulge on those bc they tend to have a higher protein/fat content IE quicker results without them focus on low fat low protein whole plant foods, soy is really processed usually and with all the gmos and crap you don't want it you'd feel lot better not eating it, also i tried some beans they're really not great with digestion so I stay away from them. Yes, salads and zucchini pastas are ok for lunch if it digests well with you. Best wishes!

Lots of good reads here: Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!


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you wont be able to get the 2000+ calories from fruit per day if your second meal is veggies.

gluten info.- http://www.30bananasaday.com/video/video/search?q=gluten

beans digest well with cooked starches and tender leafy greens and tomatoes. 

soy products- you must watch the fat intake, but they are fine.

yogurts are too high in fat.

fake meats are full of chemicals and no nutrition or carbs so they are not health promoting.

chilli pepper products, see here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_photos_not_suppo...

1. Grains and flours are fine. I always promote whole foods over refined foods though. That's just me.

2. Tofu, plant milks, and yogurts. Typically they are all on the fatty side so I stay away. I try to keep my fat intake below 10% of my total calories.

3. Peppers and beans are fine. I don't know of any studies that say beans cause any health problems, high levels of protein or not.

4. You can eat whatever you feel whenever you feel you want to. Eat until you are full and enjoy life!

Have fun Paulina!

1. I'd limit grain, but i think its ok to eat them, but if posable, eat more potatos than grains, and avoid prosesed ones as much as possable. But I wouldn't worry about grains too much, espeilay if they help you transition.
2. these are very prosesed foods. Ideally we want to eat whole foods.
3. spicy things arn't very good for you, I consider sweet pepers a vegtable. Beans are good food, potatos are better, and fruits best.
4. If it helps you transition, and it works for you, go ahead. You may find that the longer you eat raw, you begin to prefer eating fruits and begin doing that without trying, that what happened to me.



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