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My DS is 16mo and I've been giving him banana and lettuce smoothie for months and he loves it, but he has no interest in plain lettuce.  I don't really expect him to have much interest in it before he gets his molars but I'm curious to find out what other parents' experiences have been with their babies.  At what age did your baby get interested in plain lettuce?  Have you any other interesting 'greens for babies' stories or tips?

Thank you!

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I'm really trying to remember but the closest I can come up with was after they got their molars well into their toddler years. I always worried about it too, wondering when in the world will they finally eat some of these lettuces and crunchy vegetables I love so much.... but they finally did on their own time in their own ways when they were ready.

I personally didn't do green smoothies for the kids until they were eating the actual greens (I probably would have if I couldn't have breastfed as long as I did). I didn't do them because to me that was introducing something their body wasn't ready for and the sign that their body is ready is by the teeth that erupt. BUT I know more about green smoothies now that I did back then (my youngest is 7 now) and you might find me letting a little one have some of my green smoothie if they were interested. But back then I didn't.

Sorry that I really didn't help any!
yeah, i feel like probably he doesn't need them until he can/wants to eat them plain but you know those subconscious fears are there at the back of my mind. i find it easier to trust with my own diet because i can feel it's effect but with my LO i tend to worry and giving him the green smoothie makes me feel better.
I wouldn't worry about it... if you think about it a child can very healthily consume nothing but breastmilk for 3 years and get everything they need from that... breastmilk is close to 80/10/10 but actually has less protein and and fat... don't quote me on percentages but I think it is between 3-5 for the former, and 5-7 for the latter.

As for my personal experience, my daughter liked to chew on broccoli when she was about 1.5 she would chew on one piece for about an hour or more, I think it was more about the experience, than really eating it. When she was 2 we ate more salads, and she started eating the lettuce or spinach with us, we also ate mono greens and she liked that... she has always been more of a mono-eater, with everything she eats, so she calls lettuce salad and will eat plain lettuce, when we got our rat and bunny she really got into eating fresh celery and greens more because that is what they eat... I would say she eats more greens than we do because she really enjoys them quite plainly, she loves plain lettuce, celery and broccoli, she will be three next month.

Oh yeah, as for tips, the best technique I've ever seen is to get a toddler into picking fresh food, it really seems to piece the puzzle and get them into eating what they have picked, so if you have a garden or a place to forage, try that.



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