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So, we did this personality exercise with a group last night at a festival and it was SO revealing. Dying to see what 30BaDders are going to come up with.

Imagine a box. ...How does it look?
Also see a ladder. Then a horse. A storm next.
Describe the box, ladder, horse, and storm you are imagining

I'll share to the gang what each metaphor means after we get a few responses going. SO dead-on and fun :)
Have some fun and give it a go!

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box: a dark four walled room
ladder: a metal ladder that my family had when I was a kid
horse: a wild, calico horse with a long mane
storm: waves crashing on shore, dark skys and loud rain
I came up with

My box: wood 1x1x1ft, wallpaper siding that can easily be peeled off, I see solid green and yellow with flowers

My ladder: Is only there because the question asks for it. I know it should be taller based on societal expectations, but its super practical, and dependable and gets me to exactly to where I need, and extends pretty easily.

My horse: is just chillin' breathing easy and ready to go with a good nature/sense of humor about it. Ready to go play and run in open spaces like the desert during a storm near the grand canyon. My ladder leads to the back of the horse so I can climb atop.

My storm: diagonally away for now, but when in it- its the exhilaration of a warm summer storm, with droplets sporadically showering, grey clouds shattered by pink lightning above, sometimes booming thunders. The wind whooshing up wildly so the leaves whisper shhhhhhhhhhhhaaa

cardboard box... i have one right next to me, so yeah
wooden ladder, leans up against a building, tall
horse is black, big, sturdy
storm is just a lot of rain and clouds and lightning.
the box is brown and open. there's nothing on it but its big. i can see it on an angle.

metal ladder with red plastic on the edges. brown horse on hind legs. grey clouds, kind of the calm before the storm.

ok, reveal!!!!
Wooden box big the size of a barn

the ladder is metal aluminum then gold

the horse is gray and climbing the ladder and has a bucktooth grin

the storm is above the box coming from a circular cloud with a hole in the middle where lightning comes down to touch the horses hoof (the horse is dry on top of the box (barn) and on two feet and the lightning comes down to its hoof but it the hoof might be making the lightning
I love your storm. Im totally making connections to problems with ED. lol raining candy, watch out for that shit!
A yellow cartoon 3d box, open at the top with a white background. There are nesting cartoon birds inside.

A ladder to a treehouse, wooden, solid, deeply rooted.

A wild horse running healthy and free on the seashore, white, with grey mane, playing in the large crashing waves.

An east coast US summer storm, so hot at first, then incredibly violent yet brief with warm rain and then so refreshing afterward.
I love this one.
Thanks. Years ago they would have all been rather miserable images. Whew..Nice to see the change.
a wooden square box with metal hinges on an illuminated grey floor.
a white ladder leaning against a barn on a sunny day, lots of grass around
a black stallion
a dark blue storm with lightning strikes

The metaphors- the box is your ego. The ladder represents your friends. The horse is your ideal mate. The storm is your problems.
Interesting results gang.
ooh I like this one a lot :)



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