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Hi fruity friends , my name is Maria Isabel im from Venezuela, i'm a 1 month fullyraw newbie :), im so happy to be sharing this lifestyle with all of you, specially on instagram , in this 30 days or so i´ve learned a lot and i have one advice for newbies like me, take it easy don´t overthink your diet , if you read 801010 diet and the china study you will know why you should eat this way and it will be so easy to stick with it, knowlege is power so read! and enjoy.   srry for my grammar :P

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Welcome Maria!  You're pictures are beautiful.

thank you!! you're really kind isabel :) i just checked your page and see that you recommend a lot of books, i'm really curious , I've only read 801010 and the china study what other book you think i should read to have  a bigger picture of this lifestyle? thank you and you look amazing by the way.

Just sent you a comment on your page after your friend request.  I think Doug Graham's book is about the only book of it's kind dealing with low-fat raw.  I've read a bunch of other raw books, but all were high fat gourmet raw.  I was a vegan for health reasons for a long time, but now have embraced the ethical vegan movement and it has changed everything about my life.   The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle is a very thorough and sentinel book dealing with the ethics of being vegan and how our eating choices affect the spiritual side of our being and everything on the planet.  This diet and lifestyle really has a spiritual side to it for me.  I bet some others on this site can recommend some books too.  Maria, you must tell us about all the wonderful fruit available to you in Venezuela and how you staying fruity in college!  You're gonna love this site--there's so much support!  

Bienvenido Maria! Me encanta este estilo de vida y creo que tu tambien lo haras!

gracias Alexandria!, espero poder compartir contigo:)

Claro! :D

Bienvenida :)



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