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So I work(ed) at a Pub and Grill called the Local Tavern, its on the Capitol square in Madison WI. And there is nothing there I can eat, well, they do have some local salad greens, but other than that its all burgers, and deep fried cheese curds (you gotta understand, this is Wisconsin) and well, you get the picture... I mostly tend bar there, do a bit of serving as well. I don't drink, either, so...
Anyway I got FIRED today after I worked a full day, and a couple hours after my shift I get a call from the manager who says that the owner had a complaint about me from my Sunday Packer game bar tending shift. I know, I am so in the heart of beer and brat land where the Packers are a big part of our culture. I could care less about the packers....
So the Sunday shift was supposed to be just me alone, but the manager decided to put another bar tender on staff, so we were totally slow, and it was mainly people who work at another bar on the Capitol square who come in for the Packer's. Well, this other bartender also works at the other bar, too, so he was all schmoozing his coworkers, and there really wasn't much for me to do, so I took my lunch break, which consisted of about 5 or 6 bananas.
So someone complained to the owner that I wasn't really a good bartender because I was just standing around eating bananas while the other bartender did all the work. WTF? That person happened to come in while I was eating my lunch, had they come in while the other bartender was taking numerous smoke breaks, and I was pouring beers, or while he ate his greasy burger at the bar, would they complain about that? I think it really had to do with the fact that I peeled banana after banana until they were gone that made me seem like I was slacking off or something. I worked from 10am till 6pm, and I took ONE banana break that whole shift, and it wasn't really a break, because I was still present, and watching the bar while I had my lunch, like all the other bartenders do.

I can't be too pissed, because I was getting pretty grossed out serving that nasty food, and feeling a bit conflicted about it, but a job is a job. So now its time to take this as a sign, and start to focus on my textile work, and getting my business started.

Everything happens for a reason, and in an order for a reason. It may not make sense now, but it will in time. This is why I am so easy going, because I know that as long as I am putting good vibes out into the universe, the universe will take care of me. This is why I don't dwell on things that don't go as I hoped, because just because things didn't work out the way I wanted, doesn't mean they didn't work out the way they were supposed to.

I still can't believe it, though, I got fired for eating bananas!

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They did u a favour girl! Definitely not the place for a fruity goddess
Hey Cara. Excellent Story! Well done. No doubt the Universe has something good for your future.
Deep fried cheese curds! HaHaHa!
Wow, unbelievable! But I agree with the others who posted before me - the universe has something much better in store for you, and it seems that now you're getting ready to receive it. Keep on being your amazing beautiful self and you'll find it.
Go Cara! Keep eating your bananas (just picked up some nice ripe ones today!), Whats your new business that you're starting? Bit annoying with that hey! I once did some work experience on a feature film (and one day paid work) and was able to eat all raw during the one week shoot (that I was there for it). Was great. Everyone asked me questions of course at the table, but it was great, everyone was really interested in it. That was when I was doing 100% raw, now am in the 90's mark. I'd just pile my plate full of raw salad! And then go back and eat more raw salad! haha it was fun! Good luck with your textiling!! Would love to know more about it.

They don't know with whom they've messed!
I hereby call for a 30bad boycott of Local Tavern. (that ought to put a crimp in their biz ;-)

Seriously, Best of success in your new venture, Cara! Are you creating clothing line or is it related to bulk fabrics?


Not really... just been waiting for an opportunity to post that...
So that's what happened to my melon. I thought cats hated water?!
Yeah, most do... that's one of several reasons I found this image so charming and decided to hold onto it for future use. ;)
I know you personally and have in the past been to the local where you were fired! I will not go in their again or tell anyone that it would a place of intrest ; anyhow that said I know that eating bananas at work you were running circles around the other employees; pure energy that keeps one on top of her game that is almost instant. If you were eating cheese curds and burgers you would have been lathargic and would have digested after your shift; right? Your on the right path and your a real artist with a beautiful eye for detail so invest in yourself and keep your creative spirit alive. peace
Jeeze, I'm in Wisconsin too, about an hour south of Madison. I actually just had an interview at a restaurant that serves pizza and beers. I really do NOT want to be around that mess, and plus, I doubt anyone who works there or comes in, would have any respect for what I'm doing... but I have to find work, so I can't be picky. There's only so many business to work at here. very small town.

Awesome that you see it as opportunity though!
Congrats Cara! I've been thru many jobs/careers and the Universe has always been there. Sometimes when we don't make the decision, the Universe has no problem coming through and doing it for us, especially when it is time! Good luck and let us know about your new business!



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