30 Bananas a Day!

Hi I am Tom and just joined yesterday.

I am really keen to get started on the Raw till 4 plan :) I am just doing some nosing around to get a good idea how much it costs really. Also the best way to approach things to get my wife on board :P. We are both Vegan anyway but could do with being a fair bit healthier really. The fitness side of things for me is no worries as I am a Personal trainer and really enjoy that side of thing. One of the parts I am looking forward to it getting a bit leaner and faster with running and having more energy for my weight training.  Any advise no matter what it is I would be more than grateful for! Also if anyone needs some training tips or help drop me a message and I will do my best to help.



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Thanks for the pm,Even though ive pm'ed you back Tom I just wanted to say a big HELLO and bump up your post as others may not have seen it :) Theres so many nice,supportive ppl on here.

Look forward to your reply,All the best 



My only advice mate is make sure you stack the calories day in day out carb the F up keep the fat intake as low as poss and you'll lean out in no time!! simple....

Thanks for the support Get Raw and Lunar! I plan to carb the F-up on pay day haha! I am and going to track my progress through instagram so if you fancy it @tombowenpersonaltraining :)

Hey Tom :) Nice to have you here :) Get Raw Vegan has given you great advice :) That's what was crossing my mind as I read your post...keep the fat low and carb up! You will lean out in no time and as for your wife...has she seen Freelee and Tannyraw on Youtube? They both are such great inspiration. And also for you...or you both...there is Jack Albritton of Raw Tropical Living...he is in amazing shape for his age also. 

How much the raw til 4 lifestyle will cost you will be up to your budget. Our household spends a small fortune on organic fruit and veg, organic pasta, rice and potatoes. But then that's what we prioritise...we don't waste money on expensive clothes, shoes or other things. I am sure it can be done in a much cheaper way, I guess it will depend on your budget :) 

Good luck Tom and Wife! Enjoy your moments together, enjoy life, be grateful and stay vegan! :) 

Jack Albritton is a dream,such a sound fella.Could listen to him all the time and i totally agree with you,Jacks is thriving.Freelee,and Tanny are fabulous too.They ALL get me so motivated.


Yep...he a real sweetie I reccon :) They ARE all inspirational! Thanks for your comment Lunar :D 

And join a co-op to get deals on oats, rice and frozen fruits and veggies.


Stick to the high calorie fruits and carbs in the beginning until you get used to the higher volume of water rich fiber rich foods.   Getting your wife on board is just a matter of filling your house up (over flowing) with the right stuff (can't let those bananas go to waste now) and making enough of what you eat to share. 

And you must get on the banana ice cream wagon! :D 

Learn the best tools to make it in this thread: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/can-you-make-banana-ice-c...


Welcome to 30BaD mate! :)

Love this fella in the vid...so enthusiastic :)

We get our fruits from the local fruitandveg guy but i want to venture to the city and see if i can get boxes of watermelon or mangos etc.

So far im extremely lucky,He does us a great deal..102 bananas for 20quid :) 

Im also new to the banana icecream as i was trying to keep it simple but have yet to taste it..i shall definitely try this out tho.Thanks x

Hi Tom,

in answer to your question of expense, no I do not find this lifestyle expensive but I know it can seem that way! what I mean is, I used to eat meat and dairy and drink beer! now I don't for example 2 organic chicken breasts(I was a food snob before I came to this lifestyle)! was about £8 a case of Heineken £18 Indian takeaway £20 etc etc my meat and all that probs about £100 a week plus fruit and veg rice etc

now I buy my fruit from my local greengrocer in bulk ( I just went in there and said next time you go to spitalfields can you get me a box of organic bananas, and he said yes)! £12 he goes twice a week I just picked up a box of oranges yesterday for £12 (40 massive spanish naval oranges) so the way I look at it is £12 for bananans lasts me nearly a week I have about 10 or 12 for breakfast with 10 dates (in smoothie) 10 oranges for lunch with some dates sometimes apples etc so thats £24 for breakfast and lunch for most of the week i'd do that on a takeaway and a couple of beers! and for dinner check out my youtube I post recipes etc on there https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH8ZBectFc70O-H-i52D_3A  the oranges were not organic but thats no panic for me these days I just try and get organic if I can 

weight training is not important to me any more I just do cardio the leaner i'm getting the better I feel my mindset has changed meat eaters want to be meatheads I dont think I've lost any muscle I am just more defined because of the fat loss and less water retension when I do weights now its very light pressing just the bar but more reps and faster in a circuit more fun and more cardio.. i'm sorry if its a bit all over the place but hope this helps!! I've been doing this for 1 year now and never going back....... always forward..

Risotto and Mash for me this eve then :) ..I really enjoyed watching you vids.

When i get home this eve, i shall subscribe to your channel.

I also didnt know about Ceylon cinnamon and the differences,interesting!Thanks for sharing your world with us.


Enjoy!! thanks for the comment :) if you didn't know about Dr Gregor Nutritional facts you should subscribe to him too here is the video he made about the cinnamon


I like your profile image!  where is it from? I've seen similar with cows suckling on a womans breasts etc but fish eating human sushi is a new one!!

ooh ya that is a cool avatar!



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