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Hey gals!  Wondering if you'd chime in with your hair care routines!! I've come to a point in my beauty regime where the last/only thing I really still "style" is my hair.  No face creams or much makeup or anything.  But I figure... hair is already dead... and I know I feel much better on a good hair day!  So the use of mascara, shaving body hair, plucking my eyebrows, and some styling product in my hair are all in the hair-OK category.  I usually only wash my hair once every 5-14 days and I do still use (organic, residue free) shampoo and conditioner.  My hair is extremely long and quite wavy, so all you adorable blonde pixies out there, I probably can't get away with your routine. 

Would love to know what the 30BaD ladies do with theirs.  Locks of love!  xoxo JGL

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Thanks ILG. Haha. My eyes have always been a part of my body that I like best. Yes, my eye colour is now golden-green. The colour change with this lifestyle has been amazing! I used to have very dark brown eyes. 


I don't have access to old photo albums (They're in Ontario), but I'll definitely share pictures of when my eyes were dark when I get the photos. 

Tarah, your hair is gorgeous! How long did it take for your hair to stop looking and feeling greasy after you quit using shampoo?
Thank you HH! It actually didn't go through a greasy period at all! I credit the length of my lfrv lifestyle. I had already been following it 100% for 11 months before dropping the hair products and had been trying to wean myself off of shampoo.
No-poo simply refers to the concept of ceasing the use of shampoo and other hair products. If you'd like to get out any tangles a small amount of coconut oil can help.

for all the no-poo'ers, what do you do with all the waxy gunk that gets stuck under your nails when you scratch your head? does that stuff ever go away?


i use an asian all natural all herbal shampoo with very lil. foam... i have naturally curly hair and if i don't use a conditioner, my hair gets very frizzy and unruly.  tarah, your hair is very nice, without any frizz.

My hair is almost waist long. I use 2 egg yolks + a few drops of an essential oil as a hair wash. Occasionally, as they tend to be pricy, I use some ayurvedic hairwash powders, like Shikakai, Aritha (soap nut), Cassia.  to keep the hair shiny and protect from breakage I use deep coconut oil treatments overnight once a week. Also once a week I use castor oil + burdock oil + rosemary essential oil as an overnight treatment for my sculp, all those 2 oils are very hair strengthening and accelerate growth.  After each wash , to add shine, and to prevent split ends, I use a tiny bit of coconut oil all over the hair, and especially at the ends. 

p.s.I tried baking soda, but it totally dried my hair, and made it streaky

I recently started using only water to wash my hair. I am about 5 weeks into this experiment and am not planning on stopping any time soon. It does take awhile for the hair to transition to this method (up to 2 months) but I think the results are worth it.

The first week or so, my hair was very waxy and I washed it every day and it definitely needed it. After about a week I was able to start stretching it out to longer lengths of time and now I only wash every third or fourth day. I am growing my hair out longer, so I tend to keep it pulled out of my face into a bun or braid, which helped when it wasn't looking so hot. Overall I really like the way it's looking and performing lately, I had one of my best hair days in a very long time yesterday!

My routine: Before washing, I carefully brush out my hair well to distribute the sebum on my scalp to the rest of my hair and to detangle. Then, in the shower, I use warm water to get it wet, then turn the temperature as cool as I can comfortably stand and then rinse my scalp very thoroughly, making sure to clean every bit of it. This takes a few minutes. While I'm under the shower, I comb out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Then I towel dry and let it air-dry the rest of the way.

I have fairly curly hair, so I play with it while it's drying to get optimal curl formation, but the first few weeks I pretty much had to let it dry and comb it out, so it was more wavy than straight. I am still getting used to the texture while it's drying (it's a bit waxy and feels crunchy while damp, but it's marvelously soft after completely drying). I used to have a huge problem with frizz, but I've seen a lot of improvement as I can smooth down the frizz and it stays down. I don't feel the need to use gel to style at all.

If you do try this routine, I recommend that you first stretch out the amount of days between your current method of washing, perhaps alternating with water-only days. Also, use cool water to wash, (I'd tried this sort of routine in the past, and I think using hot water was a crucial mistake) and realize that it will likely take several weeks to see the full benefits. It's likely that you'll have some bad hair days in the first few weeks. They are temporary. Once it's transitioned, your hair will feel different, the sebum coating makes it feel stronger and thicker. There is a texture difference, which is not the same as oily, but it might take awhile to mentally adjust.

You can help accelerate the transition process by "preening", which means taking a small section of hair and starting at the scalp, smooth the sebum ("oil")  down the length of the hair to coat it. Repeat as much as you like. Once the entire hair is coated with sebum, you will start seeing an increase in shine and softness. 

I first read about this method on a hair care forum for long haired people, there are a lot of people there who have success on this method while still on a standard diet, but I think it's even easier for 811ers.

A different perspective on vinegar and baking soda as natural hair care: http://youtu.be/Sohj1nnCOGs. interesting. not sure what to make of it. there are 4 parts.

i was reading this thread and thinking this the whole time- soda is alkaline and our scalp and hair are acidic and need an acidic "shampoo"

diluted vinegar and lemon must be good since i have read they are the right acidity. but she disagrees... confusing





Yes I agree... I've decided to try nothing for a while... and then try perhaps shampooing with a fruit as crazy as that may sound! =). But if I don't want to put vinegar in my body why in my hair? It seems foul and I can't help but feel I don't want it anywhere near me. 

I figure I could save the leftovers of fruit from dinner -like the inside of a papaya and scrub it through my hair before a shower. We'll see - but seems safe. Good luck

just wash with water every few days.  havent had to use any shampoo/conditioner etc for over 6 months :D



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