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I was kind of astonished not to find anything about this on the forums as of yet. Maybe I missed it, but anyways if you haven't heard Obama personally passed a new provision dubbed "Monsanto Protection Act" which basically states that the corporation known as Monsanto is now granted immunity from any judicial litigation that could accuse its GMO crops of being unsafe. 

Further information is all over the web, but here's a small overview:


If this news hasn't opened your eyes, it should have. Monsanto can now plant crops that even if found to be harmful to humans there is nothing that can be done to stop them from planting more seeds.

Very disturbing stuff and I just wanted to share this with everyone, because this is something that affects us all! Even if we try to stay away from GMO's with our new fruity lifestyle we can not simply watch as they push out more and more types of GMO seeds and destroy more land with their pesticides, destroy more lives of the farmers trying to grow real food, and cause harm to the health of the world with their engineered food.

For anyone that is interested, please find the group March Against Monsanto on facebook. They are organizing peaceful protest around the world on May 25, 2013.

Sometimes you have to speak up for your food when they're those that want to tell you what you should eat.

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It's very disturbing what is going on and what Monsanto (or other large corporations) is getting away with. 

I saw the video about the farmer who's crops were infected by Monsanto's GMO crops and in a seriously flawed twist he was the one who ended up getting sued by Monsanto for "using" their patented seeds. I mean how the f**k does anyone get away with that?

I ended up getting side-tracked into other disturbing areas of chemicals and food production and now I'm seriously depressed about the world we live in, it's so backwards and self-destructive it's crazy.... I need to go eat some fruit.... 

It is messed up, but we have a voice and we can speak up and share this information with others so every day we can pull out another customer from Monsanto's grip and hit them where it really hurts, their pocket books.

no no don't be depressed, Mosanto and the likes want you to be depressed and therefore not do anything about it. That's why they've gone so far. Instead carb up and petition, talk to ppl about it, help to organize / fund the protests against gmo, help to share the data. The more you do in that direction the better you will feel. And also the more will be done about it. I can tell you for experience on my work against psychiatry and pharma companies: these giants seem impressive and there seem to be no way to shut them down. But if you look closer they are loosing many court cases since some years now. That's because many thousands of ppl gather up, carb up and do communicate about it strong enough and with enough persistence and we do put individual psychiatrist or a whole group of them to court and they loose on all fronts. Same for more and more pharma companies. So please don't be depressed, communicate all you can about it, gather evidences if you can, show the Jeffrey Smith dvd to ppl, ask them to try to eat without gmo for a week and see how they feel, etc. 

Here is a link to sign a petition to help eradicate Monsanto and initiate GMO labelling. click "take action"


Thanks Carley.

thank you so much Carley.

It's only valid for 6 months. Consider this a wakeup call.

If they can get a piece of legislation passed to protect themselves for 6 months... who knows what else they can do.

who knows what they can do within these 6 months, we should lock them up already, demonstrate in front of their door, brief the local police and get them to defend your protest, do that before the police stations get corrupted too far.

unbelievable! some times i don't even know how to process this information. it was on "food inc." that i first heard about this monstrous company. why can't the people of the world come out of their ignorance and join us? i guess it's a somewhat slow process, but we must keep at it. education is key.

Right on Jasmine.



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