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Having trouble sticking to raw? Caving in to cooked around dinner time? Read me!

Hey guys! I posted this is a comment in a discussion here, but I really wanted to share it with everyone.
If you're having trouble being 100%, or giving in to cravings, or not having enough energy... I think this will help you.
I know that everyone here repeats this time after time, but please make sure you are eating enough! If cooked food is appealing to you, not like "Ah yes, I used to enjoy that", but to the point where you drive to the store at 3am to get it or find yourself saying "Just a little won't hurt", you're not eating enough!
So here's the comment!:

I knew this whole time that my problem was undereating. Why was I craving cooked food at the end of the day? I had eaten so much already...
I wasn't eating enough! Seriously! Seriously guys! Eat more! If you are having trouble with this lifestyle, eaaaattt moreeee!!!!

My blender broke last week, and all the fruit I had was frozen bananas and various mixed fruits. So I was mostly eating cooked that week, and all I was craving was a banana smoothie. I said, "I promise, I will never complain about eating raw again." So I finally got a new blender the other day (an apparently cheap one that works great :p), and let me tell you, those smoothies were had.
I was probably eating 1500-2000 calories before. Not on purpose, I just felt like I couldn't eat any more, but at the end of the day I was still hungry.
The past two days I've had at least 2000+, and I feel AMAZING. I have so much energy, I'm ridiculously happy, and I've *wanted* to be active and have been enjoying doing just that. And cooked food cravings? None! Really none, not the "Oh I don't want it...." kind. Like legitimately none.
I still feel like I can eat more, though. The only reason I didn't today is because I plowed through all my ripe bananas lol. I had a fifteen banana smoothie this morning, when before I usually had seven, ten max. I don't know what changed!

So tomorrow I'll have all the oranges in my house for breakfast, and forage for some ripe nanners. :)
"Well this seems like enough calories..." isn't working for me. I'm going to eat as much as I wish this week and see how I feel. If I had to set calorie goal I'd say 3,000. It really seems up there to me, especially because I'm not that active. But now I want to be active. So hm! Maybe I'll have 4,000!
Oh, and one more thing. The past two days, eating more than I ever have? I lost four pounds. Yeah, what!

So guys! Eat your fruit! Do it now!!

End of comment. :)
I hope this helps you guys out. I wish I could explain just how lifted my mood is. I'm so full of energy, I feel really happy and content, I'm not fighting with myself about wanting to eat cooked food.
I've been raw on and off for the past year. The "off" parts because the "on" parts didn't have enough calories. I've been 100% and eating more for only two days total, and those two days I've felt better than I've ever felt. It's so important to make sure you're eating enough.
Even if you can't eat large amounts right now, just eat more frequently. Instead of a ten banana smoothie, have two with five each, a few hours apart. Can you do that four times a day? That's 2,000 calories right there! Add dates or eat them on their own if you're struggling to eat enough. I love orange juice in the morning, I use a citrus juicer and add the pulp back in. Really easy. 15=about 1,000 calories. Mono meals are where it's at!

You can do this. It has been so easy for me these past two days. I made it hard for myself for a whole year before I realized how easy it really is.

<3 <3

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Thank you! :)
Yes, your body may also be telling you that you need the nutrients that are in leafy greens. :)
I'm looking for a savory veggie dip recipe if anyone has one! One that goes well with celery. :)

I envy all of you who can just have a 15 banana smoothie and then go hours without eating, and looking forward to when I can! All I can stomach at the moment is 4 bananas if I force myself, and even when in the past I was 100% raw for 6 weeks I could only do 5 or 6 bananas max, so I feel like I have to be eating all the time and always feel unsatisfied/weak, even when hitting 3000 cals a day which is a big pain :(

Must be from my history of digestive issues that it seems to take longer for my stomach to adapt to this diet, especially to large amounts of fruit, but until it does it's quite annoying and makes it harder to always stay raw as I get so tired of forcing the fruits down.

it will get better!! Every day your body is healing more and more. Hang in there!

Thank you both for your answers :) I am doing a different approach to raw right now which is working better, at least for the moment, which is not counting calories and only forcing my body gently, it's more enjoyable and less stressful.

Funny, Alison, that you say there might be a fruit I can have 1000+ cals in one meal. I'd like to find what it could be! In the past I have done a lot of tracking on Cron-O-Meter and I was surprised, where I thought the problem with my bananas was one of volume, I discovered later that it's not the case, but rather my stomach shuts down after about 600 calories max, and this was the case with bananas as well as with watermelon and everything else in between! Now that I just started raw again it's more like 400 calories though.

I'm hoping if I respect more my body instead of forcing the calories down so much, it will adapt to bigger amounts faster. I always force a bit after I'm not hungry anymore, but not as much as I used to trying to hit 2500 to 3000 cals a day.

:D Funny. I don't think I knew your name was Alison.

Thank you :) I am hoping it will get better naturally, because grazing all the time wouldn't be really doable with the active life I want. 4 to 6 meals of 400 cals a day and a salad will have to do for now.

DATES. EAT MORE DATES. it's so easy to get them down because they're nice and compact. i take a pound to work every day along with some other juicier fruits. everyone calls me the date girl :)

thank you

I'm so glad to hear this, thank you for reading it! :)
The difference in energy and mood is amazing.

good job kimberry keep it up!

:) Thank you!

Thank you for sharing! I have the problem at evenings, as I cook for my hubby and last three nights I ended up eating a little bit of everything and I was quite upset with myself. Even though I eat 2000kcal daily, and I was hesitating to eat more, as I want to lose weight. Thanks a lot for your post, now banana smoothies here I come :) xxx



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