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Apparently, it is written by a person that was vegan for a long time, but then began to feel ill. The two pages I happened to read had her criticizing grain production, but I guess her conclusions are that people should eat grass-fed beef!

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Apparently, it is written by a person that was vegan for a long time, but then began to feel ill.

Ah, yes it was the vegan DIET that was the cuplrit! Always is, we're carnivores right? Look at my fearsome fangs, and dagger sharp claws, rawr! Viva la vida paleo!

but I guess her conclusions are that people should eat grass-fed beef!

Yes, well people have got to get their protein, iron, and EFAs from somewhere, now don't they? It would be horrible if they suffered horrific health decline from eating an improper (ahem vegan) diet. Yes and don't worry, there's more than enough kentucky bluegrass in all the square states alone to feed enough cows to feed all the starving children in Africa, pulEEz. Big macs for world peace and to end hunger.

I haven't read the book btw, but I think I get the gist of what the author is saying, lol, correct me if I'm wrong.
I know this is besides the point, but, actually, even if we did have canines, there are plenty of other primates that have large canines, take baboons for instance, and they simply use them for aggressiveness, fighting, sinking them into other baboons and other animals, and not really for eating. Although, our canines are practically the same size as our incisors anyway, because I guessed we stopped biting each other and others..now we have guns.
Don't you mean cuspids?
ya this is that lierre keith book. every now and then you'll get someone who has 'failed' at veg criticizing veg instead of looking into the reasons why they 'failed'.

if you recall it came up on the pollard discussion we were on where vera tried to claim it was the "other side" of the argument. of course, vera et al glow about the paleo diet - well at least until the next bandwagon comes along.

in friendship,
Of course! This monograph must be a hit with the hunter-gatherer-romanticizer-types, perhaps I should give it a read, wouldn't they be thrilled if the 'enemy' knew one of their favorite playbooks better than they? >:)))

Yes there are indeed a number of wonderful things about rationalizing your own failures, instead of considering even for a split second that you are capable of error and possibly, JUST possibly, owning up to them: 1) you get to blame everything on something else entirely other than yourself, possibly noble individuals and/or causes, whom you can do your darndest to make 'em look bad while your at it, and 2) you never solve your own problems and can continue complaining and blaming others in perpetuity!! Being a victim is 'in', c'mon Prad, don't you want to be part of the herd, I mean crowd? Be different, don't think, be a conformist. ;D
My sister bought it, and told me to read it.
I read little snips of it.
Stuff about how more of the same isn't better,
it points out the problem with most vegan diets, that we are still sourcing from agriculture that rapes the land. Instead of local, organic, etc etc.
I didnt get into any of the stuff about why they decided eating meat was any better.
I'll reconsider reading it, a bit later, i have piles of other books which i am alternating between at the moment.
I'm pretty sure that the author 'destroyed her health' via a SOY-based vegan diet. If this is the case, then I think we can all agree that indeed her "vegan diet" was most likely the cause of her ills ( whatever they were).

Too bad she didn't experiment with a low-fat vegan diet instead of jumping straight over to the Weston Price side of things. I guess Fear of illness, death, etc can really make a person vulnerable to change their whole perspective. Seems short-sighted to me, but she believes this is her answer. The problem is that she had to go on a mission to 'spread the word' of the dangers of a vegan diet without really fully embracing other vegan options. Of course, this is totally assumption on my part, as I don't really know if she truly searched before switching to meat. If she had simply changed her diet back to meat then fine good for her, but to convince others to avoid a vegan lifestyle seems tragic.

a raw vegan is a vegan, but a vegan isn't necessarily a raw vegan.
so you really are a vegan eating food that is raw and vegan, who is also our friendly neighborhood appleman.

(of course, vegan entails more than diet, but that's a different matter.)

in friendship,
Here is what Goeff Lawton had to say about the book
"I am thoroughly dissapointed with the connection between the Permaculture Research Institute and this thoroughtly unsophisticated article and book!!!!"
You are correct, I'm wrong, That comment I mentioned was for the other person.
I don't see how unless you eat nothing but apples and pears and/or have your own greenhouse.
Exactly my point, whatever you believe is true.



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