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headache, feeling sick, weak, going to throw up, cooked food cravings...

So I've been on 801010 for about half the year and having cooked food at nights few times a week and for the last month I've had just fruit and leafy greens. But yesterday I was craving brown rice cakes really bad. For hours I was just thinking should I get them or not, how will I feel after them. And I knew I wouldn't feel great but I remember I used to like them. So I got them. Had a whole big packet.

Then few hours later felt really dizzy. And today I was walking around in a park and just felt like throwing up, and ever since (6hrs later) I still feel like I'm going to throw up. I have a terrible headache, stomach ache, and my arms feel weak. I've been laying down and whenever I stand up and walk around I look like I'm drunk. I can walk in a straight line and its kind of scary actually. I hope I don't have some mineral/vitamin deficiency, and that its just the shock of cooked grains in my body. Its so painful though. I can't even eat today. I can't stomach things. Food doesn't look appealing right now.  ):

I had blood tests few months back and everything was fine. I take b12 supplements as I felt weak without them. But lately I don't feel they're doing anything. ,maybe I don't need them.

Has anyone felt a similar way after eating cooked food after being raw for a while? 

I have been drinking water today but I can't stomach anymore. I'm seriously on the verge of throwing up but I don't really want to. 

Anyways thanks for reading and any comments would be appreciated :-). 

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I would be on total rest with eyes closed if I felt that bad and throwing up may be the best thing if you feel nauseous.  It is not uncommon to have a strong reaction to cooked food after some time eating all raw.  If you were having strong cravings it may be that you need to increase your daily calorie intake.


* How much water do you normally drink a day? Are you peeing clear 10+ times daily?
* How much exercise do you get?
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?
* How much sunshine do you get?
* What is your past health history?

*How many calories per day do you normally get?

It's really hard to deal with this right now, I Cant help but cry.

Anyways, well I was having 2500 min for about 5 months and gained about 20 pounds.

In this past few weeks ive been in new york and have been eating under 2000. Averaging 1400 maybe. Because i missed a whole days eating while flying here s the was no food on the plane except few little melon pieces and some beans which made me feel sick. So I've been slowly increasing calories.

I used to drink 2-3 litres + water. But here in america its been less. Sometimes one litr. But im still peeing clear and im eating more melons here as opposed to dates and bananas mainly back home.

Come from severe calorie restriction past. And IBS. 

Get 30 mins sunshine per day on average .

Sleep 8-10 hrs. Go to bed 10pm, lately at midnight while ive been in america.


Ah well I am sure you will get back on track when you get back home or settled in your new home.

As you probably know weight gain is very likely when coming from that kind of health history, weight will balance out in the long run.   This too shall pass! :)

Sending you Hugs! :)

Aand I just went to go get some water and i could barely stand up straight and felt like i was hallucinating. This is kind of scaring me. Do you think i should fast or do something to get the cooked food out of me faster or i just don't know . maybe tomororw I'll be back to normal after a good sleep. 

Thanks :-)  hugs to you too 

Yes, I would water fast with total rest with eyes closed for a day or two.  But if you have to work then I would eat something easy to digest like mangoes throughout the day.

OK will do that. I don't have to work. Woke up today still feeling very dizzy and very weak and no food looks appealing and I don't feel hungry. I'm struggling to drink much water also. So I think fasting and bed rest is the plan. This is kind of scary though. I didn't expect to feel like this. I'm also not used to all these cars and buildings and really hot summer (new york is a bit different from new Zealand haha) so maybe that also has something to do with how I'm feeling. 

do you include nuts n seeeds in your diet? just curious

No. I haven't craved them since I began 801010 



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