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Persimmons are one of my all-time favorite fruits. I just bought a bunch of 'em, and I don't want to wait that long to eat them! I remember that last year they took WEEKS to fully ripen. Has anyone figured out a good way to ripen them faster? I've heard that the brown bag method doesn't work for them.



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I'm wondering the same! Just bought a load - and they're all rock solid. I know that they're better if you pick them after the first frost...so maybe freezing them???? I'd be really interested to know too :)

Best fruit ever...

Hmm, I had not thought of freezing them--I wonder if that works. I'd love to hear if someone has tried it, because I don't know if I'm willing to use my stash to test it out! 

ahh, patience patience . . . 
but, in general, fruit will ripen more quickly if you put them together in a paper bag at room temp and put an apple or banana in with them.
check out his awesome overview!

Yes, I should just be patient. If I'm not, of course, I'll get a big mouthful of starchy stuff. :P

Thanks for the link! I've read in a few places online, though, that persimmons don't ripen like some other kinds of fruit. That may or may not be true, but I'll try putting them in a large paper bag with a few apples, anyway. 

Cool! I usually let 'em ripen the slow way, but I will try this way once I get a few this year to try in the bag : )
I freeze a whole bunch, too, because they all ripen at once it seems - good for smoothies!

have fun!

I kept mine in a closed box with 2 big bunches of SUPER ripe bananas for a week and....it did nothing.  They are still rock solid.

Maybe it's because the bananas are already ripe.  I put my persimmons with the bananas that needs to ripe (so are producing more ethylene maybe...) and also with my unripe pears and it works. After 4 days some begins to be perfect to eat.

hmm, never thought about that.  thanks!

As they start to get really soft and mostly ripe, cut them in half and leave to ripen exposed to the air.  This is what happens in nature as birds peck out the soft ripe spots.  The exposure to air helps the ripening and improves the flavor.  The exposed half will film over as if dries into a tasty concentrated fruit leather.  They are fully ripe when all the flesh is clear.  Cloudy areas are unripe.

Also as already noted freezing seems ripen them too.  I've only frozen mostly ripe ones but the unripe parts always seem to come out fully ripe after thawing.

It takes just few days for have them ripe for me.  I let them on a plate besides my bananas and my pears and it works. I love so much those organic Hachiya persimmons.  Thanks it's the seasons ! Miam

Freeze at your own risk!  I've experimented and while it does soften them nicely, that doesn't mean they're ripe or do anything to remove the tannins that make the hard ones unpalatable.

Trust me, your tummy will make you regret the next few hours X(



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