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Has anyone had success on a raw/RT4/starch solution diet, where you had awful digestion before (cramps, bloating, nausea, etc.) and can now easily eat at any restaurant and eat foods that have oil in them? Like have no worries you'll suffer later? 

If so, what did you do, and how long did it take?

I ate a few bites of my favorite vegan Ethiopian restaurant's buffet yesterday and instantly became very nauseous. A day later and I'm still feeling queasy. I have a very annoying sensitivity to gluten (never nausea, different symptoms), and have to follow strict food combining practices. Too much rice or dates constipate me and goodness gracious I just want to be able to eat a damn good vegan meal at vegan places!! I live in L.A. for g0d's sake, this place is vegan restaurant Mecca! Watching Freelee eat a donut made my gut twist and my heart cry "I AM SO JEALOUS!!" 

Anyway, I want to heal my gut so that I can occasionally dabble in going to restaurants without getting sick afterward, NOT so that I have to rely on cooking for myself 100% of time for the rest of my life. I feel like I'm doing the opposite of healing my gut--like I'm only letting my body process the easy foods I put into it and seeing outside foods as poison. Not what I want!!

~ cg 

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I have the same problem, no nausea, but bloating and pain and it feels like I have the runs but there's nothing. Sorry, graphic but true. I'm about to embark on a banana island to see if that sorts it out.

Hi Annabella! Looks like we're in the same boat. I hope your banana island helps...please let me know if you have any success! I might look into doing one myself :) Hope you heal fast and soon, digestive issues are terrible...we would know! :/

Hi Annabella, did you have success with your banana island in terms of digestion issues?? :)

I've had no issues, as long as I eat in the proper order, i.e. don't eat a ton of fruit after I eat a cooked meal.  I like how I feel on 100% raw, but I also like eating warm food, so it's a tossup what I do for dinner most days (right now I'm eating fresh jumbo Medjools for dinner because I have a huge case of them & they are AWESOME, haha!).  Plus it's just nice to go out to dinner sometimes, so I feel ya!   Anyway - cramps, bloating, and nausea all sound like a food allergy reaction.

You mentioned you have a gluten sensitivity...sounds like it may be a grains sensitivity instead.  Rice, teff (the flour they use in Ethiopian food), etc. are all in the same grains family and can cause moderate IBS (among other problems) if you're sensitive to the whole family and not just gluten from wheat.  I'm gluten-free myself & can't touch the stuff...gives me bad brain fog, gives me crazy bad anxiety, all kinds of weird side effects.  I know people with a grains sensitivity and they can't do corn or rice or anything...stomach cramps, bloating, "dry bum" (sometimes bloody stools), and a host of other minor (but not really so minor) issues.  Your body simply may not be able to tolerate grains of any kind, whether it's wheat or oatmeal or teff.  Do you have seasonal allergies as well, like with pollen &  fresh-cut grass? (grass is in the Gramineae family of grains as well)

I would say dump all that stuff & try alternatives like seeds...quinoa, buckwheat, etc.  They sell banana flour (Wedo brand), which isn't too bad if you mix it with other flours, as well as stuff like almond four, garbanzo bean flour, and coconut flour.  I keep a stock of pretty much everything on the market because I like to cook...everything tastes good if you cook it right (but can be nasty if you try to substitute it in other dishes, haha!).  Basically, if you're eating according to what your body can tolerate, you should feel awesome all the time.  If you do not feel awesome, then something is wrong.  I had a super tough time tracking down my gluten allergy, and an even harder time implementing it because they hide it in freaking EVERYTHING, so I kept having reactions, not realizing I was still unknowingly ingesting it.

Also, it's odd that dates constipate you...are they good-quailty, fresh dates?  Dates have a ton of fiber...they should go through you pretty quickly...

Hi Bobbi! 

Wow I did not know that vinegar could cause constipation! I guess it kinda does strike me as weird when I hear of people seasoning their foods with vinegar to avoid salt...salt seems a bit more "harmless" than vinegar!! I am totally the same with dates, I am realizing. I can only have them in smoothies or with a TON of water. I like how you said "and rightly so!" It makes me feel more confident in knowing that my body is functioning FINE, it's the dried fruit that is the problem, not me! 

Aww girl, I am totally gaining weight, too, still in my first year. It's pretty frightening to know one can gain so much weight so quickly! 

Omg, I've never heard of someone having a reaction like that from preservatives!!! How wacky that gross things like those preservatives EXIST in our FOOD! Aye aye aye. Crazy! But that is more motivation for me to not feel so confused and angry when I get sick from eating out. I'll work on seeing what doesn't work for me, even if it may work for Freelee and others! 

Thanks chica! ~cg 

Hello Swon :)

I did not know that about the family of grains! Amazing! I will take into consideration that my symptoms sound like food allergies to you. I'm sensitive to many things, so multiple allergies could be the case. 

