30 Bananas a Day!

This is just my 3rd day raw, but I already feel much better.

I love the results I'm seeing and feeling.

I was adding probably too much salt to my cooked foods, not large amounts (yuck)

But enough to retain quite a bit of the 2 gallons of water I drink every day (is that weird?).

Don't ask why I drink that much water, it's just what my body wants.

I would wake up feeling and appearing puffy (Ewwww)

Anyways, I do believe investing in your HEALTH is much better than investing in anything else.

I personally don't mind spending more money just for one more meal of raw food every evening. It's worth it to me.

Anyone else transition from Rt4 to Fully Raw and have a great testimonial? I'd Love to hear it!

Off for my morning run;) 

Happy Saturday Folks


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So glad to hear this!! I'm switching from raw till 4 to fully raw this week and I am so excited :)

I'm glad you're feeling better. Anyway, you said it, you were eating too much salt, and that's not good.

Personally, I eat plain starches, and I'm never "puffy". I wake up with a flat stomach everyday.

Thank you, and I agree that there's nothing wrong with plain starches without salt.

I'm just too tempted to add salt to mine, so it's easier for me to stay fully raw for now.

I did fully raw and lost 8 pounds, then I went raw till 4 because it's winter where I live and I crave warm food, but I notice I gained all the weight back and it's discouraging, I may transition back to fully raw

yea I feel you. I've steadily gained weight on rt4 and I blame that on the salt I added, mostly water retention.

It wasn't all fat, more like puff and it felt like water filled and stored under my skin.

Since going raw, although I've only been for 4 days now I feel like I'm losing a lot of that water retention my body held onto.

Of course my body had to gain some weight because I was just skin bones and deteriorating muscle before.

You could be my raw patna if you want;) lol

It's hard when everyone else around you isn't eating like that!! It's always good to have a little motivation.

Hi Elsa,

I went 40 days raw this winter passed. 13kg to 15kgs of weight that hadn't shifted in a decade fell off the more I stuffed myself with raw fruits and greens. Going raw was easy except for cramming in the calories, however with advice from the 30 BAD crew I learnt to add things like dates to get me over the line.

After the 40 days slowly I fell to meals of cooked potatoes and white rice and even to resuming coffee and tea intake forfeiting meals of fruit and greens because I was already full. Of course within a month my health deteriorated and soon returned the weight, along with the teeth problems and miserably crippling backache returned.

Where am I now? I don't eat anything but raw - gone is the rice and any other cupboard stores of pasta sauces.

Here's a hint to staying raw - my blog of the time I commenced 40 days raw says to make up your salads and other foods at the beginning of the day. This may or may not work for you. It is no longer true for me because it seems I have come full circle and in my second bout of returning to fully raw it seems I don't want anything that has been prepared prior to when I decide that I am actually hungry. My mind and body wants to decide at the time it is beset by hunger pangs when it wills to fuel itself on - sweet or savoury.

For me continuing fully raw doesn't seem to be a choice but a necessity. Certainly it costs more during certain seasons but I am thinking this can perhaps be offset by being a little more creative in my shopping expeditions, ie: making the effort to get up on a Sunday morning and go to the markets or to backdoor a wholesaler.

Be aware though that you will indeed go through a type of detox or digestive adjustment period when you omit the cooked starches. However I believe I have avoided most of these painful and challenging deterrents to maintaining a fully natural diet by including at least one to two cobs of raw sweet corn in my large leafy green, avocado, red bell pepper, chilli and cucumber salad that I either eat at lunch or at 4pm when I am most hungry.

The other strange observance appears to be, for me to have a little left over banana and date smoothies as a nightcap. (clean your teeth well after it if to take to this sugar hint before bed) This seems to be the key to remaining full and getting a good night sleep.

The other key component to remaining content with an all raw diet is to be selective with my associations. I now see it as critical to avoid socialising with those who mock my diet choices or  who force cooked foods and especially tea and coffee on me if I visit them.

Yes at present this determination makes me lonely but not really, because I have slowly come to realise that I suddenly have nothing in common with those who are dull in sensitivities to the reasons why they themselves are suffering ill health as well as causing the vile suffering of not only innocent animals but the great degradation of the planet.

but not really, because I have slowly come to realise that I suddenly have nothing in common with those who are dull in sensitivities to the reasons why they themselves are suffering ill health as well as causing the vile suffering of not only innocent animals but the great degradation of the planet.

Lol, well said! ;)

i was rawtill4 and after going fully raw my digestion has slowly gotten a lot better! its not perfect but definately the best its been without having to take laxitives. also my acid reflux is 100% gone and i feel really great!!!

Congrats Elsa! I'm long term raw. I would say the key to staying on this path is to eat a balance of fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds/grains (usually soaked or sprouted) and occasionally seaweed. They all lack something the other has and nutritional lack can drive people to crave a cooked meal. For an athletic person such as yourself, another key is to get enough calories. Did you know that you can eat sweet potato raw? It has about the same amount of calories and carbs as a banana but a higher starch/sugar ratio. Soaked or sprouted grains like kamut can also be a big help with calories and carbs, Feel free to ask me anything. Good luck :)

Thank you! I'd love to know more about what you eat on a daily basis.

Hi Elsa,

I have fruits like bananas, apples or pears. Often I would have plantains which have twice the calories of bananas. For starches I eat at least one raw sweet potato a day and soaked /sprouted grains or legumes. I rotate between kamut, peas. lentils and sunflower seeds. It really depends on my day's activities. If I'm going to hot yoga then 1 or 2 cups of kamut the night before and banana and sweet potato in the morning before class. When I need more protein then lentils are great. When i want more fat then sunflower seeds or avocado. I can't go crazy with fat or I'll feel sluggish almost "drugged". For greens, my salads usually consist of some combination of kale,broccoli, cauliflower,green onions,celery, lettuce and tomatoes. Seaweed occasionally. I use to eat a big salad everyday and I think I still should but now it's about 3 times a week because I get lazy in the cold weather:) It really does require adapting your life as Durianrider suggested. I've adjusted to soaking /sprouting now but it took me a while. Raw starches and grains have kept me away from nuts which seem to wreak havoc on my system and most may not be raw anyways. I do think fats can be good for someone who is transitioning so they won't feel hungry all the time.

Frantz, are you serious - we can eat orange sweet potato raw with no harmful side affects?



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