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Hi there, my name is Klaire and I am brand-new to the lifestyle and the site, although I am highly enthusiastic already. 

I am a full-time mom to two kids and I run a small in-home daycare so I am always looking for techniques and info relating to children and family.

I am an athlete and enjoy running, rock-climbing, pole-acrobrats, hiking, slacklining, swimming, indo board and rebounding.  In the near future I will be investing in a lyra hoop and aerial silks setup so I can start my career as an amateur aerial artist.  :)

I have grown up in the Bible/Beef belt and was an avid steak-eater after high-school, but as soon as I moved out and started to prepare meals of my own on a regular basis, I quickly realized I didn't like meat as much as I thought I did.  The truth was I could'nt stand touching raw meat and eating anything with a bone had always grossed me out, and I didn't like to see blood in my food.  I had a negative experience pretty much every time I ate it, unless it was just a tiny part of the meal.  SO i naturally started to eat less and less meat.

I tried going vegetarian for about 6 months after my kids were born and although it never really stuck, it was a great experience.   I partially blame the meat-eating influences around us.  We spent a lot of time around my children's granparents, and my chiropractor (ex) father in law equivalent was big onto the Weston A Price Foundation and similar/connected supplement dealers.  I trusted him, as he was always reading some scientific study or another.  We were influenced by the basic ideals of WAPF, but never did I feed my babies raw milk and we never really ate organ meats or much else besides meat, dairy, fish oils, etc.  I never even heard these were practices of the group and if I did you can sure believe that I wouldn't have trusted them on anything else.   I guess this is just one reason to trust no one except your own intuition and heart.  <3

So, as time goes on, we are still eating pork chops occasionally, buying organic chicken when we can find it at the conventional stores and also some beef.  We cut out the pork chops and beef and kept the chicken for a little while, before switching to the Quorn brand of chicken and "ground beef."

In 2012 I would say we are mostly this type of diet.  Mostly fake meat, but would still splurge on meat at events where there was flesh available.  It wasn't until watching Veducated on Netflix this year, around April that I started to realize I really wanted to go veg, mainly for environmental reasons.  However, I had a well-meaning friend post a link on my facebook page, and that was The Vegetarian Tour by Weston A Price.  Apparently, when I told her I was going veg, she thought I was still thinking about it and thought it was appropriate to post on my page. 

So between her hounding me on Facebook, and my also-curious and well-meaning grandpa to my kids in my ear at sports events, I am getting a full barrage of WAPF propaganda.  Of course, I am an open person and I take to signs well, so I have to check it out.  I delve right into researching this foundation and their claims.  I become a little obsessed.  Instead of having a life, when my kids go to their grandparents, I often find myself researching and blogging about the horrible WAPF. 

At first I was hesitant.  I did a lot of research before I started that blog because I hadn't done a lot of research on vegetarianism.  The people telling me about WAPF were now numerous in my life (numerous friends and ppl online as well) and they are all educated, so I was very shaky about my stance.  I went into it with a fullly objective mindset and vowed to be fair and present whatever info I found.  I mean, I'm a truth seeker and I have a family.  I want to know the real deal, not just support whatever new fad I'm into.

You can probably guess the rest.  The more I learned, the more I knew that veg is the way to go.  I did a lot of that research with a vegetarian mindset, but with better info I realized that veganism is awesome and I could find no reason whatsoever not to try it.

At this point, my main concerns are protein, which ex-FIL is currently nagging me about ON A REGULAR BASIS.  He also nags me about healthy fats.  When I ask him if he even knows the daily recommended amounts and if he agrees with them or not, he admits he has no idea what they even are.  I ask him if he doesn't believe the studies that show most Americans are actually over-proteined and that that is not good.  He has no comment.  One day I even had to be snappy to shut him up because he just got it into his head that my kid isn't growing in comparison to the other kids.  This kid is 90% for height and 70% for weight and my other just had a 3-shoe size increase in about 2 months!!  I feed my kids more than they can eat and certainly better than most everyone in their school.  He was comparing them to overweight, short and stocky kids and I think I finally put an end to his nagging.

