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Has anyone here overcome adrenal fatigue on 811? I have it, but 811 doesn't seem to be helping.

Hello all,

I wondering if anyone here has experience with adrenal fatigue and overcoming it on 811.  I'm in a bind because I have had adrenal fatigue for several years, have been doing 811 (switching between 811 and a Raw Till 4 style diet) for 2 years solid.  No improvement, if anything, getting worse.

My quality of life is diminishing more and more as time goes by.  I'm getting desperate for recovery, about to see a naturopath and start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  She will probably tell me to eat "high quality protein" and cut out simple sugars, as ALL of the recommended diet and lifestyle treatments for AF say to do that I have researched up on so far.

I've been in a frustrating position.  I really, really want to get better.  My functioning is extremely low.  In fact, I have to get better soon or else I'm not going to be able to financially support myself anymore.

Yet, all the diet recommendations for AF (and AF related conditions, like insulin resistance, high blood sugar, etc) all say to eat the opposite of 811.  I am also really nervous about doing hormone replacement therapy because I believe in the body's natural ability to heal when given the right diet and lifestyle.

And my experience is not matching up to my beliefs.

I have adrenal fatigue because I suffered from an eating disorder and exercise abuse for about 12 years.  Part of me thinks:  well, it's going to take time to recover so I should just be patient.  The other voice in me looks at all this critically, and wonders, if I'm supposedly getting better, why am I feeling worse and worse?

The other strange factor is that the severe AF symptoms and starting 811 coincided.  At the same time, two years ago.

I desperately need help.  Seeking input from people who have specifically experienced AF please.

Details of the past two years:

- Been eating 100% 811 or Raw Till 4 (fruit breakfast and lunch, high carb vegan dinner of salad + cooked veggies and starch)
- 2500 - 3000 kcals a day
- sleep 8 hours a night or more
- drink more than a gallon of water a day (not forcing myself... am super thirsty and always feeling dehydrated)
-  as low stress lifestyle as possible.  Am a yoga teacher and practice yoga and meditation daily.
- gets tons of sunshine and fresh air.
- usually exercise a small amount every day (walking, running, swimming), used to do 45 min every day, now doing 0 - 20 min a day as my energy levels are dropping.

I really want 811 to work for me - the lifestyle has an intuitive, deep instinctual resonance with me, but am losing my spirit in the process.  Please help.

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8hours is not enough. NO WAY enough lol!

Go to bed near sunset and get up when you want and start your day. The hours before midnight are the most important. I can go to bed at 11pm and get up at 8am and after a week of that Im sub par compared with bed at 8pm and up at 5am.

Do a course of b12 shots. Stay away from naturopathic doctors, ayurvedic snake oil sellers. Be your own doctor.

Real hardcore adrenal fatigue is when you can't even work and are living on disability pension of 1500USD a month. You don't have that obviously. 

Also fatigue can be mental. If we hang around downers and have no purpose in life and are used to be stimulated by caffeine, crackao, adrenaline from meat etc. Something to consider.

I see in your profile that you say habitual under eating has continued to be an issue on 811, at least as of May of last year.  Under eating will cause adrenal issues in and of itself so this will not allow healing of adrenal fatigue.

Also 2500 calories is the minimum for women, add more for extra weight and for activity.  DR talks in this video about eating 10 times your body weight in kilos for carbs and multiply that number by 4 to get your basic calories needed and then add more for activity.  Durianriders advice for fat people. # 155

Also there are many petite women on 811rv who eat 4000+ calories a day with moderate activity levels, (RFG for instance).  So I would definitively try the easiest thing first and that is to increase your calorie intake for a couple of weeks by at least a thousand to see how you feel.  It sounds simple and it is, but under eating, (even for a long time), is by far the number one mistake people make when going 811.  This story is inspiring: Amazing results after following durianriders tips - 30 Bananas a Day! 

"Eat More To Live More"

cool story..  and I like that they are also saying they eat it all before 4.30pm :)  

Ok, so here are my calculations, and posting here to make sure I got it right.

My weight:  130 lbs. = 59 kilos (say 60 kilos for simplicity in calculating)

min. grams of carbs needed per day (60 x 10) = 600g

min kcals needed per day (600 x 4) =  2400kcal + more for activity (600kcals?)

add on another 1000 for this healing experiment...

