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I have horses in Alabama and I am very reluctant to share my diet with the people at my farm. My farrier (trims/shoes horse hooves) and I, somehow, got on the discussion of diet and performance. He is what you call husky, not obese but has a lot of muscle and a good layer of fat, he's not puffy yet as I believe he's in his early 30's but you can tell he's not going to get lean in the long run. His diet is bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes in the morning for the most part. He is close to some local pesticide free farms witch is awesome! Great fresh sweet corn, peaches, and blueberries right now! He's a very logical and intelligent guy, I don't crown many small town Alabama boy's with those two labels often at all. He asked me yesterday if I could help him with his diet to enhance performance...doesn't care so much about losing weight as he does being more efficient with his job. I do a lot of research, it's one of my favorite things about this program (It's all logical). I understand the amount of meat consumption is VERY low in a Chinese or Kenyan diet (Kenyan's also consume whole milk). I want to get him to follow the ratio as closely as possible BUT diminish his animal product consumption by a lot. I'm hoping someone out there can pass on a few tips! I understand that cutting meat out completely is going to be really challenging at first but I really think he might begin to understand why it works if he tries it and is informed. I'm going to gather as much info as I can get for him. Meal ideas would be good if you could throw some examples at me (more southern home cooking style if possible). I have a very good idea of what I'm going to write out for him, but I would love it if anyone could give me some more facts. Thanks a bunch!

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giving up meat may not be as hard for him as you think. I was a meat junkie every meal pretty much had meat or eggs topped with cheese and wtvr other animal product. I loved my meat in almost any form. And I wont lie I still want a steak or something now and then. But for me the first few weeks I cheated like once a week had a piece of salmon or something. but i was feeling so good eating this way i really was just satisfying the urge more then anything. I quickly decided enough is enough and that I didnt need it. Now I contimplate it but i feel so good eating like this i tend to wonder why? whats the point? I look at meat how I look at any other thing I shouldnt have (beer, cigarettes, cake etc..) and think what benefit is there?

I'm hoping I can ease him into it too ;)

To get him vegucated...

This talk is one of the very best from the cattle rancher who won't eat meat, he covers dairy too:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68WSPU7w7EE&feature=player_embed...


Other helpful links:

Topic 'Overcoming cheese addiction...help!'



Fish For Health


To get him into raw I'd give give him Grain Damage, the best intro to raw I know of.  The other book in that link is also great!!!  Both compliment the 811 diet book very well.  Plus I'd give him a huge case of fruit or at least share a huge fruit meal with him one morning, it really is a powerful thing to share a good sized fruit meal with someone else.

Thanks for helping to spread the vegan and raw message Lydia! :)

Thanks! This is so helpful :) He lives in Alabama so he's got constant access to truckloads of peaches right now amongst other seasonal fruit. I definitely encouraged him to eat more of those!

sometimes its about gorging on stuff like that so i wont eat stuff i shouldnt. It solves a few problems sure i stay away from the bad stuff and loose my desire for it but i also feel better too in the end. and I think in the end i simply feel better eating 5 or 6 peaches instead of a ham sandwich i got way more vigor and energy that way.

@ Jer...

Dr. Doug say he sees the most success with folks who jump in 100% from the get go and this is what 30BaD recommends as well as the easiest way to go.  And from what I have witnessed the type that have the easiest time going straight in are people who are very physically active like this guy who care deeply about physical performance.  Cooked can always be introduced as the fall back plan that it is.  But fruits and veggies are what taste best, digest best and provide the type of energy to motivate.  The main forum is for raw food support so please no pro-cooked talk here as per 30BaD guidelines.


link him to Making Friends With your food

I ended up writing him a ten page paper on facts about performance and nutrition. He'll be back to take my horses shoes off in a few weeks. Very excited to hear what he thinks.

hey Lydia, hows things been going? 

Glad to hear you're trying to help spread the message of health.  Story from yesterday:

I bought 90 bananas, watermelon, and some pasteurized juice as a backup and the lady asked me what all the bananas are for and i explained our genes are like the chimps and bonobos and so i try to eat like them.  I should have told her about 80/10/10 but I think shes going to eat a lot of bananas.  She already makes smoothies for breakfast.  She asked me where I get my protein from and I told her that you get enough if youre eating enough calories from fruits and vegs.  She also gave me the conventional price for my organic bananas so I got 90 organic ones for $17.10.   Good times. :)

AW! that's awesome! I'm totally jealous! Yeah, cashiers are either really interested or look at you like you're crazy haha

Hey guys! Thank you for all the responses and info! Looking forward to sharing it with my farrier! :) And I changed the discussion topic from raw vegan to raw inspiration and high vibrations :p I don't know if that will help with the cooked carb police. I support fully raw as much as I can for health and now moral reasons. I can't expect Brandon to be perfect. I'm not saying it's impossible I'm just saying I want him to incorporate raw as much as he can. Anyway I appreciate any science, facts or tips no matter what ;)



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