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Has anyone here overcome adrenal fatigue on 811? I have it, but 811 doesn't seem to be helping.

Hello all,

I wondering if anyone here has experience with adrenal fatigue and overcoming it on 811.  I'm in a bind because I have had adrenal fatigue for several years, have been doing 811 (switching between 811 and a Raw Till 4 style diet) for 2 years solid.  No improvement, if anything, getting worse.

My quality of life is diminishing more and more as time goes by.  I'm getting desperate for recovery, about to see a naturopath and start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  She will probably tell me to eat "high quality protein" and cut out simple sugars, as ALL of the recommended diet and lifestyle treatments for AF say to do that I have researched up on so far.

I've been in a frustrating position.  I really, really want to get better.  My functioning is extremely low.  In fact, I have to get better soon or else I'm not going to be able to financially support myself anymore.

Yet, all the diet recommendations for AF (and AF related conditions, like insulin resistance, high blood sugar, etc) all say to eat the opposite of 811.  I am also really nervous about doing hormone replacement therapy because I believe in the body's natural ability to heal when given the right diet and lifestyle.

And my experience is not matching up to my beliefs.

I have adrenal fatigue because I suffered from an eating disorder and exercise abuse for about 12 years.  Part of me thinks:  well, it's going to take time to recover so I should just be patient.  The other voice in me looks at all this critically, and wonders, if I'm supposedly getting better, why am I feeling worse and worse?

The other strange factor is that the severe AF symptoms and starting 811 coincided.  At the same time, two years ago.

I desperately need help.  Seeking input from people who have specifically experienced AF please.

Details of the past two years:

- Been eating 100% 811 or Raw Till 4 (fruit breakfast and lunch, high carb vegan dinner of salad + cooked veggies and starch)
- 2500 - 3000 kcals a day
- sleep 8 hours a night or more
- drink more than a gallon of water a day (not forcing myself... am super thirsty and always feeling dehydrated)
-  as low stress lifestyle as possible.  Am a yoga teacher and practice yoga and meditation daily.
- gets tons of sunshine and fresh air.
- usually exercise a small amount every day (walking, running, swimming), used to do 45 min every day, now doing 0 - 20 min a day as my energy levels are dropping.

I really want 811 to work for me - the lifestyle has an intuitive, deep instinctual resonance with me, but am losing my spirit in the process.  Please help.

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I'm almost three years in and I feel like the fog is lifting and now I have the energy to live my life.  Hang in there and give one hundred percent raw a real chance.  Ditch that cooked dead food and give your body the highest form of nutrient dense food.  Get more sleep!!  I average ten hours a night and it makes a big difference over time.  Hang in there you will make your goal if you are persistent.  I know it's hard, but it's so worth it.  I feel better than I ever have in my life and I'm fifty years young.  I never though that I could feel this amazing and have so much energy, and I'm still getting better and better everyday.  

Thanks for your response Bill, and thanks for sharing your positive story!  Are you saying that your AF symptoms didn't starting lifting until 3 years in?

They have been lifting slowly.  I'd have success for a little while and then bam back to being tired again.  It takes a while to get better, I think you can expect your recovery to take between two to five years.  It may sound like a long time, but it isn't really when you realize what your body has to do to repair itself.  I'm finding that it's worth the wait and all the effort that goes into the whole process.  I really have gained an invaluable education.  Stay in touch : )

Wow, thanks Bill.  That is definitely some perspective.

What confuses me is what I constantly hear about simple sugars being the worst food to eat for adrenal fatigue.  My experience matches up to this as the more tired I am, the less I seem to be able to handle sugar.  The reason I have a cooked dinner is because complex carbs seems to be gentler on me that simple sugars in the evening when I'm more tired.

