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What do you think of this change at the Woodstock Fruit Festival? Personally, one of the things that is most attractive about the event is seeing Harley and Freelee speak as pioneers. I see some hypocrisy, as many of the "pioneers" publicly stated or have shown they consume cooked and refined food, even if it is "raw powder" or whatever. I can think of another "pioneer" who sells and openly consumes animal products. 

Harley and Freelee have promoted the WFF, and many are there because they followed their advice. It appears that the majority of guests consume cooked food. They have done, in my opinion, more for the lfrv movement's growth than most, if not all the others in the WFF lineup.

Do you agree or disagree with the decision?

Here is the link to the news: http://www.thewoodstockfruitfestival.com/profiles/blogs/harley-and-...

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It is fine.  What Michael is saying that Fre/Har promote a high carb diet lifestyle and the definition of the Woodstock Festival is promoting raw food.  I don't agree or disagree and could care less, what I do admire is the Fruit Festival defining themselves and then rooting out what they feel isn't consistent with their collective whole. 

Free/Harley don't need the festival, and I respect them for espousing what is the honest message they want to carry. 

There is enough room and plenty of space in this world for all of them.

At the very least, it gives us something to talk about!!

Going to get some more Popcorn this is great stuff :-)

Take Care,



How about a High Carb Vegan Fest?

I can help organize it here in south Florida with lots of local fruit!

good location    good temp. good fruit   affordable place 

 I tried to read this whole thread. I totally understand why Harley and Freelee would be mad. I understand why all the people who were planning on going to the wood stock fruit festival would be mad. I think how they went about it was not the right way.

But I think some of the people calling vegetarians or people whose children are vegetarians murders is going too far. I am so glad when I became a vegetarian  over 28 years ago no vegan called me a murder. Or anyone called my child a murder. 

When I became a vegan I never thought of vegetarians as awful people. When I became a raw vegan 14 years ago I never thought less of vegetarians or cooked vegans. 

 I  like that Harley and Freelee are blunt and that they care about the animals. When Harley came on the Raw scene he was never afraid to speak up.

But I notice a lot of new raw foodist or new vegans are slamming people who are 100% raw vegan. Raw boards are about Raw there are many vegan boards and many vegan festivals.

I am sad for Harley and Freelee because of how they were treated by people who they thought were their friends.

But maybe this will give them a chance to have a vegan festival where more people can go and it will be cheaper then the Woodstock Fruit festival.

interesting ,  i went pizza (full cheese ) vegetarian in 2000 . i wish i had these 30bad uncouth rude truth tellers calling me out back then , sure my feelings would have  be hurt but surely truth is higher then my personal feelings 

my two cents only     i have learned to love truth telling above my personal feelings   give it to me  !    it ain't rude truly its loving   thats where my growth is at

I agree, bottom line is we have to make the logical connection when it comes to non-carcass animal products, the reality is it is absolutely cruelty food, arguably more so. I was veg, but when I heard Harley talk and made 2+2 go together to make 4 not 3 or 5, I went vegan.

I haven't seen anyone on this board calling anyone's children a murderer! It's not childrens fault what the parents teach them or feed them, I think everyone knows that.

+1million banana - boy!

Didn't even know the WFF existed until I started watching Harley's vids on utube.  Once I found my way to 30Bad, he and Freelee promoted it there.  They should be thanking Harley and Freelee.  Although I think highly of Michael and Victoria and have wanted to attend since I first heard of it, I won't now.  I'm on this lifestyle and this great site because of Harley and Freelee--it has changed my life.  The festival belongs to the Arnsteins, and in all fairness, they can run it like they want.  I'm gonna hold out for a fruit gathering in Thailand, Florida or Vancouver Island!  Woooohooo!

That's the one I'm thinking of. :)



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