= 4000 kcals

I had "chronic fatigue/ fibromyalgia" since my early twenties. Since going vegan 10 years ago, most symptoms vanished. Less than a month 801010rv, ALL symptoms gone. I am not a doctor, but feel comfortable lumping adrenal fatigue in with the same conditions I was diagnosed with because I feel that they are all diet related. (And stress related!)
I highly recommend the Detox and Destress Kundalini Yoga DVD by Maya
Fiennes. These are exercises that focus on strengthening the kidneys and adrenals, as both are over- worked by poor diet and not enough rest.
kundalini yoga is great for getting your heart- rate up while also getting in some stretching and meditation. I like to practice at least 3 times per week. It's a nice compliment to other forms of exercise like biking, rebounding and jogging.
I also agree with BananaBill. Get rid of the cooked food. I tried to eat rice and corn pasta and wasn't feeling the benefits until I went all raw.

Hey Amanda!  I love kundalini, in fact, that is the style of yoga that I teach!  Without kundalini, I would probably be bed-ridden.  I do breath of fire about 10 times a day to get through the day.  Unfortunately, doing kriyas has become very difficult with this condition - and forcing myself causes crashes where I lose all energy completely and crumble.

There is an adrenal set that I've been working on recently, I'm really hoping it's going to help.  Thanks for the suggestions. <3

That's amazing that you teach KY! Out of curiosity, have you ever had issues with caffeine? I was a coffee drinker since 15 yrs old. Sometimes, 6 cups a day plus a soy latte. Add that to my worrisome personality and you have a recipe for total system failure!
I also never drank water.

I completely stopped drinking coffee about 10 years ago, so no, I wouldn't consider myself to have a caffeine problem.... I think it's the terrible eating disorder and exercise abuse that I had going all the way up until 2 years ago that caused this.


I'm just curious, if with the thirst and tiredness, do you clench your jaw?  

no jaw clenching that I know of.


**For Entertainment Purposes Only

on a serious note, I really abused my adrenals in the past. Energy drinks all the time, thermogenics, and under-eating/over-training. I found my adrenals and lymph to really start moving and recovering when I ate all berries, grapes and melons all day and a huge salad at night for about 2 weeks (including TONS of rest as the lymph can't move and clean if you are up and moving).
My advice is very early nights for a couple of weeks along with more cleansing/hydrating foods and you will see and Feel a big difference. :)

Thanks for doing some "homework" on my profile, edshell.  :)   What I mentioned there, "spleen deficiency", is the same condition I am talking now with adrenal fatigue.  I love your advice about eating more.  It terrifies me though.  There are days when I really force the fruit down more than I think I need, sometimes I actually feel slightly better and it seems like stuffing my face is what did it.  But then sometimes I try to repeat that the next day, and I feel worse again.

Two years in, overall I am getting nowhere.  And I continue to feel sick, and the doubts start to creep into my head that I'm following the wrong advice.  What jams up my progress even more is the cognitive dissonance... disbelief and doubts.  This comes from constantly hearing that simple sugars are to be avoided when one has adrenal fatigue.  And... the more my fatigue symptoms are bothering me, the less I seem to be able to handle sugar.  This is definitely something I have noticed all along.  So I'm hearing this concept through both ears constantly, and my own experience is compounding it more than 50% of the time.  That is why it's so hard, counterintuitive, confusing, and scary, to just blindly push ahead with 811.

If anyone had an explanation explaining the relationship between sugar and the adrenals, about why the theory of no sugar for AF is incorrect, I would love to hear it.  Bottom line is my mind and body have to align in the fight to get better.  If one is opposing the other, I will just fight myself, which is what I have been doing for the past 2 years.

But thank you for the encouragement.  I am really scared because I am just SO DONE with suffering like this.  I wasn't joking when I said can barely work, ironically DR's comment about me not being on disability welfare was incorrect, I actually AM living off disability right now, barely functioning...

Also, for those who commented about adrenal fatigue being a illegitimate/undefinable condition, I disagree.  It is measurable by tests which test cortisol levels, which I am currently taking.  I have a complex set of symptoms (seriously like over 50 symptoms) that were all pretty much discussed in detail in the material I've read up on about adrenal fatigue.  That is enough proof for me, including that my lifestyle history is an extreme version of what is typical of those with AF.

Thanks for all the replies everyone.  It was exactly what I was expecting to hear.... eat more, sleep more.  I will probably make a video soon asking for some hardcore support around this, because that's what I will need if I am to continue.

Crying as I write this as this is such an emotional issue.  Its touching to receive acknowledgement and support for something I have been struggling with completely alone for so long, yet I feel terrified, angry, defensive, confused.  Thanks all for facilitating whatever this process is I'm going through.



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