Believe me is was not perfect for all this time either.  I came into this thing with bowel disease ( colitis ), chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and major depression.  My digestion just wasn't strong enough to eat just fruit, so I supplemented with rice and potatoes and the occasional cooked crap of my past.  I was eating around three thousand calories a day or less.  When my digestion healed enough I upped my calories to around four thousand and that's when I started rockin and feeling good.  It just takes the time that it takes, but the important thing is that we don't give up.  Sugar is what feeds out cells period!  We just need to get strong enough to allow that process to happen with our fruits.  Maybe you can try to up your calories and sleep, sleep, and sleep some more : )

Thank you for being so honest about your situation and your health issues.

What people call “adrenal fatigue” is actually blood poisoning from:

1. silver dental fillings (mercury vapor)

2. carpet fumes

3. toxic clothing

4. residue from toxic laundry detergents

5. offgassing from dry-cleaning chemicals

6. toxic residue from fabric softeners and dryer sheets

7. offgassing from perfumes and scented body washes

8. blood poisoning from fluoridated toothpastes

9. clogging of sinuses from using commercial deodorants and antiperspirants

10. offgassing from toxic bedding and upholstery.


“Adrenal fatigue” can also be caused by:

11. exposure to pesticides

12. exposure to Pine-Sol or other so-called “cleaners”

13. injection with “flu shots” or “vaccines” (including a “TB skin test”)

The powers-that-be think they are smarter than we are and have laid numerous traps designed to “take us out”.


They use a technique called “positioning” to brainwash people into poisoning themselves with toxic products. That’s how they fill hospital beds.


Fortunately, the body is self-repairing and continually works toward a state of perfection. All we need to do is provide the body with what it needs to build healthy cells, i.e. : pure air, pure sunlight, pure food and pure water.

Nature does the rest.

If you're serious about your health, crack your bedroom window a few inches each night before going to sleep. This will greatly improve the quality of air you are breathing and will make you feel a hundred times better.


Start running a mile a day, preferably on dirt or grass rather than pavement.

Have any silver dental fillings drilled out and replaced with a composite resin that contains no bisphenol-A.

Use only a dentist who specializes in mercury removal.

Do not apply anything to your face or body that you are not willing to eat or drink.

Would you drink a glass of shampoo?

Eat only fresh, whole foods. Avoid processed or manufactured foods that come in a box.

Eat fresh fruit that is in season. The taste will tell you if there are any nutrients in what you are eating.

If you begin to grow tired of fruit, start making salads, for example with butter lettuce, avocado, and cherry tomatoes.

Salt is toxic. Our body calls for extra water after we eat salt in order to dilute it and prevent it from destroying our cells.

I have provided you with a lot of information. If it seems like too much, try doing it in baby steps.

The woman who created this website is smarter than 99.99% of the population.

You can’t go wrong listening to her.

Good luck, and don’t be afraid to try new things.



Brilliant Paul. I just want to say that there is a way to avoid the drilling of the mercury and this is by a way of tapping on the teeth that makes the amalgams go out. This is practiced by a dentist in Hungary (Central Europe) called Emilia Rippel. She's easy to find on google and speaks English. Maybe there are dentists in the US who know about that. The drilling itself is still risky and very expensive.

Basically trash all those post industrial exposures and get your butt back to nature in the best simulation you can create for yourself.

This may sound like a stupid question, but have you had a blood test from a medical doctor? 

It was a 3 minute adjustment at my Chiropractor, he has done it 4-5 times over the last 20 years. But likely, from the hundred or more Chiropractors I have been to, I'd guess only 1% or so can do more than "the flying 7”. Mine knows at least 200 more than the basic 7. A lot of Chirapractors have you sign that you understand that that is all you are getting, and at "The Joint" just the back, nothing more....
Not to say it cannot be healed by this lifestyle, I think it would heal it. 30 other things can heal it also, Rolfing, Accupuncture, and more. Diet takes longer. I DO NOT ADVOCATE MEDICAL DOCTORS AT ALL.

I'd recommend chiropractic as well.  I used to get extremely thirsty all the time too, I think it was from lots of inflammation.  Personally, I don't think "adrenal fatigue" is a diagnosis.. in that it doesn't explain the cause (sort of like "irritable bowel")      
I hope things get better for you.  The cooked food may be letting you down, going 100% feels much better.    



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