30 Bananas a Day!

Does anyone have experience with migraine headaches and bananas or any other fruit?

I understand that headaches can be a part of detox and the more ripe the fruit is, the better... but, I had recently read that bananas are a migraine trigger for some.  I'm hoping not!!

Thanks for any input.  I figure if anyone knows, this forum certainly will.    :-)

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Changing TO 80-10-10 has definately been a saving grace on many perspectives. The migraines I get used to be a lot more frequent and a lot more powerful than they are now.

I used to get them 2-4 times a month and would cripple me for the day, and leaving me without much energy on the following day.

Now I may get them 1 a month or every other month and I can at least function for the day without much energy loss. I have noticed over the years that sudden changes in temperatures/air pressure will bring it on for me.

Since 80-10-10 involves much more water and water based fruits than my old eating style, for me the migraines may be also triggered by some form of low dehydration.....the Doc's certainly don't know, they tried 4 different meds on me in my prior years, and NONE did anything except line his pocket book with repeat orders.




Sounds like food sensitivity. Usually this is due to salicylates, histamines or tyramines, however there are some other ones that it could be. Could be worth experimenting with keeping your fruit intake to certain foods and tracking symptoms. And taking a look online at some of the lists of these foods and trying to see which foods you have been eating recently when you get migraines. If it is bananas, it will not be salicylates as these are a low salicylate food. It probably won't be histamine either, which means it is most likely to be tyramines (although it could be one of the other categories, depending on what other foods you are sensitive to). Get experimenting and see. 

Since these are not allergies, but sensitivities, usually they are related to tolerance level (ie. it is dose-dependent - if you eat less of these foods, or less frequently, you might not experience problems).

Take care

Adam x

Funny... I just said that after removing my wisdom tooth (a month and a half ago) i've been migraine free.

Well, I am just now recovering from a tough attack I got yesterday..

I'm trying not to take pain killer but it was really hard.

What caused it? The usual culprit:  too much FATTY  (saturated fat) cooked food i ate at  a vegan happy-hour the night before.   Heated oils in the cakes, oil in the hummus,  oil in the mayo, and then almonds, macadamia nuts, bread, pasta...  a major disaster all together in one plate :(

I'm starting to understand why Dr Graham said that cooked food goes from being a "pleasure" to becoming a "punishment".  So true.  I ate cause i was there and had to show people how yummy vegan food is, but i would have been a lot happier eating a datorade :( 

My brain by now is so sensitive to inflammation that as soon as Omega6 go way past the omega3,  that's it, it'll inflame my nerve and what not big time..




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