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hey guys, so i'm going to be going with cooked long grain brown rice and perhaps some potatoes for a short time until i've got my fruit game on lock

i have 2 cups rice cooking at the moment, and i'm going up to steam up a bag of frozen corn to add in as well. i was wondering if anybody has any good ideas besides soy sauce (yuck!) to add to this meal to make it easier for me to eat. it might not be too bad plain, i'm not quite sure. i had rosemary, thyme, some of that lemon juice in a bottle (will get real lemons soon!) and some dill and perhaps other herbs. any suggestions?!?! i'm sure i'll figure something out, i was just whether anybody else had any exceptional ideas

thanks and have a great night everyone ^_^

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Ugh.. silly internet cut out while saving my reply, so half of it was cut off..Twice! Anyway, here it is (again):

Good point lol but not quite what he was asking. I'm sure he knows that the ideal is fruit, we all know that cooked starches are the next best thing though (minus any processed flavourings of course). If he can manage on fruit and cooked starches without being tempted by other things, he's doing very well. He can always up his fruit intake over time :D which is what I love about this lifestyle; it's a journey!

Smiles for miles x

I totally agree.

Word, as long as you keep the processed toppings off, cooked starches are the second best staple. You might experiment with herbs, but you could also just try to chew the starches enough until they break down into sugars by your saliva, becoming sweeter. This can help you learn to savor your food and simultaneously digest the starches better, which will make eating fruit even more effortless :)

Blend up some tomato, celery, mango, a date or some sultanas and a bit of red capsicum and basil, chop in some cucumber and baby spinach, and pour over the rice and corn. And personally, I find basmati (a white) rice easiest to digest.

What I have been doing a lot lately, since I am not 100% fruit yet either, is taking some Muir Glen No Salt Added Tomato Sauce and drizzling that on my rice. It is a great way to zest up the dish. In addition to that, then just adding either some greens or more fresh tomatoes or other raw veggies. Another thing I've added to it is just a little bit of hummus. Slightly overt fat from tahini I know, but it is delicious.

How about chopping up some raw veggies and mixing them in?

great advice everybody... i've come to the conclusion however that i just do not like rice very much... i will definitely take everyone's advice in this thread, thank you for it.

but now i'm just even more motivated to get more FRUIT! that's what my body really wants.

what do you guys think about gluten free oats vs. rice? because the other thing i've been doing when i'm out of fruit is blending up a smoothie with frozen berries, gluten free oats, a little bit of almond milk and the rest water. any input on this smoothie will be VERY appreciated.. i figure since it's gluten free it's really not THAT bad, still not the ideal though. what do ya'll think?

and thanks again for the advice everybody!

Those recommending mo fruit are right on.

We only advise starchy carbs when ample and edible fruit just can't be found.  In such cases, carbs even in cooked form stay the priority.  BUT, they're still 2nd class citizens compared to las fruitas. 

As per guidelines, our forum isn't designed to recommend how to make cooked food tasty.   

But like Macy's in "Miracle on 34th Street" we're able to direct you to those who can :)



May I ask what's keeping you from shopping for more fruits you can eat here and now?

Why don't you, in the future, buy some extra bananas to freeze?  That way you have a backup source of calories to blend with the frozen berries.


Do nothing at all! 

In case of fruit famine for whatever reason, no ripe fruit, and or financial, I cautiously advise people to just steam the rice with no oils or seasonings.

Instead of adding veggies that might cause belly aches and digestive upsets, I tell people start dinner with a large salad.  Salad greens and spinach greens are usually always available even in winter, and tomatoes are a good topper. 

After eating a huge salad, then eat the rice.

Although many of us digest rice better than other things, it is still not an optimum food for humans and lacks a lot of our much needed vitamins and minerals, is a little high on the protein side and could be conducive to cancer, and may cause digestive difficulties in some people.

Peace, PK

This is a good idea if someone can digest them.  Some of our members get a sour stomach from tuber veggies. 

The best thing is live and learn and then get fruit:)

Peace, PK



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