30 Bananas a Day!

My hair, nails and skin are not doing good.... I started 811 almost two years ago... will be two years in April/May...


I NEVER saw any positive changes after I switched from a higher fat raw vegan diet to 811..

I'm so sorry to say that because I just ADORE this lifestyle and way of eating!!!!!

My hair was better when I was eating more fat and protein...really.

If you read some of my previous posts...you'll know with what I've suffered...=///

Minor changes like clearer skin etc....


But my skin is extremely sensitive ,papery and dry.... there are days when it looks better and days when it's just itchy red and covered in hives...!!!! =///


Also I don't feel good after bananas ...even fresh dates and nanas give me a rapid sugar drop after an hour or two with shakiness etc....=////



I've asked before...many times..... but people here just seem to say the same FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT LOOOOOTS OF FRUIT...

In Spring last year I gained some much needed weight..I was eating LOADS of fruit. Mostly monoing on very ripe organic high quality MANGOES with cucumbers, lettuce and a few other veggies plus some avo (my body fat % was 7...) I was eating 3000 cals or over.

My skin got HORRIBLE. Absolutely DISGUISTING.


Ok..I'll stop telling my UN-SUCCESSFUL story again...u can read from my prev posts... if you want of cuz..


But if there's someone out there who could relate or help, give me some tips...

how do you alter the 811 diet to your needs...????



don't get angry or sth... I'm just looking for help... after two years of STRICKTLY FOLLOWING this WONDERFUL diet!!! I don't wanna change it.>.!! =(


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please...................anyone help me???
Do you drink smoothies? I found that when I drank my calories/greens through smoothies, my nails and skin got really bad and my hair started coming out, when I stopped that, it got better. I think everyones different and I personally can't take smoothies.
I never eat smoothies...I get indigestion every time I have fruit blended with water ,same with greens..=// I always CHEW them as well as I can..

ok guys, thx for your responses , I love u all for the support..


a few things to let you know..


II did a few mono fruit islands, including watermelon/melon for two weeks,mango for about 3 weeks, nana/date/greens island for two months and generally for almost a year mono fruit days with some greens , nothing mixed,blended or anything. I was REALLLLY strict, obsessive almost...=/ no good I swear...://

lso like I think I said before about overts...I cut out all overts when I started 811 almost 2 years ago, for exactly a year I was COMPLETELY OVERTS-FREE ..which (with not enough calories too) resulted in a 7% of body fat which obviously means hormonal issues and stuff...=// I've been suffering with a low weight for a few years now but after a one week water fast over a year ago I couldn't get back to eating normally and even Dr.Doug was surprised and worried,..=-// when I went to CR to his fasting event I didn't fast..eventually. I was already at a weight of 31 kgs so we decided we need to nourish my body... it went great at the beginning. I did a nana idland with some greens because I was getting hypoglycemia..=/// still have this which makes me feel tired and never energised...='//


I drink a TON of water all the time, and the next bad thing is I'm always thirsty. All the time, and I drink about 4,5 litres sometimes more , without any exercising or sth like that.. I feel dehydrated all the time which is not normal drinking that much water..


When I started 811 I stopped using any cosmetics,any products on my skin,hair etc. EVERYTHING has been left out straight away. My hair got really bad, my skin was bad as well...at some point my skin was so dry I could barely stand it....but I continued to go without anything BELIEVING it will work out like everyone says...=//

But a few months ago I decided I will use sth on my body again... I couldn't stand this obsession!! Can't use anything, don't wash ur hands in soap etc...!! DO u know what I mean>>?? obsession !!!=//

Well..For over a year and a half I haven't put anything on my skin or hair... my hair is now so weak and I wanna cry...=//// I just don't know what to do...!!! NOTHING IS WORKING!!!!

Ok...so I found a brand.. RAW GAIA which makes nice RAW ORGANIC PURE body care products...check it out if u want, they're really nice. I got the MSM Beauty Cream to moisturise my extremely dry skin...and from the first try I noticed a big difference... it's basically cocoa butter ,jojoba oil,MSM. I use it every night which makes my skin feel so much better. I also started using some natural cleansers from LUSH , another vegan-friendly brand. It's gentle, made of almonds and cocoa butter with some kaolin and it makes my skin feel really good.

Overall I'm glad I finally used some natural body care products instead of hurting myself with NOT using anything.. 

I'm still getting hives quite often, which is an annoying condition...has anyone suffered from this???? It drives me crazzzy... itchy and red bumps... =/// but I used to have them more often when I first started 811.

Still it's there..=///


So when it comes to OVERTS, after the CR event Doug advised me to eat them every day for a period of time because of a very low body fat %. I managed to gain a few kgs which made me feel much worse ..unfortunatelly. Because of the MYOTONIA. My muscles basically got bigger and started to hurt etc. If u wanna read about MYOTONIA CONGENITA, just Google it...

Well...so in May 2010 I stopped eating overts again just because I felt liike it's what they always say, overts are the bad things etc lol. 

I didn't have ANY overts from May to November , so seven or eight months.. I lost weight, which leaves me at quite a low weight now ( 38-40 kgs?? maybe..? am not sure), I reduced my calorie intake to 1500-1600 cals.. just because the myotonia didn't like my bigger muscles..it was unbearable..=/ Ditching the overts didn't change anything for the better, just my skin was getting more dry... hives were still there.

Now I do eat overts. I try not to obsess about them and just eat them whenever my body feels like it. It's not a lot, it's usually just avo, about 70-100g which is usually a half... sometimes I eat it every day, sometimes I have a week without , it's different.. but I think I do better with it than without..

Everyone's different,yeah..


ISleep... I have a sleep deficiency for sure. I used to suffer from insomnia for a couple of years but since 811 I sleep much better but still not great...bout 7-8 hours...


Sunshine... it's snowing out there, minus 16 degrees...cloudy... =//


AAll in all...I just wanted to say, I've been here a year ago and two years ago and always asking kind oof the same questions...but it was never like people said..never. nothing ever worked for me like you here said. And I was really so enthusiastic about 811... and I can't imagine a different diet...!!! I LOVE It!!!!!

Yeah...I think it's not just the diet that matters...I'm just so tired...and fed up with waiting for a result ... =(

sorry I just wanna cry...


do you have potassium aggravated myotonis???? if you do it says that is aggravated by high potassium food like bananas, maybe sodium rich foods would help you like more celery or tomatoes for a while eat more greens less fruit for a period of time and see if that helps, drink more water more greens get more sleep sunshine even if you have to go in your car put the heat on and stick your head in the sun, just keep trying and most of all keep a positive mental outlook emotions play a big part in everything , much love light and peace to ya
thank u diane... I WILL STAY POSITIVE!!!!!
When you drink water, what water do you drink? i advice to drink Ionized Alkaline water so that you really hydrate the body. If you dont have access to that i would really just drink alot less and eat more watery fruits. The water in fruit is perfectly structured so that you get the minerals and it hydrates you. The water esp from the tap is poison so yeah go for melons and all that and drop all the water. I know alot of people that dont drink water, they just eat the fruits.



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