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Hello everyone,

I have been fortunate to have multiple opportunities to be a "testimony" and a teacher of HCRV in my everyday life...such as when I go to the store, or meet new people at work. I have met people who are not only interested, but who request my email/phone so that I can teach them more, and even coach them! Wow! I have always wanted to do this, but never had time or money to make a website online...so this is great for me.

Though I want to share the 80-10-10 book with others, I would never want to loan out my own copy, so last month I bought 3 extra copies of the book to have on hand for when the right person comes along. Well, believe it or not, I have already loaned the three of them out!

The reason why I want to loan people the book, rather than direct them to amazon (or elsewhere), is because they may "put off" buying the book, and just never get around to it. Handing them a copy gets the process started a whole lot faster I think.

Of course these three people will need the books for a long time, so now I want to have additional copies on hand, but this is costly. The book is 25-30 dollars.

What strategies do you guys use in sharing the 80-10-10 books? How much money do you invest in it?




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You are very generous. I usually just talk about the book, tell them about the diet, lifestyle, and keep on plugging the great benefits of living this way. If they are interested, a $25 investment is the least that they can do.

If it is too much, they are far from actually acting on it as well.  Just imagine, a few kilos of bananas and apples for a week costs $25! 

Thank you!

Good for you. That's a great way to get the word out.

First of all I want to say congrats for being a testiment to the healhiest raw program available and being caring and loving enough to assist others on the path.  I actually am a mentor to others too.  I also have leant my 80/10/10 book out to others and can you believe it, am purchasing 3 more copies for my health library.  Having the books avaliable for those who wish to read it enables them to not hesitate on their health.


The only challenge I've faced is being on SparkPeople.com and besides the 80/10/10 team faced retribution and humiliation in hysterical proportions from raw foodies who are extreme examples of the unhealthy type of raw eating.  They feel so personally threatened by low fat / low sodium they go to any lengths to undermine anyone talking about this program.  I am a teacher by nature and will continue doing my daily blogs on that site.  I am completing a 92 day juice feast (I know NOT 80/10/10, LOL but best way for me to do a cleanse at the time) and then starting a 100 day blog on my journey of eating 80/10/10.  Hopefully I will not get kicked off the site by these agressive and abusive bullies.  If I do I do.  At least I have a home here on 30bad. 



Hey Karen I've found water fasts to feel much better than juice. I'd recommend comparing both.

Carlos I totally agree!  I run 2 businesses and have responsibilities that made it impossible to go to a retreat and do a water/rest fast.  My doctor/naturopath is 80/10/10 and he and I went round and round about what I wanted to accomplish and how I could do it.  He's been monitoring me daily and guiding me intensely to make certain I am fine.  I am only 19 days away from transitioning back to solids.  Then 100 days of adhering to 80/10/10 by the book and of course for life afterwards.  I'm blogging my entire journey to teach others on an open board for diet and exercise.  Hopefully being a great example. 


Thank you for your post.  Next year I will be in a postion to go to a water/rest retreat and luxuriate in the experience. 



I have lent out copies of my Dr. Graham stuff and find it hard to get it back because they put off reading it.  I think an extra copy would do really well as a donation to the library systems.  Our local libraries have many raw books but no lfrv ones!  We are in St. Louis, 14th largest city in the U.S. and the closest library that has a copy of 80/10/10 Diet is in Tennessee.  They will do an interstate library loan but most people will do a search for raw food books and pick one available locally.

Excellent idea actually.  I think when I get my other 3 I will donate one to our local library.  Thanks for an obviously great idea!  It is definitely a winfiinity!  Kudos to you my friend. 

I got my copy from Hastings book store in Tx for like $13

For people looking to get the book for cheaper than on amazon


Congratulations on your generosity and I commend that part of you that can get people interested. 


For future reference, if you do get involved in coaching and or teaching classes, perhaps the book can be used as a text book, and be included in the costs. 


I have only given one book away as a birthday gift, but I have found a different kind of psychology works.  If we give the book and or insist people read it, then we are insisting on something we want and not necessarily something they want and or, as mentioned, they will just put it off. 

So yes, I use the Amazon strategy for two reasons.  The first is, if they really want it, and they purchase it, then they will be more likely to read it.  The second is that the person may want to keep the book for future reference too.


I have multiple strategies I use myself and it may depend on the person and situation. 

If meeting a stranger in passing, I tell them about 30BaD. 

If I am visiting someone who is interested in becoming healthy and or the diet, I print out this pamphlet to get them started:


If they are still interested, I tell them about 30BaD for social support and or the 811 book to prove the medical reasons behind the lfrv ideology.

If they come to 30BaD, then it is the Wagon Tour:



If someone is doubting the science about eating animal products, I recommend The China Study and or these references used by the China Study: http://www.tcolincampbell.org/courses-resources/articles/

If they accept that, but still argue that cooked food is best, and or grains are best, I recommend the 80 10 10 book.

If they cannot afford the 80 10 10 book, then I recommend this free ebook which came to the same low fat fruitarian conclusions as 811. 

Improving on Pritikin, You Can Do Better By Ross Horne


Last but not least, once someone is convinced this is the way to go, then Freelees Ebook available for purchase and download can tell us how to do things right and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes some people make:



Regarding animal rights side of things and or environmental impact of eating animal and grain products: I proceed with caution on this one. 

If the person is already exploring and seeking more knowledge, or sympathetic, then this approach can be used.  However, many people are firmly attached to their holy books which allow and promote the eating of animals like kosher and halal. 

Some people have actually never considered the AR, idea, and will just draw a blank face if the topic is brought up.  They may not be hostile to the idea, rather, they may have never considered it or heard about it or understood it.  

I have personally found it easier to convince them of diet and natural health first, then go into these kind of issues. 


My next strategy might be to make a power point presentation that I can carry on a thumb drive, and if I am visiting people's homes who want more information, I can then share it.  Many people nowadays have a computer at home and or internet access. 

Good Luck and keep up the good work.

Peace, PK

Thank you for this!

Wow, thank you everyone for your wonderful contributions! You have really helped me.

PK, THANKS for the brochure pdf!!!!! I had this idea long ago, but felt too busy with school and never took action. Poof! Here it is!

Fruity love,

:-) Laura



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