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Is there a legitimate reason to carry a gun?

Is it a good idea to posess a gun?

Do guns belong in this world?

My opinion is the obvious one. NO

What do you think?

More importantly, what do you feel?

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I dont appreciate you telling me I live in a fairy land when I clearly do not, or your false accusation of having insufficient glycogen stores.

I'm sorry you were offended by my tone, I just figured I could be straight up with anyone on this site. I shouldn't have treated you like I already knew you.
Looks like she needed a breather. I hope everyone who cares to discuss this can use this thread to do so. It's a really complex issue and I just happen to stand on one end of the spectrum. I think guns are fucked and I would rather die than use one. Just like I would rather die than eat an animal. That's just me, not trying to tell anyone what is right or wrong, just sharing my opinionated views

I'm personally just kind of tired of the "well some people have guns so now we need more guns to defend ourselves" argument. It gets us as a human species nowhere to use violence as an excuse to commit more violence. Looking at this on a global scale that is the excuse the US government constantly uses for having the world's largest military and occupying foreign countries. On a more personal level, I just don't see how owning a gun ever makes someone safer. It isn't just about having a gun on you 99% of the time for it to actually be useful in a unexpected attack, but if you have a gun in your home you have to trust yourself as well as the people you let into your house 100%. It's one thing to be attacked by a domestic partner/rapist/criminal physically it is completely another if they can get access to your gun. Or what's to say during a heated argument, you may not pull out a gun and end up killing someone you never intended to in the "heat of the moment". The worse kind of violence is gun on gun violence. Again, I think a gun is only effective in an attack if you're assuming the other person for example during a robbery doesn't have a gun. In the case of both having guns is a matter of hoping your the one who shoots first and you're very good at shooting. 

I read this today.

"Does having a gun improve my chances of defending myself in a violent situation?  Honestly not sure, but I'm pretty clear what not having one does for my chances."  - Bruce St. James

Then there is this:http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/12/armed-civilians-do-not-... Also in light of George Zimmerman waving a gun around in an altercation with his wife, someone on twitter claimed there is a 300% increase in a chance of a woman being murdered during a domestic dispute if there is a gun present. Again, this is why I keep thinking back to my personal experiences because I can only logically think in a situation where for instance I was being choked and managed to fight back, what would have happened if there was a gun in the equation? Would I even have been given that opportunity? Pro-gun people think "oh well if you had a gun" yeah if I had a gun I would have probably been shot with it. 

I don't really want to argue about this.  I think that "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still".  I probably won't change your mind and you probably won't change mine.  :)

Off the topic,  but George Zimmerman's wife recanted and said there was no gun involved in the altercation.  

I don't believe my husband will ever pull a gun on me, if that's what you're worried about.  We are both peace lovers and can't even bring ourselves to squash a bug.

I am sorry that you have been attacked in the past by those you loved/ trusted.

A) If you're going to remain unconvinced why bother commenting in a FORUM. Ironically no one has offered up a bit of evidence, neither personal experience nor an article like the one above to convince me that gun ownership is a good idea.
B) Frankly I didn't even know you had a husband. I could say your trust is unrealistic and I could criticize you calling yourself a peace loving person while owning a gun. That isn't the point here. My personal experiences are not the point. I'm using them as an example as to why I feel this way, but the larger point is whether or not you or I become victims of gun violence in the future; someone will. Most likely that person will be innocent, as opposed to a criminal someone was trying to protect themselves against. I'm asking you to think outside yourself and what would be in the best interest of other ppl and other communities.

If you don't want to do that, obviously I can't force you think a certain way.

'Ironically no one has offered up a bit of evidence, neither personal experience nor an article like the one above to convince me that gun ownership is a good idea.'

I did.. get the book:

More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws

Decades of historical data/statistics show that more guns = less crime.



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