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I was just napping and during a dream i ate part of a fried fish sandwich and fries.  then in the actual dream i freaked out and coldnt believe i ate it and felt horribly guilty and "omg i ruined everything!"

Then i wake up and i have a horrible sad/guilty feeling still!  i know it was just a dream, but it was so real and the emotion in it was so real!

Anyone else have dreams like this?! im ecstatic it's only a dream, but i dont want to have dreams like that at all! haha

The end of this month marks my 6 month 100% 811 :D so that's super exciting :D :D but i find it strange that i still feel guilty and sad like i actually ate those things after i wake up and realize it was a dream.  

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Yes I think we do :-)  Well at least I do.  I am going to make it my goal.  First things first learn organic gardening.  Gonna start a small organic garden in my dads backyard and plant some organic fruit trees.  Going to start working on that in August.

Yes, I had a dream that I ate fried clams - of all disgusting things!  Makes my stomach roil now just thinking about it.   And people give US a hard time about eating bananas!  Now I can't believe anyone eats clams, though I used to love them.

ickkk! haha :) i never had clams, but they never looked appealing to me 

The only dream I had recently about eating since starting this lifestyle is I dreamt that I ate bread.  I was devastated lol.  I thought it was weird to dream about eating bread and I felt so much saddness and remorse and almost anxiety over it in my dream.  But I was greatful to have the dream though because I actually just started having/remembering my dreams the last 2 or three weeks, I hadn't had/rememred a dream ever or if not ever it was years and years and years ago the last time I had had one before I started dreaming again.  So just to have the dream was cool :-)

i still eat bread sometimes because other sad eaters put bread in the fridge.  I've been ignoring it lately mostly.

Yes!  I have had lots of dreams like this...  (Probably once a month or so.) In absolutely EVERY dream like this I am with a group of people who I have tried to inspire to eat this way (like my family) and everyone is eating something like pizza, except me who is just eating a salad and in the dream someone will jokingly say, ¨Oh come on Jared, just have some¨knowing full well that I wouldn´t, but then out of nowhere I will just say, ¨Ok¨and then I will take a bite of it, and then I suddenly realize what I am doing and I feel a tremendous amount of guilt about what I just did and then I wake up...

It makes since that we would have dreams like this because food is so important to us and most (if not all) of us have to go through experiences of people trying their hardest to ¨tempt¨us into eating things that we choose not to.

Maybe I haven't reached 'post sad eating food dream nirvana', but I never feel guilty in the dreams!  

Antother reason you may have had this dream, it may not be about the food at all, but instead it could be a desire to connect with other individuals.  Sort of working through a loss of a connection you once shared with friends and family.  In society social gatherings often revolve around food.  Often to connect with another person we share a meal with them etc. Food is a very large part of culture and often when we decide to chart our own path and chose to eat completely differently then others it can almost at times feel isolating and like you lost a bond you once shared.  So maybe you don't want the fried fish sandwhich and the fries but you want to find a way to reconnect to your friend and regain the connection you lost since you no longer eat like her.  Find healthier more productive ways to bond with her, such as books, movies, nature, walking, biking etc.

Of course it isn't necesarrily about that either but it is possible.  Maybe it is common and that is why many people have dreams where they are with someone else when the eat the non vegan food. 


When they eat it alone in their dream that is probably just a dream or it means they are underfed or who knows it is just one of those silly dreams people have.  Our dreams do play on our memories and if you ate meat in the past all it is is a memory and a reminder of how you made the right choice of eating meat cause when you did, you feel bad. 

i do wish i had others around me that ate this way, it is so nice when you're surrounded by them.  Like at the woodstock fruit festival last year it was heaven (cant wait for this year :D ) and then when i fasted with Dr Graham in january i was surrounded by people who ate like me / shared the same food views for 36 days, coming back to reality and not going to meals every day with friends who eat like me kind of stinks!   But i have influenced and inspired a lot of people through how i eat and that helps some, just wish i could have meals every single day with fellow fruitys! :D  

I get nightmares about gluten sometimes! That stuff scares the hell outta me! :D

I used to have these dreams a lot. I still am confronted with unhealthy food in my dreams, and often more tempted, but I think it's just because I'm not as conscious in my dreams. I have been able to resist dre junk food lately too :-)

I always have dreams about eating weird food. sometimes its good stuff, sometimes its gross but i havent had those ones in a while, lol. food dreams ftw!



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