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Yea, the title says it all. Having one of the greatest cyst I've had all my life, on my cheek. I am extremely self aware, and I really feel like hiding, feeling nasty/disgusting.
I am very paranoid about being abused by doctors/dermatologists in the way they just prescribe me some shit that doesn't help solve the issue at the root, but work a little on the symptoms while they are milking me for money meanwhile.

This acne skin disease is pretty devastating to my self confidence, and overall life quality. So strongly in need of advice from more holistic and natural people. Than the normal society, and their medicine.

Best regards apa

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Hi Caroline, and thanks for replying.

Well, I have been aware of 811 for a lot of years now. Maybe 5+ years. But unfortunately I didn't really have the economy to buy food at some point in my life, because I made some big economic mistakes in my young adulthood. So I was either forced to "loan" money for food (I feel very bad about owning people money) or dumpsterdive. So I dumpsterdived for most of this years, living mostly of.. well crap.

Then recently I have moved to a cheaper place, because it is easier to manage and leave me with more money for a more healthy lifestyle future. But still pretty poor, and in debt. So right now I have begun to mostly live off 500g of dry rice pr. day, 450g of frozen spinach, and 3x cans of baked beans with tomato sauce. - Because I could simply not keep eating the other diet, knowing it was dead animals and the hormones in cow milk. Made me psychologically feel uncomfortable thinking about it. So I tried to swap to this minimum budget vegan diet. Where I eat the rice meal, or oatmeal with few fruits supported by a vitamin pill each day, when I remember it.

Well, I live in Denmark, where it is pretty cold right now, and I live in the city. Which lowers the air quality significantly I guess? My skin were the best it had ever been in 10 years this summer. Again I also find it impossible to say why. Because it could be 1000 different factors, and ultimately it would only be guess work from my side.

Medical wise I have been on 100 pills of antibiotics called tetracyclin - Which I didn't feel help a bit. Then I have tried "basiron" and some other cream like that I got on recept to treat local area acne. Because my doctor apparently don't think it is severe enough to go harder at it.

Use my bike every day for transportation, exercise in the gym (strength) every second day. And use Avène Cleanance Gel, to my face morning, and before bed. In the morning I use Avène Clean-ac as moisturizer. Because the doctor/drug dealer thought it was a good idea, and I am desperate so I did it.  And in the evening after the face bath, I use something called a Clindoxyl which is a gel containing Benzoulperoxid /Clindamycin (whatever it means and is/are)

Well, there's of course always things that could be better, like sleep, hydration and habits of sitting in front of the computer/being inactive physically. Then some people smoke to relax, other people eat to drown their sorrow. I guess I have developed a habit of masturbation to relax. Which I could imagine would mess with my hormones further, make them spike, and go up and down. Which could stress the skin, who knows. It is also clearly cheaper than smoking/buying stuff to cope with life in general + being a loner in front of a pc makes it quite inviting.

I think I drink more water than most people 3L pr day, but it is still too little and inconsistent. I could imagine.

Well, I am pretty expressive, I could keep writing. But I think this might be enough to give/indicate some kind of picture of where I am... somehow.

Whats with the beans?

It is not because I disbelieve you. But would you be willing to link your sources, or tell me how you know that stuff. I ask for learning purposes. I don't like to just believe stuff blindly, and do stuff without having any idea why, but a person saying so :)

Thanks for the tips though, appreciate them.

interesting talk here on canned and bottled fruits, beans may be the same:

applies to all canned and bottled fruit and fruit juices: the processing and storing of the fruit releases methyl alcohol that is essentially as harmful as drinking aspartame or loading the body with formaldehyde, see this interview: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Woody Monte

Thanks a lot, I will watch it soon. Also answer your reply later. Just very tired now. But appreciate it, thanks :)

a series of facials will work, find someone who is a professional and has helped others.  the topical and internal drugs do not work and cause harm.  on my own i would try hot and cold treatments as described in the book back to eden.  two bowls, one hot, one ice cold, alternate wash cloths on your face, hold for only a second or two each time, repeat ten times.  I would do this about four times daily to see if it helps. 

Just gargle warm salt water 3 times a day for 30 seconds in the am and the pm. I had a cyst too but I looked up a natural cure and it is just salt water gargle. This cured my cyst in the floor of my mouth.



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