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So next week I'm going camping for five days. Alright, I will admit that this is no crazy alone-in-the-wilderness type of camping. I'm staying with a friend and her family at a camp site by the beach, so, yes, I will be around civilization. We usually spend all day in the ocean (and I'm not kidding when I say this, literally hours in the water!) so I'm gonna be needing a lot of calories. I'm also going to be surrounded by a bunch of cooked food, b-fast lunch & dinner, so if you have any advice on how to stay 811 that would be great.

When I've gone before, I have brought dates but honestly I didn't eat many of them because dates are the LAST thing you want after you are super dehydrated from spending hours in the ocean. Should I just pack a bunch of fruit with me? Casually pack a few watermelons in my bag? hahaha

Thanks :)

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lol. I was gunna say to bring alot of dates but then I read the rest of the post....

I rather enjoy my dates after long hours of splashing... have you tried soaking them in the morning or even the night before so you can also enjoy the water? I don't know what type of weather you will be experiencing and also if you are able to replenish your ice for coolers...

I've been know to bring quite a few bananas (still green) and leave them in my trunk to further ripen. If you can replenish ice, maybe taking containers of already cut fruit like watermelon and papaya, and for your greens- just prepare individual salads and put them in zipper bags (not the most earth friendly but I have found plant-based plastic and always save them especially if only packing dry salad). One of the things I do when traveling is to blend bananas and dates and store in mason jars. These keep very well if kept cool for at least three days. 

Hope you have a great time!

Thanks! & Yeh I'll probably end up bringing dates and I'll try to get super hydrated before I eat them.. Do you not have an issue with oxidized blended bananas? 20 minutes after I make banana smoothies it usually gets a little oxidized and I'm not too fond of the taste (I usually pulse-blend too) - can't imagine what it must taste like after 3 days haha.

I wouldn't like old smoothies too much I suppose, but one thing you could do is to take soaked dates and berries and blend them into a sort of concentrate. That you could probably seal in a jar for a few days without it getting nasty, especially if you keep it on ice, etc.

Then peel and freeze some bananas in freezer bags. Again keep those on ice in a cooler, etc.

If you have a plugin down at the beach just toss some frozen bananas, a little concentrate and some ice and water into the blender and quick, easy, smoothie! No ice if you want it less cold, but a cold one, although probably not ideal, will sure be nice on a hot day and having one a day for a week is not likely to cause you problems. Plus you will have peeled the bananas already, so you wont have all those peels to deal with.

Of course I'd get some from a grocery store near there too if you can, it's always nice to have food you can sink your teeth into.

Yeah you're right, oxidized bananas are pretty gnarly... When I blend for travel, I use bananas that have been in the freezer for an hour or two and seal in mason jars. I use the word seal pretty loosely, cause I really only use the two-part lid that comes with them. They do a pretty good job of keeping pretty fresh. In my experience, there is less than a half an inch of oxidization at the top which is easily spooned out. The cinnamon is a good idea, as Benas mentioned. :)

I went camping earlier this year several hours away from my home. We did stay in a cabin with a 6 other people. I only knew one person before the trip that stayed in our cabin.

We brought 1 huge and one small cooler and an insulated reusable bag from the health food store. We also brought a fan with us.. you can find them that run on batteries.

We brought dates, carrots, grapes, spring mix, tomatoes, apples and bananas. I froze some marinara sauce so it would keep longer and I brought some zucchini and my spiralizer to make spaghetti. I took the marinara sauce out the next day and let it warm up in the cabin. Kale chips were the hit with everyone.

BTW bring extra as people new to raw foods desire to try it. If you are in a tent remember wild animals like to roam the camp site for free food. We had several visit us OUTSIDE the cabin. Raccoons love watermelon! Apple-zucchini bread or onion bread that doesn't need refrigeration would also be good. Just be sure to drink extra water.

We packed the coolers with lots of blue ice and on the third day we went into town and got some more ice from Publix and restocked on salad items and bananas and something else that looked good and was organic but I forget what it was. We also bought a mosquito repellent clip on device that we don't spray poison on our body and a big floppy hat.

The bananas ripened really fast perhaps because of the heat. If you are in FL they will turn to mush if left in the trunk of your car a few hours. Hey, baked bananas what a treat (:-) The apples will also bake even on the front seat. I've been there and done that more than once.

It would be helpful to have the Berkey water bottle that you can refill wherever you go even with mud water. Lekoma sells them on his website. http://www.30bananasaday.com/profile/LekomaAkate Be sure to write your name and telephone number on the bottle so if you lose it you might get it back.

I was hesitant to cut up my fruit in advance because they start to lose enzymes within 15 minutes and I didn't desire to use lemon to preserve them. I did however make a huge smoothie and sipped on it all day even if I did lose the enzymes for that day.

If you have electricity it could be a breeze by bringing an electric cooler and a magic bullet or small blender to make refreshing drinks fresh on the spot. Since you will be by civilization see if a local supermarket has organic fruits you can buy in the middle of your trip. Ask the produce guy to hold some bananas for you even if they get spotty as that's the way you like them. Offer to prepay if you have to and then they told me they would hold them and didn't make me prepay.See if you can get an cold organic watermelon anywhere close to you. Very refreshing coming out of the water.

I just got back from Atlanta this week and they had a Whole Foods near my hotel room. I was able to get fresh and cold fruits daily. SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU to Dr. Sam and Shannon who also fed me watermelon and showed me his orchard in his back yard.

I have found in my travels that if the group goes to a restaurant I ask if I can bring my food in with me with my hungry friends who will buy their food. I also bring in my water bottle and TIP well so they won't give anyone a hard time in the future.

If I know the restaurant we are going to several days in advance I call ahead and ask permission. If they give me a hard time I tell them I have food issues and can they 100% guarantee me that the salad they serve and ALL of the veggies are 100% organic, non-GMO and free from all chemicals including sulphites and raw. Most can't of course and tell me it's OK to quietly bring the food in. This is when if given the chance I educate them that Monsanto also controls a lot of the lettuce found on the grocer shelves and can't be trusted to be real lettuce. Only 1 time was I told no and I chose not to go out with the rest of the gang. I didn't tell the gang that's why I wasn't going with them I just had other plans.

Have a great time on your trip. Traveling on this diet isn't so bad with a little planning.

AH! Pick up some local watermelon, cantaloupes, peaches, tomatoes, corn at a farm stand along the way! Also, string a tarp over your tent, just a little extra effort to set up, but when/if it rains, it will pay off big! Put it a foot or two over the tent so you still have air circulation, it will also help cut some of the sun during the day.

Don't forget a boogie board for body surfing and most importantly.... Have a great time!  :)

When I've done similar things people were happy to eat fruit along with their other stuff.  Peaches, melon, pineapple, salad for everyone...dates & bananas just for you. 

Bring a good knife, cutting board, serving bowls and prepare it all at the table or in the kitchen and eat your stuff on your own...whenever you want. 

Thanks for the replies everyone! Alright, so I'm planning on bringing watermelons (a few large ones), some dates, tangerines, home-grown peaches (they da bomb right now!), and some bananas that I don't want to go bad when I'm gone. Hopefully this'll be enough? The family I'm staying with usually makes salad for dinner (along with other sorts of cooked things) so I don't have to worry about bringing greens.

Question - how long would datorade last in a (ideally) chilled container?

kg of dates a day + enough water for clear urine at least 10times a day. Thats all I would take.

You are going to get super skinny and tanned though. Add in some salt if you get too slim or just back off the play time.

The reality is if dates or bananas make the person feel 'dry' then they are mega dehydrated and need to address that asap.



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