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Hi everybody! I posted a few months ago about my wife and I starting 80/10/10. It didn't stick and I'm fatter than ever.. We have resolved to do better in 2012. The problem I can see immediately is getting away from cooked food. If we have one meal a day consisting of rice or beans and some steamed veg. Will this impede our weight loss? Also should I count the cooked carbs toward my total? A it stands according to DRs recommendations I need minimum 1400 carbs a day! I think I hit 1200 yesterday, including the rice. Help please, I've got to get 100 lbs off of me!

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Hey freind! just wanted to tell you GOOD 
my husbandhusband and i have struggled
With food addiction.
Not sure if you have looked into that yet.
I had developed a plan for my husband and myself
To ween off fast food. Then we had to
Ween ourselves off coffee and cooked foods.
I know others here willI tell you
To just stop eatingthat so much andhe you'll 
Do fine. its easier said than done. if you have 
100 #'s to lose you are addicted to food.
Ease your way into this.
It took us two months to get to raw food.
I know you and your wife want to be done
With being heavy. my husband and i have lost
100 lbs each. So we know how you feel.
I know what your going through.
What do you guys think is the problem?
What's your root cause for this?
What do you think about food addictions.
Let me remind you im trying to help you get
On track. I am not trying to steer you away
From raw foods. it took us some time to get
Here. My husband is frustrated and sad about
"No food". so supporting spouses is on a whole 
Mother level too. 
I love raw!!! im so happy we are off fast food. :) 
Yes! Definately both food addicts, ESP cheese and pizza for both of us. I also tend to drink alcohol quite a bit. I have resolved to not have another sip until I'm 100 lbs lighter. I am 6'1" and 292 lbs as of last night. I got all the way up to 330 several years ago and I never want to be there again! I think what is really pushing me is I am having some serious trouble keeping up with my 3 kids. I also would like to be more energetic for my wife. I am having trouble keeping up with my work, I'm really just suffering in all aspects of my life and I'm tired of it!! We have kicked fast food, and I think I can stay off the booze. It just seems at night we have this need to have a cooked meal. How were you able to wean yourselves off of cooked food? Do you occasionally have a cooked meal?  Any comments would be appreciated. I just felt like I ate like a pig yesterday. Although it was all vegan and very low fat. I guess I have some instilled  feelings about eating a lot that I need to get over.

Cooked carbs will slim you.  Raw carbs will slim you even more.

If it's hard for you to get off cooked, then that's okay just follow 80/10/10 for cooked vegan first, then slowly transition to more raw.

Potatoes are great carb source, so is rice (Just be careful with rice, I've heard really bad things of how it shreds your insides apart (brown rice at least) )

Try dateorade, and banana smoothies it really helps. 

Fat makes you fat.

Carbs slim you down.  Plus you'll have more energy.

Here's some really easy smoothies to help you get enough carbs/cals in, and help you lose weight.


dateorade/banana etc.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the help and support, I'm hoping we can wean off of cooked stuff in the next 6 months or so!
I'll try a smoothie tonight when I get home to try to bust that craving to cook something.

Wish you the best of luck and health mate! :]

Thanks! I have made some pretty massive changes in the last year. Stopped hunting( a family tradition my entire life). Embraced vegetarianism. Now we just need to avoid falling into our old habit and go vegan! Thanks to Dr and Freelee and all who make this forum extra encouraging and motivating! Now I'm gonna go eat some bananas!

That's the attitude mate, way to go! :D

Cooking food creates toxins.  When the body gets overwhelmed with toxins, it will store those in fat cells to deal with them later whether or not calorie consumption is high or low.

Beans are not an optimum food for humans.  In their natural form, most of them are toxic in that they may make us sick immediately.  In their cooked form, they are still high in protein which is conducive to causing cancers, creating an acidic system which has to be buffered by pulling calcium from the bones and causing osteoporosis, and causing arthritic conditions.

Rice is not much better, but in a fruit famine that may be caused by finances and or lack of produce, some of our members tolerate boiled rice better. 

So, what I have learned:


Doing two or more diets is only doing a mix and not a diet.  Mixing a cooked diet and a raw diet is only a mix and not optimum. 

Do this diet 100% for about six months with 2500 calories for your wife and 3,000 for you.  Stop worrying about your doctor, and postpone all future visits.  

Six months is a good enough time to analyze how you feel, what illnesses you have healed, and what weight you have lost.  I am sure you will have positive results.

In the beginning it may be better to get a dressmakers tape and measure key areas of your body like upper arms, belly, waist, hips, and thighs.  You will probably find that you are losing inches faster than weight, and that your clothing sizes will shrink. 

Not sure if you saw the banana wagon or not, but that has some links to some great inspiration and testimonials.


Good luck and you can do it!  And you are lucky if your partner is willing to both support you and do the same thing as you!

Peace, PK

I'll check that out! Thanks.



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