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Is there a legitimate reason to carry a gun?

Is it a good idea to posess a gun?

Do guns belong in this world?

My opinion is the obvious one. NO

What do you think?

More importantly, what do you feel?

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I have a gun in my house.  I don't carry it around with me (though perhaps I should).  I'll be honest, it freaks me out and I have some cognitive dissonance about owning a gun.  As a plant eater (aka vegan), I obviously want peace.  Not just among human beings, but between humans and animals.  But what if someone broke into my house and wanted to rape and kill me?  Would I use a gun to defend myself?  Absolutely!  I have a right to life and I have a right to use a gun to defend my life.  I'm speaking as a US citizen here.  We have the right to bear arms per the 2nd amendment to our constitution.  

So, for personal protection, I think guns are warranted.  Let's face it.  Not everybody out there is a good person.  Lots of bad people out there who want to do harm to others.  It's unfortunate, but it's the world we live in.    

Also, I believe the citizens of the US need to possess guns to protect themselves from the government.  Men, governments, etc. go astray when they have too much power.  There needs to be a check on the government.  That is what the 2nd amendment means by "militia".  

All that being said, I really hope I never have to use my gun.  I am a peace loving person.  

I would love to hear anyone's ideas about alternatives to my gun.  Should I just use pepper spray instead?  What if it doesn't stop the bad person? 

Just have to say, if you pull a gun on someone, especially if they are intending/attempting to rape or kill you, be prepared to use it before its taken from/used against you.

That said- I can't see myself actually able to shoot someone, so.. I will never have one or have one kept in my home.

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This proved a hot-button topic before:


Well that's a great discussion but the question of statism complicates it. I want to reveal an ideal that all of us share in this discussion

I agree with you. 

I do not agree that the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution gives us the right to carry firearms. I also think that even if that were the case it should be repealed. 

People who think they need guns for protection live in a fantasy mindset. It is attackers who use against against their victims, not the other way around. A gun is useless if someone can physically overpower you, which happens pretty often. If you're concerned about your safety, buy a taser. Buy mace. You don't need a gun. 

You dont agree with an armed populous in defense of a tyrannical government? O_o 

Youre also probably are in favor of the patriot act. Cause giving up liberties for "security" is such a great idea.

Guns have created a false sense of security and ruling through violence and force is actually the definition of tyranny. The 2nd Amendment doesn't say we have the right to own guns. It says we have the right to bear arms as part of a well regulated militia. Unless you're part of a well regulated militia then, sorry, you don't have a Constitutional right to own a gun. Whereas the 4th Amendment clearly states that the government needs probable cause and a warrant to search for evidence related to a crime. The Patriot Act obviously violates the 4th Amendment the intent of which has been repeatedly upheld through the US Supreme Court. 

Expanding the freedoms of individuals does absolutely nothing if you give ultimate power to a police force and a military, as well as supply them with an unlimited budget. 

noun: militia; plural noun: militias
  1. 1.
    a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.
    • a military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activities, typically in opposition to a regular army.
    • all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service.
      Pretty sure the last one refers to any law abiding citizen.
      Also, what i said about the patriot act as sarcasm :p

Yes, any law abiding citizens that joins an actual militia. Like the National Guard. Not just anyone who wants to walk around with a gun for the hell of it. Also the concept of what defines someone as a "citizen" has changed since the Constitution was written. Keep in mind when the Constitution was written African Americans and women were not considered "citizens". So historically gun ownership has been used to oppress as oppose to liberate. 


How is a taser or mace better, if someone can overpower a gun off of you, why not them?  Just not sure I was understanding  your point.



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