These people have been very concerned as well with good fats and I've had to share with them my changes on coconut oil and other things as well.  He's a 3 TBPS in my coffee coconut oil guy.  I tried that and it did NOTHING for me but give me diarrhea, so yeah

I'm way off topic here, and thanks for the rant, but basically, if you asked me six months ago or more if I'd ever give up my eggs and yogurt or even want to, I'd have said you were crazy!  However, this whole thing has been such a laid-back, natural and go-with-the-flow process, each stage just happens.  Its like my body is telling me what to do and i"m just listening and then following it up with the research. 

So here we are, I'm completely vegan because I finally cut the Quorn out, which has eggs, but the kids aren't too happy about that.  lol.  I am a big fan of Ezekiel bread, and I'm wondering how bad that and beans are on this diet.  The rawtill4 idea is an absolute lifesaver and I would (at this time) never try a mostly raw diet on my kids without this backup plan. 

I just recently gave up coffee and am wondering about beer... I'm a litle scared to research it because I don't want to have to give up my Heinies, but I am willing to make changes if necessary.  Please let there be raw beer out there lol???

I have changed our menu to the following:

Weekday Breakfast: Smoothies or fruit bowl (with hemp hearts or nuts and maybe some soy or hemp milk until I can really feel comfortable enough to let that go for them)

Snacks of course fruit and lots of fruit water. 

Lunch: Fruit or Raw veggies and hummus (switch to raw hummus made of a different veg than beans if neccessary)


Monday Macaroni (Corn pasta the HCRV way)

Taco Tuesday (how bad are corn chips if i can find them low oil and sodium LOL)  or else I could just do a nice taco salad with no meat or chips. I would have used to put beans or TVP on here, but if I can't do that them what about hemp for the boys lol.  They are growing right... and so far I haven't seen any research on this for kids, although I did check up on it and 30 bananas a day is about 40 grams of protein!!! 

Wichy Wednesday (sandwiches - for now my plan is to keep my vegan Hilary's Eatwell and FieldRoast brands unless someone can convince me otherwise!)  Will have these with greens as the buns of course and a nice salad on the side

Thursday - Need a good raw pad thai or Peanut thai salad wrap recipe.

FingerFood Friday - Veggie Bits (HilaryEatwell) and hummus/veg.

Sush Sat - brown rice of course.  plan to get our own sushi roller and everything

Soup Sunday - roots n veggies.

What do you think for a transition/children's diet.

What are your stances on pre-prepared babyfood and Vega bars?  Two of my favorite treats and portable foods, and I believe Vega has a raw bar now, but not so sure they don't cook that kale apple and mango babyfood before they put it in the pouches.  Obvi I still have some research to do.  I am very big on convenience but I guess with all the less cooking I will be doing I will have more time to make my own kale apple and mango smoothies lol  Just need to get some of those reusable babyfood packs and I'm good to go lol

So cashews are not raw?  Our local vegan takeout food from the healthfood store uses raw cashews for a vegan thai peanut mix they do and i"m in love with it. I know its not low fat so I've already asked them to work on a low fat mixture, but again, this is probably something I should learn how to do at home, huh?

How bad is tofu everyonce in a while?

Going to be loving banana fro-fru, which is what I'm going to call ice cream and yes i do have plans for coacao banana nut etc splits and avacado cocao banana pudding. I  figure it is the winter and we're in transition, but I could def see us eliminating those things in the future. 

Well, I think this is pretty much it. If you need a newbie buddy or anything please add and feel free to visit my anti WAPF page, twitter, etc.  "WAPF is Whack" is the name.

I also have the tumblr.com/blog/vegimami   which is basically the same thing!

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Nice to have you with us, Klaire (neat spelling :)

These links all pertain to kids/parenting/families:



and from our Welcome Wagon:

30BaD Babies

Baby Baby  Posted by Peacekeeper Windlord.  Happy that some of our members are making romantic connections and have been visited by the stork!

A beautiful birthing blog:  Lotus Blooming: Birthing the Conscious Family

During pregnancy, continue to eat a low fat diet. High fat diets cause increased risks of gestational diabetes, high blood sugar, candida and yeast infection problems,  and or big babies. 

With time, pregnancy will cause an increased need for calories, so if one is eating 811 lfrv, their protein and fat intake will automatically increase as the calorie intake increases.

Oh, and as far as folks from KC go, that other thread you just posted in is a couple years old, but you may find some associates in here:




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