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I am currently studying anthropology, and studying eating habits around the world. I started reading this book, which has turned out to be an abonination based on some sort of "protein theory" where it is impossible to ever be satiated without meat in the diet. This being said, there is a part where the author is very harsh on vegetarianism and veganism, explicitly... And denies any culture having a predominantly plant based diet, unless in case of starvation. What a load.. Has anybody else red this book?

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Get out while you can?

A lot of the education system is a joke...this is coming from someone with a 4 year degree, honor roll from kindergarten all the way through...

I think so, also.. But I have found anthropology to be the most critical and interesting, usually.

If you opt to write a research paper about how food companies effect the material found in nutrition textbooks and published research papers or how mass advertisements effect the general populations understanding of "proper diet"...please let me know. To me, this is one of the more interesting parts of the story. 

Science is fallible. Scientism is the belief that the scientific method answers all questions about our reality. What people sometimes don't realize is that there are many things that science can't describe, let alone explain. For example...as Bertrand Russell once stated: "science has no way to prove that the universe wasn't created 5 minutes ago with the appearance of age". Science also cannot make aesthetic judgements to compare beauty, neither can science speak to important moral or sociological questions. In some cases it can describe the "how", in many cases science completely fails to supply a "why". 

More strikingly...science has no way to prove itself. The scientific method can't prove itself...it is a circular argument. And even well known theories, such as Einstein's theory of relativity, rely on the constants which can't be proven and aren't even observable, such as "the speed of light is a constant".

I'm highlighting some of the flaws in science, because science is mistakenly understood by some people as all encompassing, infallible, and in a way...almost like a religion (some people generally believe that science has answers for everything).

Similar issues arise in the humanities unfortunately..some would argue to an even greater degree. Will Smith's character in "Good Will Hunting" had a funny line about that... "You spent $150,000 on an education you could have gotten for $2.50 in late fees at the library. 

The part of your education that matters is the part of your education that will be useful, applicable, and MEANINGFUL to YOU. So if you enjoy learning for learning's sake...and are comfortable with some odd ball theories from time to time, and don't mind dealing with professors sometimes who have absolutely nothing to teach you...you'll be good.

There are lots of egg heads in academia who have read a lot and can recite a lot about certain topics, but aren't any smarter than you or me, and fail at critical thinking. 

If you are in school for the money...look at what internships, job opportunities you can get through school, as well as SPECIFIC SKILL that will help you earn money and support your family in the future. 


Anthropology was my major in college.  Although I'm not an anthropologist (went on to become a nurse), I still love the study of it.  Don't know what book in particular you are talking about, but throughout my college education, I came across different theories-and that's all they are is theories.  My wonderful and liberal thinking anthropology professors taught us to be aware of all the theories out there and then investigate on our own; maybe coming up with new theories.  Critical thinking--that's really all you will take away from your education--but very helpful in digging through all our culture's bias theories.  I can only say that as humans, having evolved in equatorial jungle regions of the earth, moved out into other regions ( a recent phenomenon in evolutionary history), they had to survive on whatever was available as far as food is concerned.  Our bodies, nevertheless, have yet to catch up with this way of eating-we've only lived in subsistence farming communities for about 5,000 years.  Authors have their own opinions and stance on evidence..your job as an anthropologist is to wade through all the prejudism, bias and bad science in order to get to a possible causation.  Also, I might add, just because something is proven to be so (as in the case of meat eating in cultures) doesn't mean it's the healthiest diet for current humans or our past evolutionary ancestors.  Question everything...even this lifestyle and do your own research!  Have fun and be fearless in your attainment of knowledge and truth-- often wished I had gotten my PHD in Anthropological Studies---fascinating field!  Good luck Apple!

I agree with your comment of "all you are really l earning is critical thinking"...

Critical thinking is what moves us forward, in my opinion. However, social norms require us to ignore our will to question things. Ever notice how young kids have so many questions? But a couple years in the schooling system is enough to kill that quite fast enough..


Even outside of the school system...people start being influence by whatever they surround themselves with in my opinion...human nature



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