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This is an issue that has already been discussed by various moderators, other users and myself (thank you Freelee, Pradtf, Jess, Windlord, StyleStacker, Sylbao and numerous others).


We at 30BAD seem to have found ourselves derided some other places in cyberspace recently, with accusations of us being a "cult", and those that have any views contrary to those of the moderators will be booted off.


These comments have been taken a little out of context. The major thing people seem to forget, is that when we sign up, we agree to this:

30bad is a HCRV (high carb, raw vegan) internet community which promotes a high carb raw lifestyle free of any animal products. Our forum does not tolerate encouragement of anything contrary to HCRV. Nor do we allow endorsement of non-vegan items or practises which involve the imprisonment, exploitation, abuse or murder of sentient beings. We also require our members to post with proper netiquette. Therefore, please indicate your intention:

You'll find one such hater has posted his hate here: (Link removed, not wanting to give the  drama anymore of our time)


To which I responded:

Dislike. Sign up to a vegan site, and don't be surprised if you get booted for being a human supremacist. You signed the agreement, don't throw your toys out the pram because you were expected to abide by it.

One person congratulated Taylor for having exposed some vegan Nazis. To which I responded:

By the way, to those who think some people are "Vegan Nazis". You might want to question what side of the fence you'd have stood on back in 1930s Germany. Vegans: people that, no matter what, want to end animal suffering, regardless of how "awkward" that may sometimes be for them. Non-vegans: people that, for whatever reason, put themselves (or, "individuals", as you so nicely put it) before their values and other life forms. Have courage to rebel and stand up for what is right. I applaud all anti-speciesists, including Freelee Vegano and Durianrider.
..or perhaps you would be happier, like most welfarists, sitting on said fence. "I'm okay, I had nothing to do with the concentration camps/slaughterhouses." - yes, but you stood by and let it happen. Bad things happen when good (wo)men do nothing.
One major confusion is ANIMAL RIGHTS versus ANIMAL WELFARE.

Some people on this site seem to have confused the two, seeing that because they live a vegan lifestyle, they are automatically on the animal rights side of the fence.
The way to distinguish what side of the fence you fall is actually pretty simple: ask yourself if, under any circumstances aside from self-defence, you would take an animal's life to save your own. It doesn't matter if you even believe there should be no slaughterhouses, help at your local sanctuary, campaign against animal cruelty...
If you fundamentally decide at any stage that an animal's life is worth less than a human's, you are only fighting for them to be treated better, and not for any fundamental change in the status of non-human animals.
This means you are a welfarist. That's great, the world needs more welfarists, too! But this site has an animal rights standpoint, which we would like you to abide by.


To make this clear: 30 Bananas A Day is a VEGAN site.

This means that saying things that are seen as advocating animal cruelty or questioning veganism are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


To give you some examples of what is not acceptable on 30BAD where animal rights and veganism are concerned:

Stating or suggesting that we need meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, deer placenta or any other kind of animal product in our diets. This also includes persisting in questioning the above after others have explained why this is wrong.
  • We weren't built for these products. These products kill animals AND humans through poor health. Remember to check for animal ingredients in other products, too, such as household, medical and beauty products

Wearing or promoting the wearing of real fur, real leather, silk, wool, or any other product coming from an animal.
  • There are plenty of alternatives, and these animals suffer unbearably. I think this one is pretty clear to 30BAD users, thankfully.

Animal Experimentation
Suggesting that animal experimentation is under any circumstances necessary. Knowingly or unknowingly promoting or recommending products from companies that test on animals.
  • Please think twice before you recommend any medical or beauty products on here. Please be sure about the companies you get your B12 shots from. Please be ultra-careful when it comes to cosmetics and do not believe the list from PETA that you may have seen on cruelty-free sites. A good test of the list: see if Avon is on it. If it is, it is a crap list. The only GOOD sources I know of are Naturewatch (www.naturewatch.org), BUAV (www.buav.org) and Uncaged (www.uncaged.co.uk). Or me. I know a lot about this so feel free to ask. Google the company name and "animal testing" and look to see what animal rights activists are saying. If in doubt, assume that the company tests the product or its ingredients on animals. Very few companies are okay, sadly. All true cruelty-free companies will have a certified cut-off date for each of their suppliers. Please also remember that many medical and beauty products also contain animal ingredients.

Suggesting that bulls enjoy bullfighting, horses enjoy horse-racing, lions enjoy circus acts, animals in zoos are better off, or that it's great to see apes enjoying themselves acting in movies.
  • If you are confused about any of these issues, please google the selected term together with the phrase "animal rights" and you will find out what animal rights activists have to say. FYI: Rise of the Planet of the Apes purposefully didn't use any animals in their anti-vivisection film. Good on them.

Stating that if it came down to it, you would choose to end an animal's life over yours or a loved one, under any circumstances.
  • Speciesism is for life, not just when it suits. Choosing to take an animal's life to save yours in a speciesist society is the same as choosing to take a black man's life in a racist society. As anti-speciesists, we believe all lives are equal. If we are going to die without a pig's heart, that is our tough luck. This may upset some people, you may have heart-wrenching stories to share, but please keep them to yourself. We don't want to hear them.
On that note, we come to the final point:

But you DO have to abide by the rules.

Hold a different opinion if you like, but as per the guidelines, please keep quiet about it in the interests of the community, the majority of which I am proud to say are fellow anti-speciesists and animal rights activists.

And a note to the pacifists: Please don't start calling animal rights activists "undercarbed" or "Nazis" or worse just for getting defensive over the animals on 30BAD. We just want to stick up for the values of 30BAD and the animals in general. You may prefer to meditate/pray/count butterflies and wait/hope for the bad things in the world to go away, but some of us are a bit more pro-active in that. We won't get upset with you for your pacifism/inaction, as long as you won't tell us off for standing up for what we believe in.

Vegan love

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Love you too, Saba. :)

Like Like Like !!


wonderful responses, rose!

i think you pretty well cover it all and so well too!

your very significant contributions to 30bad (not the least of which is this well-thoughtout, comprehensive op) is very much appreciated!

in friendship,


Thank you for the praise, Prad. Means a lot coming from you. :)

Wonderful! Thank you so much for this:)


But you DO have to abide by the rules.

Vegan site plays by vegan rules................absolutely love your post. I signed up on my free will because i believe in the lifestyle, love of all animals and its members.........im glad there is forum of like minded individuals that share my journey in life...... I take enough S@#! from the outside world and at 30bad i feel at home....Thank you Rose.......Sean 

Thanks Sean. :)

If more people gave a crap, the small portion that does wouldn't have TO YELL SO FRICKEN LOUD JUST TO BE HEARD. Otherwise, we could all sit down and have a nice, cordial chat about the illegitimate, counterproductive, ad fallacious practices of animal exploitation. Yeah it angers me and hurts me to see and know that other living this suffer needlessly, but from an emotionally detached point of view it is also incredibly destructive and unproductive and just plain unjustified. Anyway, I think this is necessary because this is part of the philosophy of this group and its important that the ideals we share are not infected so that this group does not suffer the same fate as the raw vegan movement, which is littered with individuals who are neither raw nor vegan. 


Thanks for posting this Rose :)

I have been seeing some things about fish and dairy lately and was thinking, really? here?



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