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Have you healed your banana (or other fruit) intolerance?

Hi! I'm from Sweden and I'm new here. I hope you understand my not perfect English;)


I know there are others here who have experienced intolerance to bananas. My facial skin begins to itch and burn when I eat bananas and this feels very sad. There is no giant access to organic fruits here in Sweden and bananas are the only thing I can afford to buy organic in larger amounts. There is no giant access to non-organic fruit either. Most of it is of course imported and the only Swedish fruit available include apples (and sometimes plums and pears), which I do not feel good when I eat. And it's only for short periods of the year.

I hope that one day I can eat bananas again and I am wondering if anyone else here has healed its banana or other fruit intolerance and how long it took before you could eat them again?

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I once had a banana intolerance the first 3 months of being on the diet. I had the same reactions you were having. I stopped eating it for about 2 months, which was not easy, but after the 2 month period I reintroduced it and now I have no issues. I'm 10 months in the diet and eating all the bananas I want without an issue.

 I remember posting a while back the same concern and someone told me that eventually the intolerance goes away as the body heals. It's so true. Eventually you'll be able to eat as much as you'd like without any issues. Best of luck!

Thank you! Good to hear that you can eat them again! I hope I can do it too soon.

I have diagnosed oral allergy syndrome...so allergic to all fruits and veggies almost etc...did you notice that you are fine now with your allergy symptoms...and eat fully raw...or what kind of lifestyle do you follow now?! I WOULD LOVE any help!

I used not to be able to eat bananas - it was really tough, like you said, to eat cheaply without them, but it is still possible, and very worth it in the end! I can eat 60 a day now no problem! How do you get on with dates? These make a good alternative, as do grapes. Good luck with everything, Esperanza xxx

Yes, it's really tough, but I'll not give upp this. I have to find other alternatives. I think I will eat a lot of pears and dates instead and I have to ignore the organic fruit for a while.. Thank you for your help!

Are grapes high in calories?  I eat a huge bagful for a meal every day, and would love to eat more!  I am also allergic to bananas, which sucks.  And the first two years eating this way I ate them anyways because I wanted to get enough calories, but as soon as I stopped them, my facial acne went away completely.  introduce=acne.  take away=clear skin.  How many grapes would I need for a suitable replacement?

I have this same problem..but not just banana but with MANY FOODS. Do you find a cure yet>

Thank for your good explanations, it's very helpful!

I have absolutely a leaky gut. Everything started with an EHEC infection with total colitis and over time the body has only gotten worse. I have severe IBS and me / cfs with some sort of auto-immunity, eczema, etc.
I wondered if I could go eat bananas now and ignore the symptoms and hope the symptoms go away anyway. But maybe that stress the body and allows the sensitivity to stay longer? I do not eat 100 percent fruit and vegetables yet (I eat gluten-free meal), but I'm on my way.
Just wanted to say, my gluten intolerance has gotten about 80% better sInce getting the dental metal out of my mouth..  And it only took a week for it to diminish so greatly.  
Also, as far as bananas, my husband used to be quite allergic to them and could never have them-  he could only have them  cooked in something for some reason..  But now, after 'eating better' for a few yrs (he's )not 8/1/1, he is totally fine and eats them all the time.  I think it has to do with the healing of the immune system.  When the body is so broken that the immune system is failing or is confused, it just has a lot of repairing to do.  But it does so mighty rapidly and amazingly, if permitted to by not eating SAD, and if assisted by sleep, water and fabulous fruits that you're not currently allergic to.  :)

Good to hear about your experiences! Thanks! Yes, my body is very broken and the immune system too...but I am sure I can repair it:)

Your English is good, MartinaK.

Thanks :) I'm very unsure about grammar when I write. When I talk I do not care so much, I just talk. But I guess people understand what I write even if it does not get it right everywhere :)



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