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Hey gals!  Wondering if you'd chime in with your hair care routines!! I've come to a point in my beauty regime where the last/only thing I really still "style" is my hair.  No face creams or much makeup or anything.  But I figure... hair is already dead... and I know I feel much better on a good hair day!  So the use of mascara, shaving body hair, plucking my eyebrows, and some styling product in my hair are all in the hair-OK category.  I usually only wash my hair once every 5-14 days and I do still use (organic, residue free) shampoo and conditioner.  My hair is extremely long and quite wavy, so all you adorable blonde pixies out there, I probably can't get away with your routine. 

Would love to know what the 30BaD ladies do with theirs.  Locks of love!  xoxo JGL

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Oh that is so awesome, I am interested in that!! What kind of clay and where do you find it and how do you prepare it?? I also meant to mention that I do NOT comb or brush my hair, and the results are gorgeous. I think that's a wavy girl thang! But I was wondering about scalp invigoration and stimulation, like scalp brushes, scalp massages and rolling. Best, JGL
Yeppers, that is what I mean. Though, I don't even do that every single time. Or sometimes I just pull apart any knots with my fingers beforehand. When my hair starts to dread (I get long twists), I kind of like it, and I just jump in there, lather up the scalp, and continue to not brush or comb. I am going out on a limb to guess that my hair is way wavier than yours though. My hair is wavy gravy from top to bottom and I get dreads quite effortlessly. If I comb it, it can frizzzzzz.
Seriously excited for this clay washing business. SERIOUSLY. I hope my hippie co-op has some in stock. Ima be killing with the gorgeousness of the hairs. Will report back. You are highly awesome.

Ahsley, I tried the water + clay shampoo but my hair is now super thick and it feels awful..

Can you give us exact quantities please or maybe I just didn't rinse it well ?


Thank you

I also tried cleaning my hair with (calcium bentonite) clay yesterday, and now it feels dry and chalky (yes, I rinsed it well!) and looks dull with no shine at all. Like BB said, it's super thick and has little movement. It would be great to hear from you Ashley or anyone else who has experience using clay. Thanks :)
Oh gosh Sarah that is so awesome too! Super cheap! And you can carry it anywhere without it spilling. Yeah I totally wear mascara and I'm not ashamed or afraid to POST IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET! Hair is already dead... and it just makes me feel like a million bucks. My dear sweet mom is always offering to take me to her hairdresser. "Jenny, I never get you buy you anything, let me take you for a hair cut..." Haha, but I don't let her and I just cut split ends when I see one. Alright I'm going to think of you in the shower when I try this... oh, wait... no that ain't right. xoxo JGL
Oh and yes -- I blow dry occasionally too. If you see me looking the fierce in some of my photos with straighter hairs -- it's been blown. But to do that I just hold the bottom ends of my hair and dry it on super low -- still no combing or products -- and the body still stays a bit wavy.
Alright womens -- thanks so much for these two ideas so far. Though, it will take up to 24 days for me to report back given the ridiculous time gaps between washes.

Anyone here shampoo with Dr. Bronners?
Swayze, you're using Dr. Bronners liquid soap? Not bar soap, right? I have the liquid in a pump bottle, diluted....
(Not Swayze, but...) I most def. use Dr. B's liquid (mild unscented), in a pump bottle, diluted. I use it for shampoo, skin, brushing my teeth and laundry. Anyone else use it to brush their teeth? I don't really know where I got the idea, except that the ingredients are virtually the same as "Tooth Soap" (which I love), so I just started doing it.

But ya, I started the hair "thread" because this just isn't making the grade for my super long super wavy hair. Really excited about clay, lemon and baking soda ideas.

Anyone use coconut oil as conditioner?
Ok, so you don't recommend Bronners...what was it doing to your hair? Mine is about shoulder length and straight...
For me it makes to too dry and unmanageable. My hair is so very very wavy and thick and almost to my bum! It's a pain to wash mainly because it's hard to clean the scalp well and get all of any product I use out. In the past year I have learn to stop fighting the waves, I just want it to be better conditioned and silkier and easier to manage. I would hope something like the clay mask would even condition/weigh it down a bit to sedate the waves up top.



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