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Got half the metal (and mercury) out of my mouth! Yay!

Hi all,

I'm so excited!!! I got the first of two amalgam laden teeth removed last week using the safe removal protocol with a holistic dentist. I felt horrible the next two days but today I swear I feel better overall already. I have EMF sensitivity and metal attracts EMFs so getting the metal out my head was very important and of course the mercury is incredibly toxic and probably caused a lot of my health challenges to begin with. 

I'm so excited to get the other one out next month! These were not normal size filings. The teeth were badly cracked in a horse back riding accident as a child and for some reason they decided to use amalgam to piece them back together so they each contained quite a large amount of amalgam. Plus I had lots of extra vaccinations as a child due to frequent international travel for my dad's job and I have a genetic mutation that inhibits my ability to detoxify things in general so those teeth really needed to be addressed. I'm so happy it's half way done!

I"ve been reading about the dangers of mercury the last few days again and it is so scary. I would highly recommend that anyone with amalgam fillings get them replaced with porcelain ones.

Now I just have to decide whether I want to do any sort of detoxification protocol or trust my body to handle it. On to more researching!



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Hi, is it safe to remove amalgam fillings and not worry about the mercury vapours released in the process?

No, definitely not. You want to use a doctor that does the full safe removal protocol.

Ok. Thanks :)

Helo~I am joining you, made an appointment for tomorrow~! Will also be doing half. 

That is awesome Julie!! Have you thought about whether or not you will do any chelation or other detoxing afterwards?

Hi Peter,

I wasn't thinking of herbs. I was thinking of Andy Cutler's DMSA chelation protocol or something like this: http://www.helpyourautisticchild.com/pca-rx%20faq



Actually the more I read I'm leaning towards using FIR saunas as a primary method. It seems more gentle and natural but highly effective.

very good link, thanks! :)

awesome link. I am going to use their ingredients and make my own products like they sell. Great stuff 

Congrats Audrey! :)  I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady who gave a powerful testimony about removing all of her metal in her mouth, $30,000 worth, and she met in the waiting room people who instantly healed serious debilitating conditions, one lady went from a wheel chair to walking.  The lady I met said she had drainage of green stuff coming out of her breasts through some sort of drainage needle for several days with pain after her metal was removed.  She also had miraculous healing as a result of removing the metal, she said it saved her life.  


I have been on the wholistic dentist merry-go-round for a few years now and have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn!


First of all, removing a toxic heavy metal from our teeth is dangerous and the vapors as well as tiny pieces of metal left in your mouth can harm your health!  So choosing a dentist that has actually taken the Hal Huggins training is essential!  I have been to and spent lots of money on "wholistic dentists" that say they follow the Hal Huggins protocol but don't!  So beware!

Second the new tooth colored materials used to replace  amalgams often have toxic heavy metals in them including porcelain!  Plus the glue/cement used can have really bad stuff in it.  Plus they often use toxic stuff for disinfectant on the tooth, plus the Novocain, plus the stuff they use to make the mold of your teeth can be very toxic, etc. etc.


I have no answers except do lots of reading, lots of research before making any decisions about your teeth!  Talk to dentists, interview them before getting any work done. 


some resources:




please use 30BaD search function with Chelation  for more info.

What about metal retainers? I'm supposed to where them to keep my teeth from shifting back. Also I chipped a front tooth and they put a temporary bonding on till I get my porcelain tooth. What do you think this bonding Is composed of? It was not a holistic dentist. Thanks!



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