30 Bananas a Day!

i don't know if these are the best kind but whatever. so i just steam them, right?

what are some good healthy topings for potatoes and also what are the better varieties to buy?!

thanks guys!

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Hmm, lemon juice and parsley or dill :) I think they're best plain though. 

Steam sweet potatoes/jams/tubers and eat as a banana (wait until you can hold it in your hand). If you eat them without spices/condiments you will actually find them less tasty than ripe organic fruits, and that's a positive thing. 

And when you have fueled up from the steamed tubers you can use that new energy to look for and buy more quality fruits. Stock up so you're never without real human fuel!

Good luck!




Do you have access to a grocery store?


Ethnic markets that cater to Asians and Hispanics tend to have more ripe nans available, often for a discount. 

Even some convenience stores will have nicely ripe nans. 

nice, i'll have to check that out for the bananas man. i just got another box today and have a bunch ripening. but i made a mistake this morning and had 12 that weren't quite ready (yellow and just starting to spot,) i got sick and threw up a little. never again, it was a worthwhile learning experience

ok so i just threw up these potatoes too.. any ideas what i might've done wrong? they were still kinda hard and chewy when i ate them, was that the problem? i also topped them with ketchup.. i became progressively more nauseas and decided it was a losing battle and threw it up.. :(

anyways, i do drink a lot of water, but i haven't been getting enough sleep. i'm getting off now and going to go sleep as long as possible

i really appreciate the input everyone

lol so don't even bother steaming 'em you think? or did i not steam them long enough

cooked is better?

can't wait for bananas tomorrow morning

that's what josh was saying, you're not cooking them enough! google how to boil potatoes, eat them when they're soft and not starchy / impossible to digest.
or better, spend a little time looking for fruit so nasty potatoes & ketchup don't make you sick..

word, thanks

So, your saying that you throw up regularly. Are you a bulimic. This lifestyle is NOT an eating disorder. If your throwing up because a banana is slightly less than ideally ripe, you had some ketsup and/or a potato, are starving yourself because waiting for a fruit to ripen, you have an eating disorder or are one of the most delicate individuals I have heard of. I and most people I know can eat just about any item and unless its poisonous or rotten, I/they won't throw up. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but this lifestyle is predicated on a VARIETY of fruits and vegetables as well as getting sufficient calories.

whoa there buddy. there was absolutely no need for such a negative reply

how would vomiting twice in one day from a few simple mistakes constitute as bulimia? i'm glad i did it because i learned two very valuable lessons.

i wouldn't call your reply harsh, i would call it emotionally based and a little bit ridiculous :) be a lover man. be a peaceful and loving individual like everyone else on this site i have stumbled across so far. do it for yourself!

and i am delicate. and oh so beautiful ^_^

Basically what Jacob said. Sweet Potatoes/yams are the best potatoes by far.

They're pretty good (as good as cooked can be anyway), and tasty on their own for sure. 


But I once heard, and it made sense, that actually sweet squashes (acorn, spaghetti, butternut) are a superior cooked choice because they're actually fruits. 



But fruit still rulz! 

Sleep well, Yogi and wake refreshed. 

Gift away your catsup, and get thyself to the store for whatever is available.  Oranges/apples/pears will keep you in the game until your nans spot. 

so spaghetti can be a good option? does that contain any gluten?

for some reason rice and potatoes seem much more appealing to me. but man the fruit is where it's AT! i cannot WAIT for these bananas to ripen.. lol



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