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Does anyone have experience with migraine headaches and bananas or any other fruit?

I understand that headaches can be a part of detox and the more ripe the fruit is, the better... but, I had recently read that bananas are a migraine trigger for some.  I'm hoping not!!

Thanks for any input.  I figure if anyone knows, this forum certainly will.    :-)

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And, please tell me if I put this question in the wrong place!  I'm still learning to navigate this beautiful place.

Hi, I am a big migraine sufferer and I am still trying to figure out what triggers migraines for me. There are so many things that can trigger a migraine OTHER than food (light, perfumes, sleeping longer than usual, sleeping less than usual, hormonal changes, effort, etc.).

As far as food goes, since I did not see any improvement after 5 months of 80/10/10, I decided to cut all the food associated to migraines from my diet... So since I am in Costa Rica and there is not so much variety (but great fruits, of course), I ended up eating papayas and mangoes with cucumbers and lettuce... After a week I reintroduced watermelons, then bananas and I was still fine.  Then I had some kale and had a light migraine... don't know if there is a relationship...

Citrus can be a culprit for some, strawberries, spinach, pineapple, tomatoes are a big one...

Did you have migraines before embarking on the diet? If they are new, they might really be detox, if not, well, try the elimination diet if you feel up to it (the first week, when I had only papayas and mangoes, I ate some cooked quinoa and brown rice and had no migraines).

I still can't call myself migraine-free but no fruit was ever a culprit for me.

Until we discover the true cause, then whatever we are eating the day of a migraine

or the day before could become the culprit in our head, when it's not.

One example...  I removed my wisdom teeth a month and a half ago.

.... well, what do you know? i've been migraine-free since then...
I had never realized i used to clench my teeth when i was nervous or when i was out eating with others..

Go figure.

i'd HIGHLy recommend you check your teeth alignment or wisdom teeth connection to the trigeminal nerve.

Also, cutting fat was very helpful cause it made inflammations much less intense.

Bananas and citrus, often claimed to be migraine trigger, had zero impact on my migraines cause they are so fat-free--

but maybe they may contain pesticides you can't stand, so prefer organic if you can.

I hope you can find out the  real cause..

All the best.

This is the main reason I may have migraines from time to time, as well.

I clench my teeth without realizing it. This leads to crippling migraines and painful TMJ.

Get your teeth looked at people! Fruit doesn't fix your tooth alignment or your bad habits!

I have had migraines twice a year, as long as I can remember (at least 20 years). They are of the painless form, were I become dizzy and my vision becomes blurry. I had one this week as well. I'm not sure if it's related, but both times I ate acid fruits before it happened (oranges, acid tangerines). It might be a coincidence.

I had hoped the migraines would have gone away after going hcrv (4 years now) but they are still there. Anyway, twice a year is manageable of course

I have had all my amalgams removed in the fall. Will now have my crown replaced... will see. I have migraines many times a week. Very debilitating.

Many raw foodists here in Costa Rica say that migraines are triggered by a parasite called strongyloides and that the zapper is the way to cure them. I know a member here (Alycia from rawsynergytv) had great sucess with it. I will give this a try since those raw fooders said a healty lifestlyle (sun, sleep, water and fruits and veggies) was often not enough to get rid of the parasites... I would never take herbs or stuff like that, but at this point, I will give the zapper a go. I am also curious to see if it helps my daughter's epilepsy.

Interesting you say this, some of my clients used to drink a lot of OJ (pasteurised) and they found a huge improvement once they stopped with the OJ altogether.....

I used to get frequent headaches on a high animal product diet and SAD processed foods.  Not on a low fat raw fruit and leafy green based diet.

In fact, some fruits like oranges and cherries are anti inflammatory and have natural pain relievers. 

If in case you suffer from migraines, what you can do is go on a fruit island with a calorie dense fruit like bananas for a few days.  Then slowly add new fruits one at a time and see if anything triggers them. 

I might be wrong, but I have no memory of anyone here @30BaD complaining that ripe bananas actually gave them headaches or migraines.

Peace, PK

Interesting thread... I have a night guard and had my teeth checked for grinding or other occlusion problem... Unfortunately it did not solve my debilitating migraine problem...

Still had one today. I know that food is not the only problem for me. It is frustrating.

Oranges and cantaloupes helped immensely get rid of any headaches I had in the first few months from sinusitis, PK was really helpful on giving me that advice :)

Thank you Eli:D

A tremendous thanks to ALL of you for sharing such kindness and wisdom in your answers. 

I've had migraines for a few years and in my first week of 80/10/10 (with lots of bananas), I had a migraine near the end of that first week.  Then, after reading an article that questioned a possible link between migraines/bananas.... I wanted to make sure and ask those experienced in 80/10/10 and bananas (!) what your thoughts and experiences were.

You've been a huge help.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you all.



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