30 Bananas a Day!

This guy has quite a following and I really like his message. Just wondering if the products he endorses are really necessary or more hype? Durianrider, care to jump in? I was on Youtube and I found this video...really inspiring, really great message. No ******** approach.

Check out his before and after pics...crazy:


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Oh yeah he cracks me up big time!!!!!!!! My girlfriend said he's not raw tho....i hope so because his craziness is good for the raw cause!

"What is it with the rock star wanna bees using raw food as a way to fame?"


Shoot, if you can't play rock and still want to be a rockstar, here's your ticket!!

markus works in hollywood. he has good intent. superfoods, powders, crackao etc are just money spinners. its funny cos the raw diet is what mother nature intended but then its ' buy my supplement! buy my superfood so you dont get deficient from eating the way we were designed.'..lol! it makes no sense. but it does make dollars.. :)

cooked food makes us deficient so we take supplements and now we eat raw we still need supplements? lol! whats healthier than fruits and veg? oh thats right the soil doesnt have enough minerals..so where do the worms get their minerals from? where do the cockroaches, earwigs and rabbits get there minerals from?

when animals are restricted from their natural eating patters they will go looking for 'extra'. in the form of food in bins, in the form of salt licks, in the form of anything else that they can chew. ive seen a cow on youtube eat a live duck..
so when humans undereat fruits and veg, we will go 'looking for more..' when we undersleep, underhydrate,underfruit etc, we will need stimulants to keep us 'looking for more'..

look around at society today, almost everyone is in this subtle form of nutritional desperation 'looking for more'..

anyway, back to markus
look carefully at the 'stage' markus is on. its computer generated.

the raw circus is just that and full of colouful characters that mean well. lets entertain ourselve with em whilst having concrete conviction that mother nature provides all we need in raw, fresh, whole, organic plant foods and the associated lifestyle.

hype fades, truth stays.
I just watched that video...crazy. Too bad about this guy. He had me all amped up, but as soon as I saw all the supplements I started questioning his motivations. I guess I can still take the good and leave the bad, he has really magnetic energy.
What'd you mean??? He doesn't sell supplements? I mean yeah herbs, but everyone NEEDS those to totally clean out, otherwise too much "CULTURED" fruits and yeah not a good environment. Being most of us can't just limit ourselves to 2 bananas or so, no we need the banana and then some nuts and then a bit of dates and before you know it, it's a raw banana cream pie. Herbs take us "back" a bit and say HEY wait, too much sweet stuff.  I mean hence we have not just fruit grow in this world but LOTS of food as well! More nutrients in the greens than the fruit. HENCE a tree is 2/3 greens and the other 1/3 fruit!

Hi Jodika,

Have you read 80/10/10? You definitely should. It will rock your world and cover the little that I have written, plus a lot more about the low fat raw vegan lifestyle.

"Herbs take us "back" a bit and say HEY wait, too much sweet stuff." There is absolutely wrong with sweet stuff. That's why we all have sweet tooths and love sweet, juicy fruit. That's what we're all about here on this website. As long as the sweet stuff is fruit.


"Being most of us can't just limit ourselves to 2 bananas or so" - I can't limit myself to two bananas. That's only 200 calories. Of COURSE I can't limit myself to 2 bananas. I eat bananas by the dozen. Literally, my banana meals are 12 of em.


"no we need the banana and then some nuts and then a bit of dates and before you know it, it's a raw banana cream pie." That's because you didn't eat enough bananas. (PS- you don't have to feel guilty about eating a ton of fruit. I am proud of my record of 65 bananas in one day.)


"HENCE a tree is 2/3 greens and the other 1/3 fruit!" -You ever try eating pear leaves? They suck. The fruit on a pear tree is what you're supposed to eat. Plus, there's not enough calories in greens. Greens are necessary, but so is fruit. You must eat enough fruit in order to survive! 


But in essence, NOTHING is wrong with Markus's words.... EXCEPT that the man says UNIVERSAL love and peace but DOES wear leather. I mean come on!! But hey, we ALL have our own problems.. and are not all perfect..



Leather and peace do not coincide with one another. To advocate for peace and wear the skin of tortured, enslaved beings in utterly ridiculous. 

We may not all be perfect, but supporting commercialized murder is not simply "imperfect", it's downright cruel and wrong. 

He may be a film maker but his graphic design of his website sux.

Seems like a rehash of all the old stuff that never worked for me.

Avoid this, avoid that, no what to eat that makes the transition easier.

And I'm sorry, colonics? Throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Some of my best friends are bacteria :)

And guess what you need to eat? Do it instinctively? The men in white coats must be rubbing their hands in glee.

First saw Mark about five years ago. His message has barely changed. It was from him I learnt about David Wolfe which ultimately got me into low-fat.

Beautiful guy with a great energy. Green-screen master too. :p

Behind the epic productions, he is an amazing speaker with a very simple and fundamental message. While his knowledge came from David Wolfe he has definitely taken his own path. He does sell raw junk food products but he is different in that he recommends fruits and veggies as a fundamental.

Beyond the topic of food he has much to offer on healthy, happy living as well.

He spoke at Raw Spirit Festival 2007 which I think is up on YouTube. It shows him a bit more clearly.

ditto, ditto... and ditto.
Who is responsible for this line drawn between dryness and credibility?



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