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Dear ones,

I begun raw diet 7 years ago and have been going forth and back to cooked food until I discovered 80/10/10 2,5 years ago. At that time I had some trouble (low energy, headache...) because of eating too much avocados as I had plenty of them in my farm.  I discovered 80/10/10 and finally I got stabilized into the raw and went 2 years on no fats at all, no avocado (just a few tries and didn't felt well about it), but progressively I got headache and heart beat acceleration from eating sweet fruits. I had troubles with bananas, mangoes, durian feels horrible, even coconut water, I tried little cooked again and it is worse... the only fruit I feel ok with and get some energy to have some hours of exercise is orange juice.

I did some blood test and got b12 a little low and will get some right supplement soon but has somebody some experience or hint of what challenge my body is having? and solutions? My gd-father got serious diabetes problems in his life and i never did any check as i trust it should be no one on my diet.

I also had great teeth 5years ago and got now 7 carries from 1 really big and profound.



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how much water do you drink? how much do you sleep? how many calories do you consume per day? do you use cronometer to track you nutrition? do you get enough sun exposure (aka vitamin D)?

close to no water, I only like distilled water and is hard to get but a lot of orange juice lately but no water, sleep 8-10hours depending situation. No I don't track my calorie intake, I got an idea from different writings and videos and followed it. Sometimes I eat a lot as if my body woudn't access easily to the nutrients. I'm live one year in the tropics and 5 years before that in the sub-tropics with a lot of sun... thanks

that's what I thought, you are dehydrated. getting water from food is good, but drinking water and getting proper hydration (a.k.a. around 3 liters of water a day) is SO IMPORTANT. even if you can't have access to a lot of distilled water, get a water filter, or something, you gotta get that solved. that's why you are having accelerated heart beat. If I were you, I would still go ahead and get back on cronometer.com and start tracking my nutrition, because it's really easy to "go off the rails" (couple of crashes on vegan diet that I had were when I got too confident and stopped using cronometer). it has all the micro and macro nutrient ratios for "LFRV/30 bananasaday.com" people, it might help you get your energy up and head ache off by making sure you eat enough calories and get enough of certain vitamins and minerals. 

that's strange as I heard that this was not the case as fruits have soo much water but I will take into account and drink water, with lemon is fine I imagine?

I will try out the cronometer but I'm not such a computer person as I don't feel well using it too much. Do I need to do something special in cronometer to go into LFRV foods?

Thank you for your help and hints and I let you know how my health is evolving!

When you are setting up your account, it's gonna ask you what sort of dietary program you are on, you won't miss it. There will be several options: zone diet, paleo diet, low carb ketogenic diet and LFRV/30bananasaday.com.

Lemon won't help your teeth any.

My partner and I can attest dehydration=headaches

I know it seems fruit contains the necessary amount of water, but I would recommend 3 Liters every day.

I am not sure of the heart acceleration you're experiencing.

Common for teeth to fall apart when people don't drink water. I see it all the time. Bit late when big holes in the teeth form though. When the hole eats into the dentin, you can't regrow that.

dude ... you need to read Viktor Schauberger. Water is the FRUIT of the forest. Water comes out of the ground, everywhere where there is a healthy forest. Remove or damage the forest - the springs will disappear and/or the water will become bad.

As for tap water - that's the worst fruit you can drink. that's why we filter it. But it will still taste stale and without life. However, you don't need fancy re-vitalising spirals and crystals for your water. Put it in a blender, lid open, give it a good spin and let it suck in fresh air. try it .. after such a treatment even tap water is easy to drink. you will taste a huge difference between normal water and blended water (recipe: water+fresh air)

dude that's really smart

I'm thinking of you, Michael.

Please keep us posted. <3

thank you dear Brad! ;-) yep, let you know if any changes!



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