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Just curious to know what your thoughts on the program were!

Iceland topped the poll.


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It was a bit of a joke really-they didn't explain any of the criteria or processes from which they drew their conclusions. And they kept skirting over significant parts such as in the British section when the presenter mentioned meat and dairy as the most significant parts of the English diet, but moved straight onto discussing the perils of sugar.

The middle section on Ethiopia was good-they clearly showed a family eating a high carb, almost entirely vegan diet and how beneficial it was. The thing is-Ethiopia as a whole is obviously a very troubled country with many of the population suffering from malnutrition, so presumably this brought down their overall 'score' when compared to a rich country like Iceland? But it's difficult to tell as we were given no info on the methods of the survey!

Overall the show seemed to have the agenda of pushing the view that unprocessed=good and processed=bad, which is true to an extent but then allows for people to go on eating fish, meat, eggs and dairy as long as they are 'local' or 'fresh' which are pretty empty buzzwords when we know that fruits and veggies are all you need really. It's a bit sad to think that people will watch the Iceland section (when they showed an abundance of dairy, meat, fish and eggs as central to the family's diet) and believe that this is healthy. Especially as these are the more expensive items to buy, poorer families will think they can't be 'healthy' when in reality they can thrive on cheaper plant foods. It's a class issue as much as anything else and that pisses me off. Everyone's being told to spend loads of money on food that has little nutritional value :(

Still, I think many people watching the show will recognise how much it was lacking and question their methodology, not to mention how subjective some of the experimentation was! I mean, when the presenter took that cholesterol test in france, it was ridiculous! They gave no record of what he had eaten prior to the blood test or anything which would have presumably affected the results. Pharmacists/drs usually have to ask many questions before such tests and require the patient to repeat them a few times to ensure they are getting efficient results. Not to mention the 'eating disorder culture' which is rife in france, many french women are skinny because they are starving themselves, it is not conducive to health (any french 30baders are welcome to contradict if this is untrue, but this is what I have read about). 

anyhow, what did you think? :)



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