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Healing Acne With a High Carb Raw Vegan Lifestyle - ***NEW VIDEO***

Before you read below I've uploaded a video with my acne story and tips to help heal yours. Enjoy!

Hey everyone, 


I've been seeing quite a few posts asking about acne and the hcrv lifestyle. I'd like to share my story for those who are currently experiencing a flare up of acne in the beginning stages of this lifestyle. You may have read this post before, as I have replied with it a couple of times now. I wanted to start a discussion about acne as a reference for individuals suffering from it. 


I had severe cystic acne for 7 years and was on both minocycline and diane35 for that time period. The meds had no side effects and being young I blindly took them for too many years. The acne was not visible for the majority of the time that I had it due to the medication, that is until I started to eat healthy and became immune to the drugs. The medication I had been taking began not to work. During the time that the acne was not visible, I had quite a bit of redness surrounding my nose and many scars including indented scars from the period prior to taking the medication. Although you could not necessarily see most of the acne, the scars and redness were very visible. I was told that I would "grow out" of this stage but after 7 years I was starting to doubt my dermatologist. I had been vegan for some time and tried using a "natural" product called Estrosense, thinking that it was a hormonal imbalance. It didn't work either. On top of this I was diagnosed with an "incurable" skin problem on my arms. It consisted of painful red bumps similar to pimples, with a sharp black head inside instead of white. Gross, I know. 


I struggled for years, caking my skin with concealer, cover up and many products like cleansers, moisturizers and potions before coming to this lifestyle. I was still using cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup when I started 80/10/10. I often wore makeup overnight because I did not want my partner to see my skin. I was extremely self conscious of it for so many years. I had also tried a high fat raw diet for two years which only seemed to worsen the problem resulting in more breakouts, scars, and redness. 


A few months into 811 I started to read stories of women who had ditched the facial products. Unfortunately I was terrified of this because if I could not use my products I wouldn't be able to wash off the makeup. It is a viscious cycle, each product relying upon the other. In the first few months of lfrv my skin was the worst it's ever been. My acne meds had stopped working about a year before and I was still caking on the makeup until one day I decided to quit the products cold turkey. I threw away the cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, and makeup. It was a very emotional and uncomfortable day. As women we often invest quite a bit of time on our appearance and to let your natural, albeit unattractive looking skin show through when you're self conscious can be tough. I found this to be an essential part of healing my acne. My skin did not find balance until I quit all facial products and stuck to a low fat raw vegan lifestyle 100%.

I went through a period of around 3 weeks where my skin was uncontrollably greasy and unmanageable. It was breaking out more than ever. I was only using water to rinse my skin and a face brush to exfoliate. My skin looked terrible. I apologized to my partner constantly because I was embarrassed over my appearance. 

But then a miracle happened. After three weeks using only water and a face brush my acne disappeared. I've now been lfrv for 15 months and I have not had one flare up since that 4 1/2 month mark. The irritation and embarrassment that I went through while not wearing makeup has almost faded from my mind. I would repeat the discomfort 10 times over to experience the beautiful, soft, clear skin that I have now. Now, not only do I not experience pimples or acne, but my acne scars and redness have also cleared completely.


Also, I'd like to mention that I receive direct sun exposure daily during the summer. I often sit out from 11-1 without the use of sunscreens...etc. I absolutely love the sun and develop a deep tan quickly. This has only helped my skin. 


This lifestyle will not be a dead end for your skin. Your face will clear up and your skin will shine. It will become soft and smooth like never before! It's not necessarily easy when it comes to acne, but the results are worth it. If you've got acne I know how you're feeling. Let me tell you that the feeling of relief when your skin clears is unmatched.  


Here is a picture of my skin taken a few days ago. I wish I had a before picture for you folks, but I could not have imagined letting a camera capture my horrible skin as a teenager lacking in confidence. 


