30 Bananas a Day!

Hello! I have been on this diet for a year and a half now.  I have been doing well.  Until I noticed I gained 20 pounds. It kind of freaked me out to see.  I tried working out even more, running and the elyptical (I'm not allowed outdoors, so I have to go to a gym to get any real movement in), yoga, pilates, but suddenly, I was stuck.   Seeing I wasn't thin anymore, I kind of panicked.  
I come from a back round of eating 900 calories daily for 2 years. I've always kind of had a weight problem.

I'm back in my old pit, but this time I've dropped to 500-700 calories.  I'm terrified of weight gain, and I have no idea how to deal with it.  It just makes me feel terrible.  

Why was I gaining so much weight?  What can I do to keep it off?  I really do want to be on this life style, I just feel afraid of weight right now.  I don't know how to deal with it.  I keep wondering if I missed something to the diet.  I always ate 2,000+ cals a day, plus 4 lts water.   So I'm really curious what happened to my weight...

Thank you for any responses.

<Edit> Added 2 photos of myself, now.

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My blood tests say my D levels are fine.  I get some sunlight while waiting out side the gym door for my parents to arrive and pick me up, thankfully.

No cooked food at all in the last year.

I am 5'3 and weighed 130 at my weight gain... sense falling back on my old diet I weight 117.9 currently. I'm not lean at all.  I'm flabby.  I'll get a picture of myself in a moment, I guess. :)

I weigh myself first thing in the morning after a trip to the bathroom, indeed NOS.  Before anything, may it be eating or drinking.

No, I don't eat a pound of spinach everyday.  I eat a lot of lettuses, cauliflower, tomatoes of variety from our garden, zucchinis, carrots, sometimes peas. 

I am 5'3".  I started the diet at 109 lbs.  I gained 20.  Sense calorie restriction I've gone down to 117.9 lbs.


Actually our guidelines to avoid malnutrition are 3000 calories day for males.  

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day

We have had one teenager who calorie restricted end up with stage one osteoporosis.  

At some point, it is not body fat that is being lost, rather bone density and muscles mass.  

Peace, PK

I'm so confused.. are your photos before or now? To me you look very fit. 


Your profile says you are male, and for a 5'3" male, your starting weight of 109 was too low, your current weight of 117 is too low.  At 130 pounds, you were barely in a healthy zone and or healthy bmi.  

Stop calorie restricting.  Once you go below 130 pounds, your body fat and bmi are going to be too low.  If you keep losing weight, it is going to be muscle mass and bone density, and at your tender age, you probably do not want osteoporosis and or your teeth and hair to fall out.  

We need some body fat to regulate and store fat soluble vitamins  like A, D, E, and K.  

You need to start eating 3000 calories a day, and get your weight back up between 130-153.  If you are exercising and building muscle, you should be more close to 150.  

Reasons our guidelines are 3000 calories per day for males miniumum include warding off deficiencies and malnutrition.  Read more about what happens to those that restrict here:

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day

On this diet, those who are underweight will gain, and those who are obese will lose.  The reason that you were gaining is because your body is self regulating.  

Reasons for weight gain on this diet include:

Nutrient Dense Calories
Volume of Water and Fruit
Proper Hydration
Intestines Contain Soluble Fiber and Fluid
Bone Density Increase
Muscle Mass Increase
Healthier Body Tissues and Organs
Increase in Healthy Body Fat

30BaD FADs: Healthy Weight Gain

To review how to do this diet optimally, pleas (re)read our Banana Wagon Tour:

30BaD Banana Wagon Tour

For optimum digestion, focus on whole raw ripe fruits and lettuce greens:

30BaD FADs: Benefits of Lettuce Greens 

Lettuce greens should not be confused with kale and cruciferous veggies which are high in oxalate and can contribute to poor health:

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact 

If you are looking for a toned look, try adding in yoga, dancing, and or martial arts. 

Good luck and Peace, PK

I'll try to get more calories in. i'll work harder. Thank you, PK. :)  

You are welcome Ayllx.  Good luck.  Peace, PK

I must ask, why are you not allowed outside?  Are you ok?  Are you being held against your will?

I'm alright.  :)  I'm just a minor with sheltering parents. Thank you for your concern, though!

Durianrider is in NYC so let me tell you what he would tell you:

1, get in the fu..ing calories (3000 for males)

otherwise you are mulnurished and since you have history of severe undereating you have some catching up to do

2, you do not know what a weight problem is

3, get a life and you may get some real problems

oh, and do not work harder, work smarter!

Not sure how old you are, but consider too, that your body has not stopped growing.  "Weight gain" could be normal growth in addition to the healthy rebuilding from past restriction.  You're only 5'3" now but you may have a few inches to grow yet... I think we keep growing into our early 20's if I remember correctly.

+1 Tracy

Some males can keep growing up through the age of 21.  It is not just just height they gain.  Bone may continue to widen and or grow denser, and muscle mass will continue to increase.  

Peace, PK



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