30 Bananas a Day!

Hello everyone,
soooo happy to be here :-)
Today is my day 7 on a HCLFRV diet and I feel amazing!!!!
I love this lifestyle, I love what it does to my body and mind!
Just bought my first Banana box.
40 lbs of organic goodness, beauty and vibrant life.
As everybody is calling me crazy for this way of life and barely anyone agrees to it in my daily life I hope to make some new fruity friends here.

Love, Joy, Gratitude


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Hallo from Düsseldorf, Alexa! Welcome to 30bad!

Hello und Danke :)

Hi Alexa, I'm from Hamburg, welcome to this site. Where are you from exactly?

Thank you! I am from the palatinate ( Rheinland Pfalz ) Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, maybe yo heard of...very small town.
Where are you moving Haneul?

I hope you can get cheap fruit there, I was on holiday in Mayrhofen but fruit was very expensive and hard to get. I lived 12 days on watermelons and bananas.

Also hello Alexa welcome on the Forum.

Grusse Alex

Hi Alex, I have good deals at the farmers market for seasonal fruit...with my organic store I have a deal for dates and bananas and for exotic fruits like Pineapples, Mangoes, Melons and Papaya I reach out to a turkish fruit store. This is not organic, but very good quality...you see, I am totally "upfruited" :)

Hello Alexa,

I didn't ment the prices in Germany, Germany is very cheap compared to Holland. But I was in Austria and fruit is hard to find. So the message was ment for Haneul.

I also get my dates en mangoes also at the Turkish store.

I pay € 55,00 for 5 kg Medjool dates.

Mangoes are also cheaper there.


that's a lot
I can get You 5kg organic for 70,- or 10kg non bio

Willkommen :-)

Danke :)



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