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So my 28 year old  overweight brother who is they typical SAD eater calls me today because he is concerned about his loss of hair.  He says its been falling out more and more for the last year.  He has always been vain and has really long hair down to his lower back which he braids. It is now very thin.  He eats fried food at every meal and lots of red meat.  He wanted to know which vitamin he could take to help.  I tried to tell him his diet sucks and it takes more than a pill to fix his health. 

I was wondering if any of you 811 men out there have seen any changes on this lifestyle with male patterned baldness?  Is it purely genetic or can diet reverse or at least slow it down? Maybe with some success stories I can share with him I can possibly convince him to change his diet! Vanity may be his biggest motivation haha

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Yup! Just a simple inline filter does wonders! They are not expensive and you can get them at just about any big hardware store. There are some that restructure the water, change the pH etc but at the very least just get the chlorine out of the water your bathing in.

Male patterned baldness, a.k.a: androgenic alopecia:

androgen |ˈandrədʒ(ə)n|nounBiochemistrya male sex hormone,

such as testosterone.

DERIVATIVES androgenic |-ˈdʒɛnɪk|adjective

ORIGIN 1930s: from andro- + -gen.

The cause is not diet related, nor is it a disease, MPB is predefined in a mans genes. 70% of men will start balding at some stage in their lives, at which stage just varies. The cause of MPB has to do with the level of production of the androgenic hormone DHT and the sensitivity of his (head) hair follicles to this hormone. Unfortunately 80/10/10 isn't going to save a man’s hair, no specific diet will. Diet can only stop hair loss if the cause of the hair loss was diet related (e.g.: heavy calorie restriction), but this type of hair loss cannot be confused with MPB induced hair loss. Diet related hair loss in men is very rare in western society.

The only scientifically proven methods that are know to halt or reverse hair loss in men that suffer from true MPB, are to use drugs that suppress DHT. Not recommending the use of these drugs, if health is important to you quite the contrary, these drugs are know to have a host of terrible side effects, this because a man needs DHT for other reasons besides for the regulation of his hairline. Just informing you about these drugs so you can get a better understanding of how DHT plays a role in MPB and that the methods that do work do so not by providing nutrients/vitamins but by chemically inhibiting DHT.

Furthermore I hate to be the barer of negative news, but I am just putting this out because there are allot of people (especially on diet related forums) that confuse MPB with diet or stress related hair loss, and will sincerely claim that if you fix your diet/health, you will get your normal hair back. They might be sincere, but they are sincerely wrong. Also there are also allot of scammers out there that prey on young guys that are loosing their hair, these scammers together make billions in selling snake oil to these guys (so called natural tonics, hair loss specific vitamins etc., they are all BS). Don’t get scammed!!!

From what I have read it is still not understood completely.  Researchers do not understand why some men regardless of testosterone levels are more sensitive to DHT and why some produce less of enzyme  that converts testosterone. Maybe there is a way to prevent follicle from losing nutrients and increasing blood flow?  Well the men can at least hope... :)

Hi Jo,

There's a strong and well established link between MPB and diet.

In the 1980's Japanese researcher Masumi Inaba correlated the increased incidence of hair loss in Japanese men to the westernization of the country's diet. 

This shouldn't be surprising. Animal fats increase serum testosterone and therefore DHT, the antagonist for MPB.

There's some research to suggest that enhancing our dietary intake of essential fatty acids, protein, silica among other nutrients has a beneficial effect on hair-growth too.

David Rodgers illustrates this well -- http://youtu.be/baNopNYNrtM

Hi guys,

I always experience big hair loss during periods of eating high fat and my hair got a lot better after stop using shampoo since it makes hair very dry. It is some kind of vicious circe - fat diet makes your hair GREASY and shampoo compensetes and the result is unnaturaly dry hair. Both states are negative for your hair. I stopped using shampoo about 6 years ago and now use water. My hair is short and it is no problem what so ever.

However after years in health busyness i have never heart of anything legit that makes your lost hair grow back again.

Hi Luk,

There are natural and synthetic products that work well.

Minoxidil and 5AR inhibitors, Finasteride and Dutasteride (The latter is not FDA Approved), have all been proven to re-grow hair in clinical trials.

Meanwhile natural shampoos and capsules featuring Saw Palmetto are also beneficial.  

Unfortunately male pattern baldness is a genetic predisposition and not an indicator of good/ bad health. The vast majority of men lose some hair at some point but it doesn't always lead to fullon baldness; some just thin out a bit or recede a little in the front. Bad diet can cause hair loss but not male pattern baldness so I'd manage your expectations with this one.

I take a slightly different view.

I believe hair-loss can be an indicator of good/bad health. For example, small scale studies have correlated premature balding with heart-disease and prostate cancer.

Hair-loss, understood, can be a valuable signal of underlying imbalances. 

Hey, different types of hair loss can be caused by stress, bad health etc, but male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss that is ultimately inevitable in many men. It can be slowed down/ sped up but not stopped completely. Different types of alopecia are often treatable though/ may just naturally reverse.

Hey Buddy, 

Good news is synthetic 5AR inhibitors have been proven to halt/stimulate hair-growth in the majority of men with MPB.

Small scale trials suggest a dose of essential fatty acids is equally effective. I've read nothing to suggest MPB is inevitable for the 'many'. For the minority? Perhaps. 



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