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Tarah your skin looks great now! I definitely want to try ditching the products as soon as possible. My skin is not & has never been oily though, my acne is either diet/digestive/hormonal/ or allergy related. My skin is incredibly dry with uneven texture, but never oily. Do you think quitting products will still have the same effect for me? Also, what dry brush do you use, I use the Clarisonic a few times a week (wet, with my cleanser) & that helps with exfoliation & dryness. It says it can be used as a dry brush too though.
Thank you Adi! 

I think quitting products will still have the same effect. Your skin needs to find balance whether its dry or oily.
I use a small dry brush that I actually got from Tonya Zavasta. You can find them at any health store though. I was using it twice daily before but now I find I only need it a couple of times weekly.
Thanks Tarah! I use a big dry brush for my whole body, but I'll buy a smaller one for my face!
Great idea!

Hey Tarah,

Inspired by your post, I just ordered mine online, but wonder how to use it.  I suppose I should use it after washing my face and patting dry?  And btw, do you think it necessary to use any lotion/cream/oil after brushing?


You're more than welcome! I just want people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Don't worry...A few weeks or months with bad skin will fade away and then you'll have beautiful skin for life! It's a small price to pay. 


And Thank you :) 

Consistency, this happens with me too sometimes, and I never knew why. now I know! thank you so much <3

Hey Eartheart,


Yes I did stop using shampoo, but not right away. I've been free of shampoo for 4 1/2 months. I've been free of all facial products for 10 months. 

Oooh Sapodilla, eh? ;) Mmmmm


I tend to think about these things for a while before I deem myself not up to the task. It was not long after I deemed being shampoo-free impossible that I actually made the switch. 


My desire when going poo free 4.5 months ago was to be product free. There are many who use baking soda, clay and other products but I didn't want to stay dependent on any product. I switched to simply using water and lemon juice in the first week. I noticed that the lemon juice didn't really improve anything so I started using water only. I never experienced a greasy stage or any other undesirable stage. I blogged about it in detail here

Hey Love I have randomly stopped using shampoo and conditioner as well. But my hair is getting greasy. WHat do you do if you go to the beach stilljust was with water. Plus I have long hair. Im getting the crazy break outs with LFRV as well and I HAVE to wear make up as my work requires it as I work in Pharmacy on hols and I am a school teacher. WITH make up on i have kids asking if I have chicken pocks. There is no way I couldnt wear it :( So that means I have to use products to wash my face so I can get the make up off. However I am usuing 100% mineral make up :) Ur story was great as I have been getting down about my skin.Peace and Love xo

I understand it can be scary. I stopped completely with makeup/shampoo/products 6 months ago when starting 811, and it's almost as if people thought my skin was getting worse because they hadn't seen me without makeup. But I just nonchalantly find a way to mention my experiment to everyone, saying that I think it should clear up in one--definitely two--years. Everyone then respects my decision, and finds it courageous and inspiring (although usually I don't mention the no-shampoo, b/c they just get grossed out!). I also just share with them that it's the only thing that HASN'T immediately changed on 811; I'm not getting sick anymore, no more fungal infections, great digestion, etc.

I'm still having acne at this point, but then I'm still finding out what works for me: not too many dates, little nightshades, no citrus, etc. The worst breakouts are still hormonal, at that time of the month. But no matter how much better I looked with makeup, my skin is slowly looking better than it did without before. I'm getting some healthy color back in my face as well. I just keep looking ahead and meanwhile find something else that I can change immediately, something else to be excited about.

It's kind of exciting to imagine a self in the future that looks so renewed. I'll be ready for it when it comes.

Im second month HCRV and have had the worst two months of pimples at my monthly cycle in about 10years. Its very disheartening and looks awful. I thought they were just sweat pimples they seem to get worse when i sweat. I was vegan for 2 months before that and had no issues, once i went Raw and increased the dates & bananas it went insane. I hope it clears up soon its horrible. But my skin looks amazing the other few weeks of the month to the point where I'm ok not to wear makeup.



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