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I'm a newbie on 30bad! Of course I'd love to interact with anyone but I'd really love to find some locals, especially if you have tips on finding large fruit quantities during winter!

Love & fruit from Montreal


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Road biking??? And did u ever run on mont Royal in the trails??
How cold was the coldest?

-10 C is my max too! colder than that is not fun!

i did a 5k in -23c once my hands were frozen it took time for them to defrost lol. but now I'm indoors on a treadmill till it gets nice out again:(

In the summer I was running every weekend at Mont royal. During the winter I am running indoors on my treadmill.

Are you doing the half marathon this year..I might. Hi by the way haha...I need to bring you back your book ! 

I'm hoping to do a half-marathon, if all goes well. I'm still recovering from a foot injury so I can't run as much as I'd like to right now. No worries about the book, I know it's in good hands lol

iv never run on the trails there are they nice?iv been on that hill like1000000 times for cycling but i never hit the trails.

do u race at all?

Running at the mountain is great. The scenery is nice and you get a good workout! I once ran 21 km up there last year.

I'm from Quebec, if ever we can meet up would be nice! Let's have a HCRV party!:)
We should so do this when it gets wormer outside:)



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