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Hi everyone,
I have been on and off raw vegan for the past year. The problem is I tend to overdo with fats and salt and my weight was actually going up. Not to mention how tired I was after eating a huge fatty salty salad or a gourmet meal!
I am sure HCRV is the way to go, but the problem is, I can keep it for a few days or a week, and then cravings kick in and I binge on the worst kinds of foods (cooked, and not even vegetarian). In my new job, we always have lots of free (junk) food, ... pizza, chocolate, donuts, etc and I work looooong hours (12 hour shifts). At home, I live with my brother who is raw vegan (100%), but still keeps so much nuts, nut butters, avocados, ... at home.
It's too easy to give into temptations. I really need your help, my fruity friends, for motivation and accountability. I think if I can stick to it long enough my cravings and emotional eatings will go away.
So let's do a 8 week challenge, from Monday, October 31 to Sunday, December 25, 2011.
I want to eat fruits and vegetables only. For me, no overt fats and no salt (I am very zero or one ... So hard for me to not to overdo). But you can modify it as long as you are still HCRV.
I think the challenge is better to be in one thread, as this forum is very active. If we do it in a group, many people may forget about it and won't check regularly. I don't think there is a problem with long multi page threads, as this is the norm in many "challenge" type forums.
I like to have a template, and then I'll login every few days and update it (giving myself a number or a short description after each day). But feel free to change your template (or just log daily and tell us how was your day).
In addition, I like to have at least one or more weekly goals, not diet/nutrition related (like a ToDo List). I also really like to weight myself once a week, as it can be motivational. But I think it's not very encouraged here. Any thoughts?
This is my template for week 1:
Week 1: Mon 31st to Sun 6th: 
Day 1, Mon: 
Day 2, Tue: 
Day 3, Wed: 
Day 4, Thu: 
Day 5, Fri: 
Day 6, Sat: 
Day 7, Sun: 
Week 1 Goals: 
Who wants to join me? ... you can join at any time. And it's ok if you fall off ... writing it online helps to keep you accountable! :)

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Yeah! ... LET'S DO IT!

I think many active members here have been HCRV for a long time, so they may not have problems staying this way. But it is hard at first for us newbie ex-SAD eaters.


Even if we are just 2 or a few members, we can support and motivate each other.

I am very motivated and determined this time. I already stock up on fruits last night and started it from today (Thurs). But I will start the challenge officially from Mon so that others can join too.

Everyone keeps saying SAD and HCRV??!?! HCRV=Hard Core Raw Vegas? SAD=Standard American Diet? Am I right?!?!!?!? :)

Haha! "Hard core" sound fabulous! :D It's actually High Carb...but i like your version better i think :D

OMG!!! That makes sense! Hardcore seemed like it would work too :) Because this diet is pretty intense for some.

I'm in.

I started a thread a few days ago about committing to  %100 on NOV 1st

-- this is just as good :  )

I would love to join in! I shop on Saturday and can get stocked up on everything I'll need.
You can count me in! Your story sounds so much like mine! I think this is a good way for us all to stay motivated. :)
I love it when these things come up! Why not? I've got plenty of fruit on hand.

Awesome! :p

I know that LFRV is not for a specific period of time. I love to eat this way for the rest of my life. I just need a serious kick start & I need to be more serious about it. 

This way, next time I want to have a bite of pizza or cake at work, or to eat out with friends, or have a handful of nuts at home, I'll know I will be disappointing my buddies here.
Even if we fall off once (which I really hope not), writing it down in public will help me get back on track fast again.
I can't wait!
I'm in. My most common downfall tends to be stress, and usually that makes me run straight for the comfort foods, but maybe if I'm doing it with a group, it'll be a lot easier.

Hey girls & guys,

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloweekend so far!

As I said I was planning to commit to LFRV from last Thurs, but I did slip a bit. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous for Monday, I really hope I can stay 100% HCRV.
I want to be positive and LEARN from my pitfalls in the past 3 days. Here are some tips that I'm gonne practice from now on:
1) Take blended fruit smoothies to work. I don't have a lunch break at work, we eat when ever we get a chance (i.e. no clients). I've already got too many comments about eating all the banana/fruits (which I hate), ... they call me banana girl! 
With fruit smoothies, I can tell them it's a protein-fruit shake, or something like that. I also like the taste of fruit smoothie more than plain fruits, and I can get more calories in. My fav at this time is: banana + orange + strawberries + peaches (if I have).
Do you think if it'll go bad if I make it at home, then take it to work and drink it within 10 hours? It'll be in the fridge the whole time.
2) When I'm going out or go to a party, eat A LOT before going. It's much easier to say yes to bad foods when I'm hungry.
Also, just because I'm going to a party with lots of foods available, it does not mean that "I have to eat". Honestly, no one force feeds you these days.
3) Keep lots of fruits *out of the fridge*. I found that in 0 degree weather of Toronto now, it's much harder to eat cold fruits, even tho I set the fridge to the highest temperature possible.
4) Set my mind and heart on it. That's why I started this challenge. I think it really makes a big difference if you are really serious and determined. Especially for newbies, we slip because of our mental food cravings a lot.
Any tips?
Now go stock up on fruits! ;)
Tara, I think your tips are great! I've used them all myself and notice that they do help. I think the biggest challenge for me is getting enough calories in. Regarding tip #1 and the blended smoothies, I am curious about making them ahead of time too. I've noticed that when I make a banana smoothie, it goes brown very quickly but if I add other fruits or greens it seems to be ok. Not sure if that's the other fruits masking the brown color though...  Would love to know the answer to that. And don't let comments from others get to you. I know it's difficult, but in my experience, after awhile the comments begin to stop. Since I went back to cooked food though, I'm not looking forward to the comments starting up again, but I'm not going to let that change what I want to eat. I'm so glad that I joined this group and looking forward to the support!



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