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Have near death experiences inspired others to seek this lifestyle?

Title says it all

I am eager to share, just want to know if this is a common occurrence, not just me.

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Fruit diet has  effect for sure on energy connection..

Astral travel or NDE is connection to less dense energy.

Earth  and physical dimension is filled with dense energy.

Fruit diet is filled with less dense energy.

So it helps you to connect to less  energy dense dimension.

I had nde myself.. and I noticed fruit diet  has good energy less dense.

I had old memory as kid floating around outside of my physical body.. and I thought it was completely  normal at that time.

After I had indoctrination program.  cartoons, schools, authorities, intermerdiaries,,,,......  I started to associate anything  with energy as horror movie...  or  crazy :)

If we would not receive any indoctrination like that... 100% of all the people around world would do conscious astral travel without fear and questioning.. oh aM I crazy..

no you are not.. its totally normal to be aware of your astral travel.  oppositive is not normal... you should be aware about your astral travel.

Quantum physics even proved  this...  in future we will have quantum computer  that could connect Dense energy world to less dense energy dimension with easy.. in other word,, we could create  computer that could communicate with the spirits   in other dimensions..etc

Love-energy is powerful... Stay positive and in love-energy

I had an avalanche of health problems, all within a couple years.

Ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages. Post-partum hemorrhage, ruptured appendix, lupus, pure red blood cell aplasia, shingles infection, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's and hypothyroid disorder. I was close to death 3 times and the rest of the time was in a fog of pain and just trying to make it through the day. At one point, I was put on low-dose chemotherapy. During that time, I could only tolerate eating fruit and vegetables as everything else made nauseous and noticed how much better it made me feel. I stuck with it after my treatment was complete and never went back to "normal" eating. 

Oh, and even though I have 5 auto-immune disorders, I do not take any medication and no longer have any symptoms.


Im new here.

My spiritual experiences.

Not NDE but 5 days after going fully raw vegan I tend to get OBE vibrations easier it manifests by itself when trying to fall asleep without even practicing it.  Can be bothersome as I am scared to get a real OBE due to the falling / flying sensation.  Had 2 before though, quite freaky seeing yourself sleeping.

Laugh if you will but it is true.

Thank you for your sharing..   its so natural obe..   All the young kids have obe naturally.. but as they grow.... Indoctrination,  horror movie and science religion... they stop to have conscious OBE.

Yes fullyraw diet  helps you to tune more with your spirit perception..  I noticed this too.

I feel more easily energy flow.  I opened my third eye too. 

  I seen my aura. I seen  a white ray entering under my feet.

I feel energy that passes  through my body... I feel my body irradiation of energy.

I noticed love-energy is really key to reach positive vibration.

Ty for sharing    and next time you have obe.. stay in love-energy and ask to visit source of everything.. you could read  in energy source directly... like you want to see history of mankind since beginning..:)

good obe:)


Thanks for replying, so now I guess if I start practicing it then it will be way more easier and quicker to get through the sleep paralysis vibrations. I just have to focus on not being afraid when it happens.



I totally understand you about the indoctrination of schools..my experiences started coming back a year after college..Im an Experiencer..I have two autoimmune diseases and never believed my Rheumtologist..he totally lied to my face saying diet does nothing to the disease..took my 10 years of research and 30,000$ of supplements and basically what worked was eliminating problematic foods , kudos to dr. mcdougal and Aip diet..but never was 100% on them..but having hypo symptoms for the past 2 yrs and now some throat choking..i found out the 80-10-10 thanks to so many video testimonials..and as soon i was on it for a month..my leftover hip pain disappeared..i was amazed..so hoping this will help my other probs

Yes!  It was something near a near death experience which my body was very tired and my ideas were too.  I was shaken up enough one afternoon and progressed into needing to lie down.  That night powers beyond anything I had ever experienced washed over my body until I detached from it, beyond any resistance I had.  I left to what you might call heavan, touched and saw unspeakable. I was shown certain elements of this realm, and then I was shown my essence, and then I was shown my fully embodied self at work where I had just been. It was amazing.

Then I was forced to change.  My body, with my health, and my mental ideas and who they catered to.  I realized that who I catered to was not any one’s intent but the intent of malevelence below anyone’s soul. I decided to take my own life into my own hands.  Despite that sounding good, I still have a waaaayyys to go. 

Nice experience sharing:)

  I had nde  but after that experience, I developed my meditation spontaneously .. I didnt learn in a book.

 I  found  one key phrase during meditation state

Pure love-energy without external dependency (external waiting)

Universal rule: Respect freedom of creation for each consciousness

Feel free to comment, question  .. I may add more if you are unsure to understand the two previous sentences.

Ty :)



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