My sensitivity to gluten is by far my worst sensitivity (aside from dairy, but that's no issue anymore :) ) and I get the same symptoms as you plus a few others. I do think I get seasonal allergies, as I've been sneezing like crazy lately! I have pretty bad reactions to cats and dust as well. 

Corn actually digests wonderfully for me, *knock on wood!* High-fat things, like almond and coconut flour constipate me and worsen my acne and periods, I've discovered :( 

I feel your pain with the gluten thing!! I kept getting sick from Trader Joe's salsa only to find out it was made in a FACILITY that processes wheat! So annoying this gluten is!!!!!

Lastly, my dates probably aren't too fresh. I buy the regular ones from Trader Joes or Costco. They vary in moisture, from pretty try to pretty darn juicy, but they're all I can afford right now. It really helps me to blend in greens and/or celery and lots of water if I do eat them. 

Thank you so much for your response, Swon! I'm going to work hard at paying attention to what causes my IBS. :)))


If this helps...

I have a sensitivity to quinoa and rice, especially. I can handle unlimited amounts of wheat and bread, no issue, in terms of digestion, that is.

I HAVE temporarily reversed my gut issues by going on a liquid only fast for 6 days after quinoa and rice messed my gut up, but it came back when I had ONE meal of about 5 cups of quinoa (I actually totally forgot I had an issue with quinoa) and that was months ago and now I'm sensitive to beans and grains. So now I'm on grapes ONLY mono diet and so far my gut is FINALLY FINALLY calming down, it's the same relief I got on a liquid only diet. I tried just fruit and just green smoothies but for some reason it seems to need a mono diet or a liquid only diet.

After I had healed my gut issues the last time with a liquid only diet for 6 days, I was able to eat "normal" amounts of rice, quinoa, beans, etc. without issues. It was only when I ate a LOT that it became a problem. For me, QUINOA is BAD BAD BAD. I avoid that stuff like the plague.

Thanks for your reply, Bliss!! I"m currently shoveling in fruits and fruit smoothies like crazy, and am weaning myself off of condiments to simplify my digestion. I've had bad luck with bananas this month so I still need to do a mono-fruit island. You give me such hope!! My fingers are crossed that I can someday eat wheat and that you can someday eat quinoa! But for now, it feels good to know some of the things that make me feel awful so that I can focus around them! 


Yes! I had terrible IBS where I always had indigestion, constipation, stomach pain, and no appetite. It took me about 3 years of eating a clean high carb vegan diet to get to this point. I took probiotics at first but now I just make water kefir and think that it is even better.

Now my digestion is fantastic with food going through me in about 12 hours. About the only major side effect I get from eating out now is a dry mouth in the middle of the night from the salt.

Some important things that help, a consistent eating schedule, drink water 30 minutes before meals and not until an hour after, eat your last meal early (3 hours before bed), go to bed early, don't eat upon first rising (get some exercise in first), exercise regularly and rev up your metabolism, and most importantly eat whole high carb foods (simple meals are your best friend). Once your digestion gets into a strong flow it will just burn through uncommon rich meals from restaurants.  

Water kefir?? Oh my, I'm intrigued! Sounds very healing :) eeeee this excites me that, if I'm patient, I will one day "burn through" the odd meal out! 

As for the drinking water-- I have noticed that although I drink a liter when I wake and before bed, in between meals (usually smoothies or potatoes) is when it gets hard to drink plain water. I get very lightheaded/uncoordinated by the time I'm done with smoothies because I'm ravenous after 1000-cal smoothies. Drinking water only adds to the problem. I may do a separate post on this alone because it worries me. I want to be able to have a liter of water before lunch, but there isn't even an hour that passes from when I finish my smoothie until I'm starved again. Not sure if this means my body isn't processing fruit sugar efficiently. 

Also, I do prefer to jog first thing in the morning, however, I also notice that I get dizzy by the time I return home. 

Basically, I have no idea what my body is telling me, but it sure doesn't feel right! But now that is just me rambling! 

Haha, thanks for replying, Dominic! :):) 

Sounds like a potentially serious problem to me. Are you adding a lot of water to your smoothies? Are you eating enough at dinner to have energy to jog in the morning? Sounds like your body is struggling to store and utilize sugar unless you simply are just eating too little.

Yikes!!! I eat at least 3,200 cals a day and jog/walk VERY slowly for roughly 30 mins maybe 3 times a week. Other than that, I'm pretty sedentary. I add about a liter of water to my smoothies, more if I add dates. So far today, this is what my cronometer reads:

Most days, I get so hungry on fruit that I end up having 2,000 calories raw during the first half of the day (raw til noon), and then another cooked 1,000-1,500 throughout the rest of the day. I'm kind of never feel satisfied unless I eat cooked starch. But if I eat more starch solution, I just feel slow and bogged down. I used to feel like a million bucks on RT4, but then something kind of just...changed! I now feel spacey and never sharp mentally.  I just tried cleaning my kitchen after having a 900-cal smoothie and felt my vision burring and forgetting what I was doing. Aaahhhh I just want this to friggin work the way it used to for me!!!!!!!



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