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Hi everyone,
I have been on and off raw vegan for the past year. The problem is I tend to overdo with fats and salt and my weight was actually going up. Not to mention how tired I was after eating a huge fatty salty salad or a gourmet meal!
I am sure HCRV is the way to go, but the problem is, I can keep it for a few days or a week, and then cravings kick in and I binge on the worst kinds of foods (cooked, and not even vegetarian). In my new job, we always have lots of free (junk) food, ... pizza, chocolate, donuts, etc and I work looooong hours (12 hour shifts). At home, I live with my brother who is raw vegan (100%), but still keeps so much nuts, nut butters, avocados, ... at home.
It's too easy to give into temptations. I really need your help, my fruity friends, for motivation and accountability. I think if I can stick to it long enough my cravings and emotional eatings will go away.
So let's do a 8 week challenge, from Monday, October 31 to Sunday, December 25, 2011.
I want to eat fruits and vegetables only. For me, no overt fats and no salt (I am very zero or one ... So hard for me to not to overdo). But you can modify it as long as you are still HCRV.
I think the challenge is better to be in one thread, as this forum is very active. If we do it in a group, many people may forget about it and won't check regularly. I don't think there is a problem with long multi page threads, as this is the norm in many "challenge" type forums.
I like to have a template, and then I'll login every few days and update it (giving myself a number or a short description after each day). But feel free to change your template (or just log daily and tell us how was your day).
In addition, I like to have at least one or more weekly goals, not diet/nutrition related (like a ToDo List). I also really like to weight myself once a week, as it can be motivational. But I think it's not very encouraged here. Any thoughts?
This is my template for week 1:
Week 1: Mon 31st to Sun 6th: 
Day 1, Mon: 
Day 2, Tue: 
Day 3, Wed: 
Day 4, Thu: 
Day 5, Fri: 
Day 6, Sat: 
Day 7, Sun: 
Week 1 Goals: 
Who wants to join me? ... you can join at any time. And it's ok if you fall off ... writing it online helps to keep you accountable! :)

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Hi Tara,

You should purchase a large, stainless steel thermos to keep your smoothies in at work. You can add ice too. The only thing is if you make it ahead of time, it can sometimes thicken up a lot by the time you drink it, so you may want to make it a bit thinner (if you make it the night before or something).

Lara :) 


Ill take part in this, I already wanted to go 100% but i didn't have any definite goals in mind. I had a bit of a head start as today is my 5th day of 100% raw. I've been eating high raw for a little over a year and a half now and i've never eaten 100% raw for more than a month at a time.

My tips: Always carry dates with you put them in your purse or car or whatever so you always have food with you and the same goes for water.

Eat enough calories and listen to your body. At first you may not realize it when you are under eating but at the end of the day you will know for sure because of this its important to log your calories on cronometer http://cronometer.com/#_=_  . Logging your calories is a good idea when you first start 811. At first seems like a chore but counting your calories is like looking at a fuel gauge, it tells you how much gas you put in your tank to last you the next day.

Are u staying low fat raw?

I have no problems staying 100% raw, but giving up fats and salt is the hard part for me. I know LFRV is optimal, but for some reason it's much harder for me to stick to. I can for sure use some support! :)

Most days it will be in the guidelines of 80/10/10 but it can be difficult for me with my job. I work in a raw food cafe/juice bar as a chef so its my job to make sure the food is good so i have to taste everything. I exercise almost everyday so i can justify eating a little more fats and hey maybe my body needs a little more than 10%, I haven't had any ill effects from going a little higher than that.

hi there

I am in!!!!  I love the idea of sharing ideas.  I am looking for a group to help me get over this.  So, if this is a group for growth, I am thrilled.  I love the ideas shared so far.  I think my main issues are stress, cravings, social settings and not eating enough!!

I know one thing I do that has worked a lot is to bring a container of "dressing" when I am in a social setitng.  When the salad or greens are served, I plop my mixture of tomatoes, celery, green onion and a bit of avocado on top.  It really helps a lot.

Thanks so much Tara for starting this group.


Impossible! J/K- nothing is but social pressures can really take a toll on us. Be strong and send positive vibes my way.....
I'll join in as well.  I love accountability groups like this.  :)  I had a major binge on cooked foods yesterday.  Now I feel disgusting today.  So I'm hoping right back on 811 today.  Starting out today with an orange, banana, peach smoothie.  :)
I'm ready. I've got everything set up- ten pounds of dates and a wholesale account and a bloated waist line to motivate me. I look forward to getting to know you all.
I have the same problem with my husband's dinners, but I know that we can do this! Let's try making a big salad or smoothie, and then coming on this forum for support instead of giving in to the cooked dinners!
I just don't feel great unless I'm eating all raw. Even a little healthy cooked food is hard on my system.
Hope everyone has their stashes of fruit ready for tomorrow! Here is a pic of the fruit and veggies I bought yesterday. I'm planning for it to last 3 days, but taking a second look at it, it might be a little light in the fruit department so I might make a second trip to the store tomorrow. I also have about 5 bags of frozen bananas in the freezer I'm planning to use for banana soft serve if I get strong cravings for cooked foods. One of the items on my list of things to do, is to find a good wholesaler in the area I can go to so that I can get a lot more fruit for the same price.


Thank you all who joined. I am going to buy more fruits tomorrow too.

Everyone is ready? .... Can't wait! :p



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