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i need help, i went vegan a year ago now and lost 40pounds, but i still have 30 pounds to lose but i have been stuck at this weight for 2 months.  I change up my workouts each week from a bike ride for an hour each morning to a 2 hour hike on other days but the weight is not changing.  I eat till im full each day rawtill4 around 2000 calories each day but i dont know how to get over this plateau.  Any advice would be great.  

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2000 calories per day is extremely low.

Cycling is best for weight loss. 

Low fat high carb, no oil, nuts, seeds, avocado

Are you on any drugs like birth control, caffeine etc?

Do you get to bed by 8?

Drink 1L of water before each meal, in the morning and before bed. In between drink anywhere from 250ML to 750 per hour depending on activity levels etc. Be sure to be peeing clear always. Peeing 2-3 times per night as well. 

Monthly B12 shots




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