30 Bananas a Day!

Have near death experiences inspired others to seek this lifestyle?

Title says it all

I am eager to share, just want to know if this is a common occurrence, not just me.

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YES!  Please share your experience!

I would call this a spiritual experience.  Not exactly near death. 

So I was starting to have some minor, but chronic and annoying health problems.  In 2009 it was another surgery.  I was getting fed up with being sick and tired. 

While I was under full anesthesia, I got two personal revelations that changed my life forever.  One is personal, and one was like a command, in a masculine mothman prophecy type voice, to go eat a fruit diet. 

While I was recovering, I went online to learn more about it, and then ended up joining 30BaD.  Since Nov 2009, I have been eating a diet where most calories come from raw fruits, some nuts and seeds, and about half head of lettuce greens a day.  On occasion, I might eat out with family and friends and treat myself to something cooked. 

I rarely get colds and flu, no more need of eye glasses, good digestion, and I am controlling a kidney issue as I have had a damaged kidney since 2005.  My skin is clear and smooth, and my teeth and gums in good shape. 

After I switched to fruit, my mental clarity and understanding of life and the universe increased too.  It is like a curtain was lifted from my mind. 

Peace, PK

Ha! Love it! The cosmos was telling you to eat fruit! Yeehar! 

yeah reminds me too i decided to go vegan cause my cholesterol was high after about a week iw as like ya know i really like fruit i wonder if i can just eat fruit after a quick web search and finding michael arnsteins site and this one the insanity began its been great too.


Good experience. I like it.

Not exactly near death but I certainly didnt want to live with what was happening to me back when I became vegan.  My revelation went something like: Why are you lying here for treatment on your digestion when you are still eating meat?  and I just gave it up that day.  (I also remembered some book snippet about meat rotting in your gut for at least 3 days before it got pooped.)

Recently, again not exactly near death, but ones throat closing up in allergic reaction could make them dead... so back to fruits :) 

Whats your experience Dan?


I stumbled across this lifestyle when I was in high school. I was chronically depressed after my best friend suddenly stopped talking to me for a year due to a misunderstanding. I eventually thought I had done something wrong and stopped eating out of self loathing (I'm sure deep ketosis threw my logic out the window). I was 5'7 and dropped from 120lbs to 87 lbs in an attempt to kill myself. I assumed eating only fruits would end my life quickly, so I ate only juicy fruits for a few months. I ended up mysteriously feeling lighlty better, even though I had no friends, my best friend hated my guts, and I was having major family trouble. I ended up thinking "well I'm going to flippin die anyways, might as well google why I feel happier on fruit.." I ended up becoming very fascinated in nutrition, fruitarianism, and athletics. After a very long recovery (without any medical help, all from my inner self), I am at a healthy weight, run Nationals for cross country, coach for plant based nutrition, and sell my artwork. Fruit literally saved my life and graced me with another deep passion :) 

           Yes, but I would prefer not to talk about the experience on these forums where anybody in the world can read.

This is going to sound bonkers, but it's true...no near life experience but I had an incredible experience with a fly. Yes, the insect, with a fly. I'm from the North of Spain, the place where they'd stone you if you were vegan or speak of animal rights. And also, I was ten when this happened, not aware that vegetarian even existed. I was sunbathing near a swimming pool at a friend's house and I noticed a fly on my hand. I remember thinking that I could easily kill it by slapping her wit my other hand. But then I felt this wave of emotion for that poor little
fly,for all the animals, I just felt it was so unfair that that fly would just get killed when she was just sunbathing next to me. So, this is the strange part, I lowered my hand and. I CARESSED the fly ( the fly didn't move), and I promised her that I would never kill animals again. Then the fly flew away. Regrettably I didn't stick to my promise until much later, but I always felt it's the true reason why veganism came into my life.
Awesomeness ☆

This is an Awesome thread! Mine snowballed from different events. When I was you I always struggled with asthma and overweight. I played sports but came from a family that had southern roots and soul food along with fast food was the daily menu. I got sick of it, I was uncomfortable with myself and very insecure. I started BMX riding and then saw Lance Armstrong on TV (Yes Lance). He inspired me to take up cycling. In order for me to be good at that I had to change my diet so I began cutting down on meat. This was like 2005 I wanna say. 

Now fast forward to 2014 I completely cut out red meat bus was occasionally eating chicken. I then went on a solo bike touring trip across the U.S. It took me 75 days and was the most physically demanding thing I've ever done. When I passed through Kansas I've seen many kill farms on the road and it really upset my stomach. It made me sick to know what was going on in there. I've rode pass them slowly and saw the wandering cows eye to eye. Furthermore. I ended up in the Nevada dessert and I took on a 112 day of riding in the scorching heat, pretty much melting my tires. I had 16 oz of water left and was in dehydration mode with very little food.

That was the first time I took food and water for granted. I wasn't going to die, but sure felt like it. After the trip I was introduced to Andrew Faust he practices Permaculture in the Urban Landscape. I'm big into this. It inspired me to learn more about growing food and taking on a whole foods lifestyle eating fruits and vegetables. I've been one years no meat, no dairy. Fruit, plants, starches. I'm able to perform better as a cyclist and share my passion for food with the friends, family, you guys and the rest of the world through my YouTube channel. I'm never going back. 

I didn't have a near death experience and spiritual awakening first, but once i stopped taking pharmaceutical medication and started eating healthy clean food it wasn't long before i started to feel a lot more spiritual and intuitive.  I think that's our natural state but standard diet and modern medicine and lifestyle can cause us to become so toxic we can lose that side of ourselves.  Getting to bed early and sleeping better means that I'm more likely to go to incredible places with my consciousness when i go to bed at night.  



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